Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The American Sheeple: The New War in Iran and Iraq

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The American Sheeple led to self sacrafice by a Powerful Leader.


1). Sadaam to be executed shortly before the SOTU. This will give the impression of "progress" in Iraq. It will add emphasis and reinforce the image of the president that he is strong, bold, righteous and determined. An effective leader willing to go against the grain and a MAN who means business. President Bush as a representation of the great power of America is not a person to be challenged by the likes of Sadaam. Sadaam is dead, the President and the American people are STRONG and victorious. Sadaam's death is a symbol of the beggining of the long sought after victory in Iraq.

2). Bush is to call for maximum permanent increase in troops with long range plans for more troops. "America must have a larger, stronger, military force to protect it in an uncertain and dangerous world".

3). A Sunni Cleansing in the form of "rooting out the terrorists" in Western Baghdad. Accomplished with new American and Iraqi Shiite troops.

4). After the house to house cleansing of Sunnis in Western Baghdad, a full scale attack planned on the Shiite Mahdi army in Eastern Baghdad and parts of Western Baghdad.

5). Bombing of Iran before Summer 2007.

This is the plan. The outcome is clearly going to be a total failure for American forces and their illogically twisted logistical schemes.


The newly elected Democrats will by and large support the President. Harry Reid has commented that he is not opposed to a surge in troops if it paradoxically results in an increase of the amount of troops that can be withdrawn.

The president is not planning to bring home any troops. The troop surge is intended to be permanent. War in the Mid East is now reaching a point where it will become permanent in the sense of lasting at least another decade.

If you want to know the secret plans of the Republicans all you have to do is listen to William Kristol. He always tells the public what the administration is about to do. He pretends to be a pundit when it fact he is part of the team of architects that develop and implement U.S. policy. (scroll down to see the following video)

Kristol says the President is showing Strength by going against public opinion, the Iraq study group. The president is once again being presented as STRONG. They are selling this concept of "strength". It appeals to weak minded liberals and Republicans alike. They are the American Sheeple. Isn't that just about everybody? Well, there are those who don't think they are Sheeple, but that doesn't stop them from being Sheeple now does it?

The American Sheeple always follow appearance over substance. Americans like shiny objects. Anything that glitters. That's why so many 'liberal" Americans are in love with Barack Obama. A man whose substance in not examined but whose appearance is all that matters to the cravenly shallow American mind. Barack Obama currently supports president Bush in Iraq and is open to the bombing of Iran. He quiibbles with the Presidents execution of the war he originally opposed.

The talk of a surge of troops is merely to create the impression that an increase will be temporary and the concept of "surge" is more palatable to the hopelessly naïve, putty brained, and insensitive American public. Any person of reasonable intelligence who is interested in the events in Iraq ought to be able to see this. So, I can only conclude that Harry Reid is in fact lying when he says he is not opposed to a permanent increase in troops. Hillary, Obama and Reid are not opposed to a change of strategy, an increase in the number of troops and Hillary and Obama have both expressed openness to bombing Iran. There will be no formidable Democratic opposition to an increase in troops and the bombing of Iran.

This is what the American people voted for when they voted in a conservative, "Republican Lite" Democratic congress. They voted for more war. That's what they are going to get. The victims of the wars will be killed far away in lands where people wear funny hats that wrap around their heads. Iraqi's and Iranians are not Human. Israelis are human. And one aspect of all this is that Israel must be protected. From What? It doesn't matter. Palestinians, Iranians, Iraqi's they are all the same. Anyway, It's God's will. So say the Christian fundamentalists.

The War in Iraq isn't about to be expanded simply by the number of troops but by geographical area. It's going into Iran. That means the war will expand for thousands of miles from Iraq to Afghanistan in one continuous geographical area.

The unfortunate thing for America however is that it has already been defeated in Iraq and is merely a bystander. Any "plan" or attempt to cleanse Western Baghdad will be met with a counter strategy. The most profound of which would be an all out attack on the Green Zone in order to make in uninhabitable. This seems not only likely but also inevitable and I would bet it will happen soon.

There is no logic to what America has done, what it is doing and what it will do. It benefits no one. Not even corporate America (with few exceptions) can benefit from this adventure.

So we can only conclude that George Bush is in fact a dictator and the American public can muster no other form of reaction to him other than limp, pathetic, unrestricted indulgence.

Only Kim Jong Il and North Korea have yet to be dealt with. And our President is a man of his word. What new adventures await the American people who complain about their two time elected president in surveys but not with their votes, their feet, their hands or their voices?

Americans find meaning in only one thing:

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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Barack Obama: Just Another Crook

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It's very clear to me that Barack Obama took a cheap bribe from the Illinois version of Jack Abrahamoff, Antoin Rezko.

Barack Obama’s actions smell of cheap corruption. No worse than any other American politician but no better either.

Today in the Chicago Tribune we find that Obama has had a relationship with Antoin Rezko. Rezko is a long time political fundraiser for both Democratic and Republican candidates. Most of his fundraising has been for Democratic candidates however. He is currently pleading not guilty to charges of bribery in the administration of Democratic Governor Rod Blagojevic. And who is investigating the Democratic governor? None other than every naïve liberal’s favorite prosecutor, Patrick Fitzgerald. Patrick Fitzgerald has a habit since coming to Illinois of prosecuting high profile Democrats exclusively with the exception of George Ryan who was the most liberal Republican governor in America and who defied George Bush by eliminating the death penalty in Illinois. You can read about this on my blog, bushplanet. George Bush’s favorite pastime in Texas as governor was executing death row in mates. He holds the record for most inmates executed by any governor.

Obama’s Shady Deal With Rezko

It seems that Barack Obama bought a 1.65 million dollar home last year. On the same day that Barak bought his house (for $300,000 below the asking price) Antoin Rezko's wife purchased the adjoining empty lot to Barack’s house for nothing less than the owners asking priceof $625,000 dollars. The same owner sold the lot and the house on the exact same day. The house and the lot were once together, the owner decided to split them up and sell them separetly. Quite a coincidence. How unusual.

What does this mean?

Barak claims he may have mentioned the adjacent lot of his house to Rezko and Rezko for reasons unknown to Obama, decided to purchase it. After the dual purchase, and aware that Rezko was under investigation, Obama said he thought it a good idea to have a fence built between his house and the adjacent lot, which were in actuality one continuous lot divided by the owner and sold as two lots. One lot had a house and the other was manicured open green space. In other words the lot was originally part of the land or yard that the house stood on, a double lot.

Obama said he wanted a fence so as not to cast any suspicions that the manicured green yard or lot was being used by Obama , that had been purchased by Rezko. So Obama mentions to Rezko that he'd like a fence. So who buys the fence? Rezko paid $14,000 for the wrought iron fence to be built. When Obama has his grass cut, however, he also has the grass cut on the adjoining property, Rezko's property. He has not charged Rezko any money for lawn care. He's going to get around to billing him later it seems.

The implications are that Obama bought the house and Rezko the adjoining property for the purpose of protecting that property for Obama and for Obama’s future use or purchase. It also seems fair to imply that the purchase of the house for 300,000 less than the asking price was a result of Rezko’s purchase of the adjoining lot on the same day for the full asking price of 625,000.00 dollars. The two purchases would then in actuality be one purchase. Rezko in fact would have subsidized Obama's purchase of his home. Tha'ts similar to how Duke Cunningham worked a profit in the sale of his home. It's a kind of money laundering. No more paper bags stuffed with cash in these modern days.

It is also possible that as the heat on Rezko built up from Fitzgerald, Obama decided to have a fence built and did so foolishly at Rezko's expense. That was a stupid move. Patrick Fitzgerald is a Democrat killer in the State of Illinois and Obama has made himself a lamb ready for slaughter with his home purchase.

It seems possible to speculate that the original plan was for Rezko to own the adjoining property with no fence and that Obama would use it as if it were one continuous piece of his property.

This is how politicians are bribed today. Through business deals that seem quite obscure but are layered in obfuscation.

Rezko has contributed to Barack’s campaigns from the very beggining.

Then we read that Obama has altered and exaggerated his life story to make it more compelling. Or at least so says the blogger from creole folks

Fiction: Obama stated in his Convention speech: 'My father ... grew up herding goats.' The 'goat herder' claim has been repeated endlessly. It is a lie.

Fact: Obama's grandfather, Hussein Onyango Obama was a prominent and wealthy farmer. His son, Obama's father, was a child of privilege, not privation. He was an outstanding student, not a herdsman.

"Fiction: Obama was given an 'African' name. Fact: Obama is a Muslim who has concealed his religion. I am a strong supporter of the Muslim community, and I believe Muslims have been scapegoated. Obama has a great opportunity to be forthright. Instead, he has treated his Muslim heritage as a dark secret. His grandfather was named 'Hussein.' That is an Arabic-Muslim, not African, name. Hussein was a devout Muslim and named his son, Barack Senior, 'Baraka.' Baraka is an Arabic word meaning 'blessed.' Baraka comes out of the Koran and Arabic, not Africa.

"Barack Senior was also a devoted Muslim, and also chose a Muslim name for his son, our own Barack Obama, Junior. Again, his name was an Arabic and Koranic.

Obama has spent a lifetime running from his family heritage and religious heritage. Would his father have given his son a Koranic name if the father was not a devout Muslim? Obama's stepfather was also a Muslim. Obama will be the first Muslim-heritage senator; he should be proud of that fact. There is nothing to be ashamed of in any of the three great Abrahamic religions.

"Fiction: Obama Senior was a harmless student 'immigrant' who came to the United States only to study.

Fact: Obama was part of one of the most corrupt and violent organizations in Africa: the Kenyatta regime. Obama's father ran back to Kenya soon after the British left. It is likely Obama's father had Mau Mau sympathies or connections, or he would not have been welcomed into the murderous inner circle of rapists, murderers, and arsonists.

I believe Obama's secret shame at his family history of rape, murder and arson is what actualizes him. Our research is not yet complete. We are seeking to examine British colonial records. Our investigation to date has drawn on information on three continents.

"And what about Obama's beloved Kenyan brothers and sisters? None of his family was invited to Boston to share his prominence. Are his relatives being kept in the closet? Where are they? More secrecy, more prevarication.


Obama admits smoking grass and like George Bush hints at doing coke in his best selling “autobiography”.

But Barak who apparently comes from Arab roots and sports an Arabic first name has become a newfound Christian. He sounds very much like George Bush. His new found understand of religion has apparently allowed him to understand the real estate business and how to do cute deals with people like Rezko

Here is a quote from Obama on his religious awakening and “new found understandings”.

It was because of these newfound understandings–that religious commitment did not require me to suspend critical thinking, disengage from the battle for economic and social justice, or otherwise retreat from the world that I knew and loved–that I was finally able to walk down the aisle of Trinity United Church of Christ one day and be baptized. It came about as a choice and not an epiphany; the questions I had did not magically disappear. But kneeling beneath that cross on the South Side of Chicago, I felt God's spirit beckoning me. I submitted myself to His will, and dedicated myself to discovering His truth.

He felt God’s spirit beckoning him. George Bush also said that God told him how to handle foreign policy by invading Iraq and Afghanistan. God was wrong. He’s always wrong.

Barak has only recently set foot in any church, when he decided to get into politics.  This is where Barack's savvy political skills come into play. He talks good and gives "shout outs" to his Pastor but it appears a bit contrived and rehearsed.

Barack apparently thinks it might be a good idea to bomb Iran. Maybe it's really God who wants to bomb Iran and not Barack. We can forgive Barack then. But not God. He's wrong. He's always wrong.

More from creole folks:

Barak had no desire to go to Africa until his political advisers wanted to create an image in the publics mind after he got into office.  They go to Africa, but not to the city where his father is from, but to an African village, where no Obamas lived. American media loves to show African huts and villages but Kenya has cities that are more modern than Los Angeles! 

Who will save us from this endless parade of horrific men and woman that govern this nation? Barack Obama is doing what every other politician is doing. But when politicians are doing it at this level....the Duke Cunningham level, of home purchase and a sloppy bribe that is easily uncovered in the form of Rezko's purchase of an adjoining lot, it's contemptuous. It is really not necessary. it's a cheap bribe. And as his stature develops it's going to get worse because he's acting this way on a level that's undignified, unnecessary and unbecoming. This is in many ways similar to what Duke Cunningham did with his home in terms of bribery.

When the American voting public becomes more saavy and less naive, their leaders will be at least more saavy and less naive, if not less corrupt.

But the love affairs with people like Patrick Fitzgerald and Barack Obama and every other politician should be replaced with deep, deep skepticism, criticism, oversight and the expectation that criminal activity and favortism is occurring at all times.

America Uses Slave Labor to Build the U.S. Embassy in Iraq

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No journalist has ever been allowed access to the sprawling 104-acre site with towering construction cranes raising their necks along the skyline.

Yes, It's not enough that America institutionalizes and approves torture and kidnapping.  Now America is using slave labor to build it's "embassy" in Iraq. The “embassy” is actually intended to be the central Headquarters and spy center of America in the Mid-East. A small city of 21 buildings on 104 acres housing 5.500 people.

This isn't the first time American corporations have used sub-contractors to obtain slave labor. It's been noted numerous times in the past. The pattern is always similar.

Workers are brought in under false pretenses to work in Dubai according to one report. They are often people who owe money. Better known as indentured servants. In order to pay off their debt, they are flown to Baghdad and their passports are confiscated. They are forced to work on the embassy. If they are injured they are given pain pills and told to go back to work. Working on pain pills at high altitudes is dangerous, but hitting the ground from 12 stories up is less painful when you are already injured and high on percodan.

Several months before a U.S. construction foreman named John Owen quit in disgust over what he said was blatant abuse of foreign laborers hired to build the sprawling new U.S. embassy in Baghdad, Rory Mayberry witnessed similar events when he flew to Kuwait from his home in Myrtle Creek, Ore.

Owen's account of his seven months on the job paints a similar picture to Mayberry's. Health and safety measures were essentially nonexistent, he says. Not once did he witness a safety meeting. Once an Egyptian worker fell, broke his back, and was sent home. No one ever heard from him again. "The accident might not have happened if there was a safety program and he had known how to use a safety harness," Owen said.

State Department officials supervising the project are aware of many such events, but apparently did nothing, he said. Once when 17 workers climbed the wall of the construction site to escape, a State Department official helped round them up and put them in "virtual lockdown," Owen said.

Just before he resigned, hundreds of Pakistani workers went on strike in June and beat up a Lebanese manager whom they accused of harassing them. Owen estimates that 375 laborers were then sent home.

  it's not enough that the United States has done the following:

1). Gassing, Napalming Terrorizing Iraqis in Fallujah and razing  75% of the entire city of 300,000 people.
  2). Causing the deaths of approximately 655,000 thousand Iraqi men, women and children.

3). Using the American Military to rape, torture and murder Iraqis who were innocent of any crime. Many children among them

4). Invading a sovereign nation illegally and on false pretences.

5). Arbitrarily Destroying hundreds Iraqi Date Palm Groves

6). Abuse and torture of children

7). Fabricating evidence for the war

8). Issuing false reports of actions during the war, including  staging and filming of events like the rescue of Jessica Lynch and the phony Hollywood staged capture of Sadaam Hussein.

9). Terrorism of Shock and Awe.

10) Theft and extortion of Iraqi civilians, government and businessmen by organized U.S. Military Mafias and U.S. contractors.

Now Added:

11). Using Slave Labor to build it's embassy.

According to the Christian Science Monitor there are 27 million slaves in the world and America is getting in on the fun.

Modern-day slavery has little of the old South. Of those 27 million, the majority are bonded laborers in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Nepal - workers who have given their bodies as collateral for debts that never diminish no matter how many years, or sometimes generations, the enslaved labor on. Cooking the books is an early lesson for slaveholders.

Guess what? These are the people building the American "Embassy".

Not only does the U.S. purchase slaves to work on it's embassy it is a well known fact the U.S.A.purchases people to hold as terrorist slaves in Guantanamo. The only slave labor required is to remain a captive and be used as an example of capture in America's War on Terror. So says Amnesty International.

People who have no connection to terrorism are purchased from bounty hunters selling "terrorists". It's numbers games for the U.S. purchasers who can say they have captured more terrorists and therefore are making America safe. "Terrorists" by almost any independent account are actually innocent people with families who have been turned in by their enemies or enterprising capitalists for profit.

Slavery Is Culturally Embedded in America

The personal history of an individual person cannot be erased or ignored. So it is with Nations and the soul or culture(s) and the institutions that make them up. Everything we do as individual’s stays with us and we become what we have done. What we do forever becomes a part of us. The United States has a centuries long history of Slavery. Slavery has existed for a longer period of time since the settling of this country than since the time it was "abolished". Slavery and the using and abusing, the demeaning of people for profit is still a part of American culture and will always be. It is a cultural trait much like a character trait in an individual. Character traits are not easily changed. Traits are not meant by nature to be easily changed. They are permanent. There will never be any change in the negative character of any nation unless there is a painful realization of the trait i.e. what we are as individuals and as nations.

American Corporations Cannot Distinguish Between Paid and Slave Labor

The Chicago Tribune details how difficult it is for U.S. corporations to make sure that their workers are not slaves. It seems from the logic of the administration that slave labor is very hard to prevent, so we really shouldn't enact any laws preventing it.

The Tribune retraced the journey of 12 Nepali men recruited from poor villages in one of the most remote and impoverished corners of the world and documented a trail of deceit, fraud and negligence stretching into Iraq. The men were kidnapped from an unprotected caravan and executed en route to jobs at an American military base in 2004.

  At the time, Halliburton said it was not responsible for the recruitment or hiring practices of its subcontractors, and the U.S. Army, which oversees the privatization contract, said questions about alleged misconduct "by subcontractor firms should be addressed to those firms, as these are not Army issues."

The men were in effect kidnapped twice, once by the contractors to Halliburton through deceit, phony promises of pay and then left vulnerable, hopelessly disoriented in a strange land where the insurgents came upon them and killed them for working for the U.S.. America subcontracts its slavery as it subcontracts it torture.

America has a long history of slavery and it seems at times to want to go back. Old, culturally comfortable habits are not easily or willingly broken. Halliburton’s excuse that it cannot be responsible for its contractors is reminiscent of Bush's blaming the CIA for giving him bad information. The CIA is presented as a subcontractor to the Whitehouse who didn't do their job properly. Bush accepts responsibility.... but not the blame. It's not his fault we invaded Iraq and 655,000 people died so that Iran could take over Iraq and turn it into a fundamentalist Anti U.S. theocracy.

Bush declared zero tolerance for involvement in human trafficking by federal employees and contractors in a National Security Presidential Directive he signed in December 2002 after media reports detailing the alleged involvement of DynCorp

employees in buying women and girls as sex slaves in Bosnia during the U.S. military's deployment there in the late 1990s.

There can be no doubt who the Axis of Evil is comprised of. This nation has been exposed.

It is the very same "Evil" that it accuses Sadaam's Iraq, North Korea, Syria and Iran of being.

If America wants to find terrorists, rape rooms, torture centers, mass graves, posion gas, nations threatening the use of Nuclear weapons, slave traders... it merely needs to look in the mirror.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

The Revolution Begins in Mexico

Mexico really is on the edge of a Revolution. This is not an exaggeration. The architect of the Revolution is Manual Obrador. He envisions a peaceful revolution accomplished through acts of civil disobedience.

We are not seeing the scope of what is happening. Physically, the entire Zocalo, which is the historic center of Mexico City, is occupied by people who have made this there living quarters, complete with gigantic tents, fuel for cooking, tanks for water. It has become a small city of thousands of people from all parts of Mexico who have NO PLANS to leave anytime soon.  On September 15th there is a celebration of Mexican Independence from Spain. It’s like our 4th of July. Normally there is a military parade in the Zocalo. That parade will not take place. Last November I was in Mexico City and I went to the Zocalo. There were a handful of people living there then. I spoke to them and they told me they were there to protest the confiscation of their land by corporate entities. This has grown. Now the entire Zocalo is completely occupied by thousands of protestors. The streets leading to the Zocalo are blocked and occupied as well for miles leading into the Zocalo.

Take a look at these images from U-Tube here, here, and here

(Note that Obrador is completely exposed in the last video, there are no body guards apparent. There are no limos, he is greeting people from the country and exposed to anyone who might want to do him harm.)

Imagine if your downtown area was completely occupied and all the streets were occupied leading into the Downtown area for 35 days. The Protestors are planning to stay at least until December 1st when the new president is scheduled to take office.

The Zocalo is a historic area, with lots of commercial areas, restaurants, hotels and government offices. Access by car seems extremely limited. There is little or no access for government officials, tourists, storeowners or even churchgoers except by foot and possibly subway when the protestors allow it. Other Main Avenues like Paseo De La Reforma are also occupied and blocked and this is perhaps two miles from the Zocalo. This has gone on for 35 days.

PAN is the opposition party to Obrador’s PRD. The current president is Vincente Fox and Felipe Calderon is scheduled to become the next president. He is also of PAN. PAN is the most conservative of Mexico’s three parties. It is supported by the Catholic Church and corporations.

It is important to note that the Catholic Church is speaking out against Obrador and the Protestant Churches (which have grown in Mexico in recent years) are speaking in favor of Obrador. So the nation is being divided along religious and political lines to some extent. Mexicans are largely Catholic but their allegiance is not to Rome, It is not to the hierarchy of the Church. It is simply to Jesus or the Virgin Mary.  The Church is mistrusted as it’s history in Mexico present and past is one of blatant corruption.

Priests until recently were not allowed to wear priests garb in public. There had been a strict separation of Church and State until Vincente Fox and the pro-Catholic PAN party took power 7 years ago.

Mexico's top prelate, Cardinal Norberto Rivera, lashed out at Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador's supporters this week after some burst into Mexico City's main cathedral and used the sacred image of the Virgin of Guadalupe on protest banners.

Mexico is a predominantly Catholic country whose history is full of episodes of bloody wrangling with the powerful church. It strives to keep religion and politics apart, and clergymen had in recent decades stayed on the sidelines.

Another important point is that many of the newspapers and some PAN politicians are suggesting that all members of PRD and the PRD party itself be banned or outlawed. These are elected officials. It is almost the equivalent of Republicans banning the Democrats. But in Mexico there are 3 parties. This is an indication of the severity of the crisis. This is from EL PAIS a major Mexican new paper.

El hecho de impedir al presidente de México leer su informe de gobierno ante el Congreso de la Unión, lleva al candidato de la izquierda Andrés Manuel López Obrador “hacia su fracaso y automarginación”, indicó hoy el diario El País.

Translation: The fact that the President of Mexico was prevented from reading his State of the Union address (by the PRD party of Obrador) has been  a fiasco and Obrador has marginalized himself.

They are saying that Obrador and PRD are no longer part of the normally functioning government and this I believe is a way of preparing the people to eventually accept that PRD and Obrador will be removed from participating in the politics in Mexico. That they will be banned or outlawed. Imagine this being suggested of a political party in the US that represents a third of the nation.

And this from El Universal Newspaper:

El Universal

-No, qué podemos esperar de un partido que exige derechos, que exige el derecho de usar la tribuna y no respeta el derecho de otros de usarla, que exige el derecho de poderse expresar y no respeta el derecho de expresarse del Presidente. No puede un partido como el PRD seguir en dos pistas: ¡o se define por la legalidad o que se vaya a la calle!


"We cannot stand to have a party that makes demands of it’s rights, and it’s right to use the Tribunal (To recount the votes in the disputed election) but does not respect the rights of the President to express himself. PRD cannot go in two directions at the same time. It cannot impose its definition of what is legal and when it doesn’t get what it wants goes into the streets." 

So you can see that divisions are appearing and not just one confrontation is looming but many. It has not been reported well that the army was called out, heavily armed and waiting for the protestors to come to the place where Fox was to deliver his State of the Union speech or “Informe”. They were prepared to do battle but Obrador seeing a trap being set by the government to paint him with the brush of violence called the protestors off and used the PRD elected members of congress to do the protesting inside the hall where Fox was to speak.  This is the equivalent of Democratic members occupying the podium where Bush would speak for his SOTU and holding up posters of Bush with the word TRAITOR written beneath his image. PRD members held up posters with Fox's image and the word TRAITOR underneath.


It may very well be that Obrador will succeed. Somehow he will become either a revolutionary, the next president of Mexico, assassinated or disabled. I believe there is a high probability of assassination.

If he succeeds he will be an ally of Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro and all other left leaning democratically elected governments in South and Central America.

Hugo Chavez is lending money from oil revenues to South and Central America. He has taken the place of the United States and it’s questionable lending practices. He is a great power in this hemisphere. He wishes to compete against the United States. He is forming alliances with China, Iran and Syria. He will take action if the United States attacks Iran. I believe the plan will be to cut off oil to the US.

For the Neo-con minded people in the Bush Administration, the Revolutionary activities currently taking place in Mexico should be more alarming than the imagined threat of Islamic fascism.

The United States is about to feel the wrath of its abusive history in Mexico, Central and South America. Those nations are allying themselves with the Arab world and China to act in a coordinated fashion AGAINST United States interests. The Neo-cons did not envision a reaction to the attempt of America to place itself as the sole super power in the world.

What we are witnessing in Mexico is a very significant event that in many ways is a reaction to the American attempt at world hegemony. When will the Mexican Revolution be incorporated into the endless talk of talk shows? The answer is SOON. This is going to be the dominant headline for sometime to come.

You can hear now the calls to intervene in order to protect American interests. The call from John McCain (Arizona) on the Republican side and Bill Richadson (New Mexico) on the Democratic side for limited American Intervention. I can hear them saying "This isn't going to be like Iraq".  Limited intervention to prevent a stampede of Mexicans escaping the Castro/Chavez manipulated leftists who seek to bring chaos to Mexico and the United States. Limited intervention to keep Chavez from taking over Mexico. Limited intervention to keep Castro from finally realizing his 40 year dream of World Socialism. Just imagine how the cubans in Miami are going to react to the possibility of a Chavez, Castro, Obrador alliance.

I can hear Democrats and Republicans rallying around the cry that, "All the while we thought the theat was Iran, Iraq, and North Korea when all along it was right at our doorstep."

On to the next American misadventure: MEXICO


Sunday, August 20, 2006

Mexican Civil Unrest: Revolution Coming Soon

Updated August 25th:

Is Mexico to be the next Flashpoint, preceeding Iran? You would never guess it reading the news or by watching Keith Oberman.

Ominous signs that civil unrest is about to permeate the entire nation are occurring. The Tribunal that decides on the legality of the July 2nd election between Obrador and Calderon for president is about to deliver a judgement. The judgement may declare a winner, annul the election or call for a complete recount. A complete recount is what Obrador is demanding. If it is not delivered he has promised to engage in "peaceful" civil disobedience.In the state of Oaxaca ( South of Mexico City) there are abductions, people are being disappeared. There is a work stoppage this week, with 80,000 people participating state wide. Access to banks and ATM's is being blocked. 8 radio stations have been taken over by protestors in Oaxaca, the police are expected to make an attempt to remove them. The city center of Zocalo in Mexico City is being occupied by thousands of protestors who are demanding a full recount of the recent Mexican presidential election.

From Znet:

Throughout the past week gunmen of have opened fire on members of the People’s Assembly of Oaxaca (APPO for its initials in Spanish) killing four and wounding at least 10.

Organizations and citizens across Oaxaca formed the APPO shortly after the governor, Ulises Ruiz Ortiz’s (Institutional Revolutionary Party) failed June 14 raid on a teachers’ encampment in downtown Oaxaca City. The teachers had been camping out, on strike, since May 22. The APPO united the teachers’ union and a broad swath of political and social organizations to demand the immediate renunciation or destitution of Ulises Ruiz. The APPO led massive marches with up to half a million people in attendance before deciding to step up their civil disobedience tactics on July 26 by shutting down all branches of the state government, setting up encampments around government office buildings. On August 1, some 3000 women led a women’s only march through town that led to the unarmed take over of the state television and radio corporation, CORTV. APPO’s explicit strategy is to generate “ungovernability” (ingobernabilidad) to force Ulises Ruiz’s exit from office.

These tactics of civil disobedience are the same tactics employed by Obrador in Mexico City. Mexico, especially Southern Mexico appears ripe for Revolutionary activity.

There is something going on in Mexico. Millions of people are taking to the streets in Mexico City under the leadership of Obrador. In the South, Mexicans are protesting in Oaxaca. Further South in Chiapas (which borders Guatemala and whose Indian population in Guatemala is the same historically) sits Subcommandante Marcos who is a cultural hero to the Indian community and many Mexicans and who led an attack on San Cristobal De Las Casas in 1994, briefly taking over the city until he returned to the jungle where he has since been surrounded by Mexican troops.This week of August 20th he has been warned that he is not protected by any agreement and he may in fact be attacked by the army.  In Guerrero, there has long been an unspoken guerilla movement. 

Though it may not be critical to what’s happening in Mexico right now, the U.S. policy on immigration and it’s attitude toward immigrants will be a contributing factor to what may be the next Mexican Revolution.

It seems Obrador will not stop unless he is given the presidency. He appears to be determined to either become president or lead a revolution in Mexico. For weeks he and his followers have been camped out in the Zocalo in Mexico City.  They are blocking three main roads into the city. They vow to stay there until a full recount of the election is made. Obrador is also  threatening to block other areas of commerce including the airport. Obrador has said that if the tribunal endorses the fraudulent election he will have no choice but to bring down the fraudulent government that simply promotes it's own fraudulent activities. This is clearly a call to revolution. Obrador say he will stop Mexico from functioning through peaceful resistence.

Fox has threatened to call in the army to remove the protestors. A battle seems to be developing. Obrador, has the support of Castro, and most importantly Chavez. Hugo Chavez may be helping to fund him and certainly would should he be called upon.

  If Fox calls in the armed forces there will be violence. It appears likely he will have to call the army in if the tribunal does not overturn its decision and grant another full recount. If Fox brings in the army and there is violence, Obrador will probably be arrested, and the working class anger toward the government will boil over and there will be civil unrest.

There is next to nothing on American television about what appears to be a very volatile situation in Southern and Central Mexico.

The APPO’s explicit aim has been to generate “ungovernability.” They have succeeded. In over a month in Oaxaca, I have not seen one uniformed police officer. The idea that the state maintains its monopoly of the legitimate use of violence has been obliterated. But the APPO has refrained from resorting to violence itself in this total power vacuum. Their tactics are extreme—shutting off access to all government buildings; commandeering government vehicles; occupying the town square; taking over the state television station—but never violent. The state, in turn, responds with outright violence such as the failed June 14 police raid, or covert violence such as the arbitrary detentions, beatings, shootings, sabotage attempts and assassinations of the past week.

Army intelligence officers videotape over land travelers to and from Oaxaca. Spies follow journalists throughout the day. Plainclothes cops with machine guns pick APPO leaders off the street. No one knows where the governor is, not even his press secretary. Gunmen fire into crowds.

On Friday, Flavio Sosa, one of the APPO spokespeople, publicly called for a meeting with Carlos Abascal, the Minister of the Interior, to discuss possible solutions to the conflict in Oaxaca. “Ulises Ruiz is leading us into a situation practically of civil war, and our movement is non-violent,” he said in a press conference in the occupied town square. “Our movement is non-violent. In fact, it is a movement against violence, against a system of violence that excludes us, against the violence of police brutality.”

Obrador will attempt to shut Mexico down if Calderon is certified as president by the tribunal without a full recount. What role will America play? What role is America playing at this time? Is the U.S. preparing to send first technical advisors, then military hardware, then the United States Navy, then the airforce and finally ground troops into Mexico to protect American "citizens" and American "interests"? That's the American pattern of response in Latin America. It has only been subdued recently because of American preoccupation in the Mid East. But Mexico is too close to home to be ignored.

Perhaps these "contingency" plans are already in effect.

Just today a Mexican government spokesman had to downplay the idea of civil unrest should the tribunal support Calderon.


  MEXICO CITY, Aug. 24 (Xinhua) -- A Mexican government spokesman dismissed suggestions on Thursday that a social explosion would follow the Electoral Tribunal's ruling on the country's contested July 2 election, due within a week.

This is highly unlikely to happen even if the Tribunal nominates Felipe Calderon Hinojosa, of the ruling National Action Party, president-elect, Presidential spokesman Ruben Aguilar Valenzuela said.

But Obrador seems to see things differenlty. Here is what he said in Spanish followed by my translation:

AMLO: Si se convalida el fraude, nuestro deber ciudadano será terminar con este sistema político basado en la farsa democrática y en instituciones que sólo sirven para legalizar el abuso de poder''


"If they validate the fraude. It is out duty as citizens  to end this poltical system based in a false democracy, (a farce) and in the institiutions that serve only to legalize the abuse of power."

Obrador's comment above is a clear call to revolution. How else can it be interpreted?

The tribunal must decide by September 6th. September 15th is like the American July 4th in Mexico. And November 20th is the day of Revolution when the long standing dictatorship of Porfirio Diaz was overthrown. Watch these dates as they may be dates around which Obrador will begin major acts of civil disobedience in an attempt to shut down the nation.

Obrador is as far left as Hugo Chavez. He is a populist and is not acceptable to the United States. He cannot be permitted to become President of Mexico. American business and American political interests are opposed to the programs he is in favor of instituting. With Chavez as an anchor in South America and Obrador an Anchor for Mexico, the Carribean and Central America, the United States will feel threatened. Unnecessarily threatened but that unfortunately becomes irrelevant. America is a nation that see enemies everywhere. And if a nation is not an enemy but is percieved as one it will be attacked until it becomes an enemy and is either defeated or defeats the U.S. through guerilla war.

Salvador Allende was not permitted to continue as president of Chile in the 1970's. Perhaps the same fate will occur should Obrador be skillful enough to work his way into the Presidential office. Or pehaps the same fate awaits him  should he engage in civil disobedience and become the leader of a "peaceful "revolutionary movement.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

President Bush Will Attack Iran After November

President Bush is preparing the U.S. psychologically for war with Syria and Iran. The recent Israeli invasion in Lebanon is a first step. The Israeli invasion allows for the association to be made between Terrorism (Hezbollah, actually an army) and Iran and Syria as supporters of Hezbollah. Hezbollah and the mythical Al Queda become synonymous. 

We will continually hear for some months now about the association of Iran and Syria to terrorism. Then there will be a terrorist attack of some kind against Americans. The connection between the attack and Iran and Syria will produce an attack, most likely against Iran. Iran will have their nuclear facilities, their armies, their bases, infrastructure and economy bombed. The idea will be to create an environment in which the Iranian people become uncomfortable: no electricity, heating oil, food. The Bush administration imagines this will makes the Iranian government look weak and lose the support of the Iranian people. Power plants will be bombed, the people will be punished and America assumes that the people will blame the Iranian government for it’s pursuit of nuclear weapons. Parts of this scenario have been suggested by a number of authors, including Seymour Hersh

After November the President will begin his pursuit, full steam ahead. He is in the unusual position of actually making decisions on war as an individual and implementing them as an individual who does not feel the need for consul. He will act as an individual, not as a elected representative.

After the attack on Americans he will receive the support of newly elected conservative democrats and “fighting” democrats who will not oppose his “strong response” which may begin as a simple bombing of Iran but which will inevitably escalate into something more extreme.

Bush and Iraq Before the War in Iran

President Bush is also preparing to dump the prime minister of Iraq, Maliki and his entire government. The U.S. army is beginning to switch sides in Iraq and is now focusing much of it’s fighting against Shiite targets. Maliki is a Shitte. Right now he is complaining about these American attacks on the Shiite Militias, he is supporting Hezbollah; he is criticizing U.S. actions in Iraq and calling for U.S. military to be subject to investigation and legal proceedings by the Iraqi government. By November or shortly afterward he will be removed by a coup, resign, be assassinated or voted out of office. The chaos in Iraq will escalate to even more unimaginable levels and one way or another he will be replaced by an emergency “temporary” government that may simply be chosen by the U.S.

The purpose of removing Maliki will be to limit his ability to inflict criticism and therefore official encouragement to Shiites to wage war against the U.S. after the U.S. bombs Iran. Bush does not want a critic in Iraq when the bombing begins. The failure of the Iraqi government will be blamed on Iran. Iran will be blamed for all the choas in Iraq and perhaps for undermining the Maliki government. But it will be America that undermines Maliki and it is the U.S. that is currently undermining his government. A Iraqi government that supports Hezbollah and refuses to support the Israeli invasion of Lebanon.

President Bush today called for sealing the borders of Syria Perhaps he will blockade as much of Syria as possible before the war with Iran. The current situation in Lebanon allows for Israeli troops to occupy Lebanon up to the Litani River. I don't think the Israelis will leave Lebanon not  until long after the war with Iran is over. That way with Syria blockaded and Hezbollah neutralized ….to some extent… from shooting Katusha rockets into Israel, the amount of damaged in Israel will be minimalized after an attack on Iran. An attack on Syria would probably come last. They may even try to avoid attacking Syria. Syria is capable of attacking Israel and Iran is the primary target, especially since they are said to be the suppliers of Hezbollah weaponry. After an attack on Iran, Bush could attempt to threaten Syria with the same if there is not a requistie "regime change" made

Regardless of the outcome, the outcome of bombing Iran will be interpreted as a success, just as Israel’s setback in Lebanon is being called a success. President Bush said Hezbollah has been defeated. They have in fact been successful.

The problem is after a disastrous bombing of Iran and the first effects of the horrific economic problems generated by this attack, Bush will turn his attention to the last remaining focus of Evil, North Korea. He will not leave office without attacking, or coming very close to attacking North Korea unless he is stopped.

Bush is going all the way. No one is trying to stop him. There doesn’t seem to be anyone in the horizon trying to stop him.

American Civilian Airliners at Risk in Europe

This was [originally published http://www.myleftwing.com/editDiary.do?diaryId=10353] on July 16th on myleftwing.com, one month before the arrest of an alleged conspiracy to blow up 10 American Airliners in Europe.

President Bush and Israel are provoking Iran and Iran is demonstrating it’s assertiveness perhaps through Hezbollah. Iran is challenging the U.S. to attack it, knowing that it can disrupt the world economy and still survive. Perhaps Iran anticipates an attack by Israel and or the U.S. as a foregone conclusion. It seems to many that it is. The idea that Bush has given up “cowboy diplomacy” is probably nothing more than another planted story intended to further confuse the public in the same way we constantly hear about troop withdrawals and then are told there will be no troop withdrawals. In this manner, the Bush cabal can present itself as withdrawing troops and not withdrawing troops. The cabal can argue from both sides, disarming those who favor staying in Iraq and those who favor withdrawal.

What will be the outcome of the adventures in Lebanon? Israel is upping the ante everyday with new attacks, followed by new attacks by Hezbollah most recently into the Israeli city of Haifa apparently using their longest-range rockets.

  By the end of October we may have an American Passenger plane or two shot down in Europe. This is what President Bush apparently is hoping for: A symbolic act of aggression, a terrorist act against the United States but not on American soil. If the attack were to take place here, Bush would be vulnerable to charges of not protecting the “Homeland”. Instead an attack on foreign soil or air or sea would be seen as something he could not prevent but must certainly answer in an aggressive way with another one of his “tough decisions” or two.

Especially delicious would be an attack against American civilians. Hezbollah which mirrors Bush’s messianic attitude of acting upon the orders of God and ignoring the secular realities of living and dying may be all too willing to accommodate Bush. Or perhaps Israel may provide an undercover spark to make sure that those who support Israel are re-elected to their seats.

Hezbollah and the Bush cabal seem to be acting almost in concert. Bin Laden and Bush also seem to be working together to bring fundamentalism to America and the Mid East. This is afterall the actual result of his actions. Iraq is now governed not by a secularist Government as in the days of Sadaam Hussein, but rather, by a fundamentalist group who are bringing Sharia law to Southern Iraq and spreading it northward.

We must forget the rationale of the Bush administration. We must not listen to its words. Just look at its behavior. Look at the results of what it has done and then infer its rationale. What it has done is to replace a secular government in Iraq with a fundamentalist government under the influence of fundamentalist Iran. We can come to no other conclusion that this is the INTENTION. As hard to believe as it may be, that is the result of American actions under Bush in the Mid East. The Mid East has become more fundamentalist and less democratic.

It is my opinion that President Bush is a disturbed person. He has mental health issues, as do many of the very paranoid people around him like Vice President Cheney. These two, Cheney and Bush have attracted what Colin Powell and others have called the “crazies” around them. The Neo-cons. That’s no joke. Crazy people often have bizarre rationales for the things they do. Perhaps they heard a voice from God and the voice told them to kill their only son. Oh, yes that's is in the bible.  Well, our President is hearing disembodied voices from God and the disembodied voice told him to invade Afghanistan, Iraq and to solve the problems in the Mid East.

But in fact I fear our president is simply suicidal. But before he destroys himself he’s going to kill everyone else first. That’s how angry he is and it is this anger that causes him to hear voices that call out for destruction, rape, pillage, torture, kidnapping, bondage and war. Those are real things that have occurred. They are perverse things from a perverse administration headed by a very perverse president. This is a president who tortured animals as a boy and humans as an adult in his fraternity. A president who was ridiculed and kept on the sidelines by his family for fear his reckless acts of drug and alcohol abuse would destroy his own father’s political career and or at least embarrass President George Herbert Bush, his "dad".  Now as President himself GWB can and will show them all for making him hate himself.

George Bush has the power to destroy the enitre world. He will destroy everything and everyone for making him feel like an outsider in his own family, for causing him to feel so much pain in self hatred. He will destroy everyone for his felt rejection by his family and by infererence his rejection by the enitre world. This is a man who craves being hated. He makes the tough decesions that go against the grain.  He likes doing things that everyone else sees as wrong. It puts him on the outside of common sense, public opinion, the polls. He likes being against the world. This is the place he feels most comfortable in. It's the place he has always been in, the only place he knows. It's his place. Afterall it's the same place Jesus was in before he was crucified. Like Jesus there were only a few followers who stood with him against the many.


We have now a messianic struggle between elements of two religious groups who do not consider the Earthly Reality of war as being particularly significant.

The art for Bush's Karl Rove is to keep the damaged contained to something like a passenger plane until after November.

Then I fear real World War will break out with America and Israel against Iran, Syria and North Korea. The axis of evil. The places where Satan calls home and where Bush has identified as his mandate by God to cleanse.

Bush will then, I suppose,  try to draw in China and primarily Japan against North Korea and Russia against Iran and Syria.

A military take over of the United States, would be preferable to this form of Messianic Democracy.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Baghdad is About to Be Destroyed

Last year I predicted the destruction of New Orleans before the Hurricane hit and the lack of responsiveness to it. This year I am predicting the Destruction of Baghdad. I am pretty good at predicting destruction because, well, that’s about all there is to predict.

As President Bush prepares for yet another august August vacation in order to see if he can make his dick hard by clearing some brush around his ranch, forces are preparing for the Battle of Baghdad in which the entire city will be destroyed in order to make it free of unsightly insurgents.

The United States and the Iraqi insurgency have been preparing for this battle for weeks. It's under the radar.

U.S. Forces are being “redeployed” around the city. This isn’t to beef up security as you may have been led to believe, this is for a major “Fallujah” type of assault on the neighborhoods where U.S. “intelligence” (there’s an oxymoron…or maybe just a moron lurking somewhere) have identified the presence of insurgents. Does anyone remember Fallujah? That's a city of 350,000 people that was emptied before the battle began. Most of the people didn't leave or coultdn't leave. Those who didn't leave were assumed to be insurgents.  That's where the U.S. used cluster bombs, white phosphourus and napalm to burn and set on fire human flesh. The city was almost entirely leveled to the ground. They want to do that in Bagdhdad.

The New York Times reports on this issue without quite spelling it out.

The plan is to concentrate on specific neighborhoods rather than distribute the forces throughout the city, control movement in and out of sectors of the capital and try to sweep them of insurgents and violent militias.

In effect, the scheme is a version of the “ink blot” counterinsurgency strategy of grabbing a piece of terrain, stabilizing it and gradually expanding it. Only this time the objective is not a far-flung Iraqi city or town, but the capital, the seat of the fledgling government and home to some seven million Iraqis.

By securing the city a sector at a time, American and Iraqi commanders hope to allow the Iraqi government to restore essential services and build support and legitimacy among an anxious public.

Once the areas are stabilized, the Iraqi police are to be brought in to maintain control, freeing the American and Iraqi military to extend their reach elsewhere. The Iraqi police are to be accompanied by American military police, who will act as advisers and trainers.

“Baghdad is truly a must-win,” said Maj. Gen. William B. Caldwell IV, the senior spokesman for the military command here. “The prime minister has stated it. General Casey has stated it. We have to win in Baghdad. We don’t have an option.”

Insurgents are people who don’t like to be raped, murdered, shot, killed, tortured, forced into kinky sex, displaced and beaten by Americans. For some reason they find that objectionable. It must be their Arabazoid culture.

The reason why U.S. troops are gathering around Baghdad is because the insurgents are pouring in from all around Iraq to Baghdad to begin the final  battle against America. Baghdad has come largely under the control of the Mahdi Army. A Shiite Army, not a Sunni Army. But the U.S. will be trying to drive out the Sunnis insurgents and the Mahdi Shiite Army Militia and some other militias who the Sunnis are fighting. It figures to be a interesting brawl, the battle plan is pretty much everybody against everybody. U.S. troops will go house to house, ferreting out insurgents and killing all military age males and raping hot Iraqazoid women when they have a moment and the opportunity arises. 

This is much like the recent invasion of Israel into Lebanon. It will fail, the city will be destroyed, and on top of the rubble a Fox Military spokesman speaking to Fox news will proclaim victory as a bullet from an insurgents AK 47 goes whizzing merrily through his already emptied head.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

American Troops RAPING Iraqi Women: Iraqi's Behead 2 Soldiers in Revenge

This is front page news in Saturday's New York Times.

UPDATE: The girl killed and raped was 15.

Some of America’s brave fighting men are raping Iraqi women and then killing them to cover up the evidence, investigators believe.

Representative Murtha has said that the American troops in Iraq are “Out of Control”. Too much pressure, too many tours. He as a representative of the military. And the Military brass wants the troops out. I believe the military is allowing the truth about what is happening in Iraq to come out. And they are doing this for the purpose of stimulating the American public into action to demand the withdrawal of the troops. Remember Murtha represents the military in Congress.

The Prime Minister of Iraq and Karzai of Afghanistan have condemned the American Treatment of Iraqi's and Afghans by American soldiers who regularly bust into family homes as they are now doing in Ramadi and Baghdad in current operations. How many women are being raped in these operations? How many are killed and their deaths blamed on insurgents?

Investigators believe a group of U.S. soldiers suspected of raping an Iraqi woman, then killing her and three members of her family plotted the attack for nearly a week, a U.S. military official said Saturday

The suspects were from the 502nd Infantry Regiment and belonged to the same platoon as two soldiers kidnapped and killed south of Baghdad this month, another official close to the investigation said Friday. The soldiers' mutilated bodies were found June 19, three days after they were abducted by insurgents near Youssifiyah southwest of Baghdad.

One of the family members they allegedly killed was a child, said a senior Army official who also requested anonymity because the investigation is ongoing. The senior official said the alleged incident was first revealed by a soldier during a routine counseling-type session. The official said that soldier did not witness the incident but heard about it.

This soldier felt guilty about the rape and murder, not because the family was murdered including a child, but because he thought that the two American soldiers who were beheaded, were beheaded and tortured because of the rape and murder of the Iraqi family. Isn’t that interesting?

A second soldier, who also was not involved, said he overhead soldiers conspiring to commit the crimes and then later saw bloodstains on their clothes, the official said.

This indicates that some soldiers conspire with each other to commit rape; they let it be known among other soldiers, not involved what they are doing. That might lead one to believe that it is commonplace to rape “hot” Iraqi women. It seems the soldiers had noticed the woman on previous patrols and decided to act based on their sexual urges.

This is not an isolated incident. This may not be the first time for this group of soldiers. How many other women did they rape and how many other families did they murder to cover up the evidence? How many other “groups of soldiers” are systematically raping Iraqi women and then killing the families?

The Taguba report on Abu Ghraib additionally has confirmed rape of Iraqi women by American soldiers. One of the reasons the prison was attacked by mortars was in response to the raping of the women in the prison.

The Taguba inquiry has corroborated the contents of the letter smuggled out of Abu Ghraib by a woman known only as "Noor". The enquiry found the letter to be entirely in line with the activities going on within the prison. While most of the focus since the scandal broke three weeks ago has been on the abuse of men, and on their sexual humiliation in front of US women soldiers, there is now incontrovertible proof that women detainees have also been abused. Among the 1,800 digital photographs taken by US guards inside Abu Ghraib there are, according to Taguba's report, images of a US military policeman “having sex” with an Iraqi woman. Taguba discovered that guards have also videotaped and photographed naked female detainees. Bush refused to release other photographs of Iraqi women forced at gunpoint to bare their breasts (although Congress were shown them) - ostensibly to prevent attacks on US soldiers in Iraq. However in reality this is merely to prevent further domestic embarrassment.

Assuming reports on events in Haditha are true were the women in Haditha raped before they were killed? In both the Haditha case and the case most recently, children in the families were killed, some point blank.

The American Military presence in Iraq is thoroughly corrupt. Seymour Hersh has reported that Lt. Colonels are actively engaged in stealing cash money from Iraq and sending it to the states. There have been murders and mysterious assassinations all over Iraq

AMY GOODMAN: Seymour Hersh, there was a report in the Financial Times right before the election in Iraq -- it was around January 10 -- that said the electoral group headed by Iyad Allawi, the interim Iraqi Prime Minister, handed out cash to journalists to insure coverage of the press conferences. Your response to that? __

SEYMOUR HERSH: I just don't know that but, you know, when you talk about cash in Iraq, you don't just talk about cash. You talk about pallet loads of cash. There's an awful lot of money. _If anybody wanted to read about this -- the London Review of Books recently did an amazing article -- they took the six last State Department and U.N. reports on the missing cash in Iraq. Twenty billion dollars, much of it Iraqi oil money, has just disappeared, and there's no accounting for it. I shouldn't say all of it has disappeared, but the accounting is very lax. The corruption of Iraq and the corruption of our military by the dollars around, the invidious and systematic corruption of our military is just beyond belief. And we will pay a price for that in the end, too. You just cannot have that much money around. There were all kinds of colonels -- look, and it just doesn't matter. I'm getting ahead of myself, because I -- I don't want too talk about things I can't prove, but I can tell you in the London Review of Books in the last issue, the most recent issue, was a very, very serious essay about the extent of financial corruption and how much money simply disappeared from view, and we're not talking about hundreds of millions, we're talking about billions.)

It appears and entire company of 130 soldiers of the California National Guard may have been using old style mafia tactics to extort money from Iraqi shop owners. They offered "protection" from "terrorists" to shop owners if the shop owners paid them. This is just like mobsters walking into a business and saying. "nice place you got here, we'd hate so see anything happen ot it. If you pay us, will protect you." Translation: " We won't blow up your shop and then blame it on the terrorists if you pay us off! " So the army is extorting money from innocent Iraqi's in addition to all the other things they have been accused of. Here we have an entire company put on restrictive duty. Other companies appear to be involved too, so it is endemic, not an isolated case. Lt. Col. Patrick Frey, has been suspended while the investigation is conducted, he is the battalion commander. [Shakedown Shakedown]_

This gives a whole new meaning to the idea of “pulling out” and “cut and run”. It seems a large number of American soldiers don’t want to “pull out” after raping Iraqi women. They want to do it again. No one is stopping them. They are the law.

I have always said that rape victims don’t want the rapist hanging around afterward. They don’t want to hear the rapist say they would like to make friends with them now and that they are sorry for what they did, They just want them to PULL OUT and never come back again.

That is what America must do. PULL OUT and never come back again.

New York Mafia Cops and Crooked Mafia Judges

Bernard Kerik former New York City Police Commissioner and two New York high ranking cops working for the Mafia are set free by a corrupt judicial system.

New York’s’ Finest Hit Men Cops

83 year old "Mob" Judge Jack Weinstein today set free two convicted New York high - level Top Cop/ Mafia hit men on the basis of the statue of limitations while angrily excoriating the same convicted felons and stating he had to obey the constitution:

Both were cops convicted and sentenced to life previously. The conviction was overturned today. Both cops were convicted as paid  assassins of the mob. They murdered among others, rival gangsters for the Luchese crime family.

My Translation of the judges ruling: The Judge was gotten to by somebody. Somebody got to the judge either in the form of cash, gifts or more likely extortion or even a simple payback favor. They had something on the Judge or some previous association with the judge.

One of the convicted cops was head of the organized (mafia) crime unit for the New York Police Department. These weren’t street cops. They were high-level officials in the police department. Just as their are high-level officials in the police department, there are no doubt high-level judges who do work for the Mafia.

Of course the judge angrily derided the murdering New York top cops. He had to. That's the only way to cast suspicion away from the fact that somebody got to him.

Judge Weinstein wrote that Mr. Eppolito and Mr Caracappa

"had kidnapped, murdered and assisted kidnappers and murderers" and he had no choisce but to let them go because the 5 year staure of limitations in the conspirisacy cases had run out.

And this gem:

Eppolito said last week that he didn't complain about not being allowed to testify for fear of angering the judge. Weinstein yesterday called that claim "ludicrous."

Of course the defendants and Judge Weistein make it look like they are at odds with each other. This is a set up to a classic rigged trial. And if one looks at the Judge who has presided over a number of Mob trials in the pasts record, one ought to note that there is compettion between mob familites and any sentencing of mob figures by the judge does not necessarily reveal where his associations lie.

We see here the cops were arresting their enemies in the mob while working for the Luchese crime family. So it may be with judges.

The indictment (against the cops) accuses them of working as secret associates of the Luchese crime family. They are charged with disclosing the identity of six cooperating witnesses - three of whom were killed - and compromising several federal and state investigations.

And so it is with judges. They may be working in favor of one crime family over the other. So don't be fooled by this judges rulings in the past.

Of course Eppolitio worte a book called "Mafia Cop" detailing his long association with mobsters before he became a cop and became a good guy.

Mr. Eppolito had relatives in organized crime - his father, Ralph, was called Fat the Gangster and his uncle, James, was known as Jimmy the Clam. But Mr. Eppolito did not disclose any of that on his police application.

And of course Caracappa appeared in an episode of The Sopranos and Goodfellas and many other Mob movies and both these guys live in Yearly Gloss land, Las Vegas. I wonder who arranged that. Half the actors on the show aren't even acting.


In December 2004, George W. Bush nominated Kerik as Secretary of Homeland Security.

Today he did a perp walk. But it’s all for show. You see Kerik took a bribe….I mean “gift” for $165,000 dollars in renovations of his apartment from a New Jersey Contractor Interstate Industrial Corporation which has been accused of Mafia ties. You know, just like that business in Jersey that Tony runs.

Here’s a little bio on BERNARD KERIK:

Kerik was declared bankrupt in March 1988, but today he is a multimillionaire, the result of a lucrative partnership with former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani and an even more profitable relationship with a stun-gun manufacturer.

His relationship since 2002 with Taser International, a Scottsdale, Arizona, manufacturer of stun guns, has by far been the biggest source of his newfound wealth, earning him more than $6.2 million in pre-tax profits through stock options he was granted and then sold, mostly in November 2004.

Kerik is currently the CEO of The Kerik Group, a global provider of Homeland Security and industrial security services.

Of course the "government" negoitiated a deal with Kerik wherby instead of being arrested, put on trial and sent to jail for bribery and working with the Mob, he was according to the New York Times let off easy:

The agreement, which ended an exhaustive 18 month investigation by the offices of Mr. Johnson and Ms. Hearn focused on Interstate and Mr. Kerik's relationship with the company and allowed Mr. Kerik to avoid jail time, more serious bribery charges and a felony conviction.

Translation: Kerik used his connections to Guiliani to Bush to ask the feds to let him off easy.

Then in Chicago we have  Police CaptainJon Burge, (a man no one seems to know) who totured almost 200 African Americans exclusively. He's living in Florida and getting his pension, and he too, is protected by the statue of limitations which all the other law enforcement officials in Chicago let run out despite testimony, photos and mounds of evidence against him.

Today in Iraq we hear of the systematic , planned murder by U.S. troops of a family for the purpose of raping the daughter in the family and we are supposed to think this is an isolated incident.

These troops, like Burge and Caracappa in Vietnam are learning how to devlove the value of human life.

And America doesn't raise an eyebrow.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Torture in Chicago. Torture in Iraq

Jon Burge was dismissed from the Chicago Police force in 1989 but he has never been charged with a crime. No charges agaisnt him and over 20 other police officers despite a mountain of evidence that indicates Burge and others should be prosecuted for the Abu Ghraib like torture of dozens of African American citizens. The total of those tortured is 192 and growing. What's happended in Iraq should not be so shocking. Torture in America's rape rooms has been common fare.

  Burge learned how to torture in Vietnam. He taught many other police officers the tricks of his trade. There are over 20 other police officers accused of torture.  Those soldiers and contractors in Iraq who have learned to torture, rape,  shoot first and ask questions later will be coming back from Iraq someday. They will bring what they have learned to American law enforcement as Burge did.

Mayor Daley was Involved

Does Chicago (America) have a mayor who is hiding his involvement in the cover-up of the systematic torture by Chicago Police of almost 200 African American citizens? Why if there are 200 hundred reported cases of torture with evidence has there not been one prosecution?

The states attorney decides what cases to prosecute. Mayor Richard Daley was the States Attorney during the reported torture and he was informed of the torture and evidence of torture. Mayor Richard M. Daley did nothing.

Abu Ghraib is said to be shocking. American troops murdering, torturing, raping and sexually humiliating scores of Iraqi prisoners. How long has this been going on?

Well it’s been going on right here in Chicago for at least 20 years. It is rarely reported in the Chicago News media but has been consistently been reported by the free Chicago Reader which is a hand out paper for locals on upcoming events. John Conroy a staff writer for the reader has pursued this torture scandal for a number of years and it is our only real access to what happened.

John Conroy reports

THE SPECIAL PROSECUTOR'S report on the Chicago police torture scandal is expected to be issued shortly, perhaps in a matter of days. Special prosecutor Edward Egan has uncovered 192 victims (there may well be more) claiming to have been abused by Jon Burge and detectives serving under him from the 1970s into the 1990s, scores of them not identified in any published list. The scale of criminality is immense: hundreds of assaults (most victims were subjected to more than one attack), hundreds of acts of misconduct qualifying as felonies. Some detectives, called to testify in various proceedings, may have committed perjury on five or more occasions in a single case.

The prosecutors and politicians in Chicago have been stalling for the statue of limitations to run out and for time in general. Mayor Daley did nothing during his time as State Attorney from 1981 to 1989. Daley was informed of the torture allegations, photos and evidence.

Now that the statute of limitations has run out many if not all of these crimes, state prosecution is unlikely, though victims’ attorneys hold out hope that federal charges are possible.

Those informed of the torture and those who participated in the torture have gone on to bigger and better things. Apparently torture aficionados like George Bush and Donald Rumsfeld have a lot of friends operating on the local level.

Some of the prosecutors informed of the torture are now judges. One serves on the Illinois Appellate Court. And one is the mayor.

One can compare Sadaam Hussein’s alleged torture rooms with Bush’s documented torture rooms in Iraq and Bush’s documented treatment of prisoners in Texas where he was governor.

In George Bush's America, denial about inmate mistreatment runs similarly rampant. As Texas governor, Bush oversaw the executions of 152 prisoners and thus became the most-killing governor in the history of the United States. Ethnic minorities, many of whom did not have access to proper legal representation, comprised a large percentage of those Bush put to death, and in one particularly egregious example, Bush executed an immigrant who hadn't even seen a consular official from his own country (as is required by the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations, to which the US was a signatory). Bush's explanation: "Texas did not sign the Vienna Convention, so why should we be subject to it?"

Governor Bush also flouted the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child by choosing to execute juvenile offenders, a practice shared by only Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Yemen. Significantly, in 1998 a full 92% of the juvenile offenders on Bush's death row were ethnic minorities.

Conditions inside Texan prisons during Bush's reign were so notorious that federal Judge William Wayne Justice wrote, "Many inmates credibly testified to the existence of violence, rape and extortion in the prison system and about their own suffering from such abysmal conditions." n George Bush's America, denial about inmate mistreatment runs similarly rampant. As Texas governor, Bush oversaw the executions of 152 prisoners and thus became the most-killing governor in the history of the United States. Ethnic minorities, many of whom did not have access to proper legal representation, comprised a large percentage of those Bush put to death, and in one particularly egregious example, Bush executed an immigrant who hadn't even seen a consular official from his own country (as is required by the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations, to which the US was a signatory). Bush's explanation: "Texas did not sign the Vienna Convention, so why should we be subject to it?"

Governor Bush also flouted the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child by choosing to execute juvenile offenders, a practice shared by only Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Yemen. Significantly, in 1998 a full 92% of the juvenile offenders on Bush's death row were ethnic minorities.

Conditions inside Texan prisons during Bush's reign were so notorious that federal Judge William Wayne Justice wrote, "Many inmates credibly testified to the existence of violence, rape and extortion in the prison system and about their own suffering from such abysmal conditions."

There are 2 million Americans serving time on Prison Planet America. Many of them work as slave labor for corporations, many are black. Who said slavery is over? Maybe it's just got a new face. But let’s get back to Chicago lest we begin to see a worldwide endemic pattern of American injustice.

From the Reader:

Since the first reports of Chicago police torture surfaced a quarter century ago the list has swelled to nearly 200 cases involving dozens of public employees—and still no one has been prosecuted.

I come from the south side. I live in Uptown now. Police harassment was a visible constant then and is constant now here in Uptown.

We have much to look forward to, when our brave fighting men and women…some of whose minds have become warped beyond repair return to the United States and enter into the police forces all over the nation. There will be a new kind of police force in the future too. It will be private security forces, patrolling the borders, being called in to quell disturbances in New Orleans replacing of the National Guard. They will bring their knowledge and perversity learned in Iraq with them, perhaps to your door.

From the Reader

Burge, a south-side native, may have learned to torture in Vietnam, where he served in 1968 and ’69. Veterans of his company have reported that they participated in the electrical torture of Vietcong suspects, shocking them using hand-cranked field telephones.

More than 50 men alleged that they were tortured by Burge and his detectives during Daley’s term as Cook County state’s attorney, from 1981 to 1989. He was put on notice several times, most dramatically in the case of Andrew Wilson. Photographs of Wilson’s stitches, burns, and alligator- clip wounds made compelling evidence in court, underlined by Hyman’s failure to ask if Wilson had given his statement voluntarily. Received copy of letter from Dr. John Raba, who as medical director of Cermak Hospital examined Wilson’s injuries, urging police superintendent Richard Brzeczek to investigate. Brzeczek told Daley he had promised to investigate all cases of police brutality but did not want to jeopardize Wilson’s prosecution and asked for guidance. Daley sent no reply. Mayor of Chicago since 1989.

The Reader article concludes that Patrick (I have always called him Fizzgerald) Fitzgerald offers the only hope of prosecution at the federal level.

If he won't prosecute the Whitehouse and his Republican appointees I suppose there is a chance he would prosecute a Democratic Mayor. But wait! This Democratic Mayor apparenlty voted for George Bush. Mayor Daley refused to endorsee John Kerry. Mayor Daley said that who he voted for in the 2004 presidential election was a private matter. That is absolutely unheard of in Democratic politics in Chicago.

Is that why the Feds under Fitzgerald have given Daley such easy unheard of treatment in their interview of him, allowing him to speak "off the record" with his attorney present in a hiring scandal that Fitzgerald is now investigating?

Don't bet on Fitzgerald going after an ally of Bush. So far he has gone only after his enemies, like Republican governor George Ryan who ended the death penalty in Illinois much to the chagrin of Karl Rove and George Bush.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Daily Gloss (Kos) Vegas Style

Daily Kos holds it's convention in Las Vegas.

Why Las Vegas?

It's not because Vegas is cheap. It's expensive. The "cheap idea" was just a old seduction routine. It isn't used any longer. Now Vegas is selling itself as the exclusive playworld for the rich and famous.

There is nothing political about Las Vegas. It is the heart of American hype. The Strip is an empty place, hollow, lots of sugar and no substance except the kind one puts in one's nose.

The Riviera is a cheap hotel by Las Vegas Standards, at the edge of the strip and placed near the Las Vegas Convention Center. The Director of Entertainment there is "Pussy" who appeared in numerous Soprano episodes before being killed off. Perhaps he and the bloggers are working together. If Mr. Zuniga, (a 30 something allegedly born in Chicago and who was "raised" in El Salvador for 8 years or so) can wing it maybe "Pussy" (Vincent Pastore) can get him a gig as a stand up comedian taking Larry "Uncle Lar" Reebs place. He's from Chicago too. Reeb tells fart jokes for the Riviera.

Las Vegas has and always will be born of corruption, murder and excess. It is the mecca for the old mob and the new legitimate mob. You can go to the Palms to see the new legitimate mob. Those guys own a basketball team. How many Daily Kos will go there and mingle with the young "Chistofahs" in the outfit or catch sight of a mainstream media star or starlet? Or maybe just a fleeting glimpse of the freshly massaged back of Ben Affleck's neck beyond the red velvet ropes that keep the commoners at  bay from the high stakes poker table where our hero Ben, on another all-nighter, slumps, sipping a long island ice tea or three.

This is the place that the eager, shiny eyed, perfect toothed, clearasil poster boy Genius fellow from Daily Kos and others have chosen to hold their political convention. Did they go their to discuss their views or to party? Or is it both?

Clever choice for the clean cut, bright eyed, earnest looking authors of a book with a premise based in fantasy called "Crashing the Gate" which pretends to trumpet the liberal blogs and their burgeoning "influence" on the so called Democratic Party and politics in general. Blogsters are fun little toys that members only, clubby congressman in Washington play with for a few seconds by making the Blogsters feel important before sending them on thier way. Cute little things, blogsters. Blogsters are allowed to experience a moment or two of senatorial presence, catch a glimpse of fame and hope that some of the spotlight of fame may have rubbed off on their clothing as they scurry home to tell thier friends of their "experience" and to wonder if they are now somehow changed or different or special now.

Maureen Dowd wrote a column in Saturday's New York Times. She's a mainstream columnist often used by illiberal ...(as in illegal) blogsters to bolster their point of view. It seems the liberal bloggers can't wait to be seen on Mainstream Media TV shows or appear in articles of Mainstream authors. Why is that?

It is because these bloggers are ready to sell out as quickly as you can offer them the opportunity. It seems that Maureen Dowd sensed this quite quickly. And she apparently sensed it from none other that Mr. Kos himself who thought himself quite clever in his sychophantic conversation with her. But it seems he simply revealed himself as a man as deep as Las Vegas.

It seems Jerome Armstrong of Virginia has gone to work for Virginia Governor Mark Warner as a consultant> Larry King loves Warner, the centrist mainstream democrat whose postion on the Iraq War is not based on what is beneficial for the American people, the troops, and oh yes, the Iraqazoids, (whose resemblance to human beings is quite remarkable) it is based on what he mistakenly believes will get him elected. Mark Warner likes having Jerome in his camp. It looks good. That's why he is paying you Jerome. He's not really listening to you. Like Las Vegas, he thinks your cheap. Mark Warner, not Russ Feingold, that's who Jerome Armstrong is a trophy consultant for.

Daily Kos is essientially a forum for the naive Americans still on training wheels who actually believe the world around them is as described by the institutions they have been educated by and exposed to. They believe in a make believe world, not a real one,  and that is why they chose Las Vegas.

It's perfect fit. Where Daily Kos meets it's own mirror image. Where fantasy meets fantasy.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Goss Was Probably Bribed By Wilkes as a Congressman

It seems pretty clear to me that Porter Goss as a congressman serving on the intelligence committee participated in parties at the Watergate Hotel or elsewhere in which prostitutes were present. His number three man in the CIA Foggo was also present. Foggo is described as a life long friend of Brent Wilkes who arranged the stag poker parties in rented suites at the Watergate.

CIA officials were reportedly amazed that Goss chose Foggo to become the number 3 man in the CIA. The reason for this is apparently their mutual connection to Wilkes and perhaps the possibility that Goss was pressured by Foggo and or Goss needed Foggo at that level to stop and or destroy any investigation or evidence of their mutual scandalous activities involving Wilkes.

Harpers Magazine mentioned in an article that an investigation into the events surrounding the Watergate Hotel involved a former congressman who served on a intelligence committee (GOSS) who now holds a major intelligence post.

Ken Sliverstein who claims knowledge of these events is quoted in Harpers Magazine:

I've learned from a well-connected source that those under intense scrutiny by the FBI are current and former lawmakers on Defense and Intelligence comittees—including one person who now holds a powerful intelligence post.

Goss have now resigned, with Foggo expected to follo suit. I think the reason for the curt and quick goodbye from the Bush adminstration is that the Bush people know this story is about to break and it will be a scandal on the level of the Profumo scandal in London in the 60's. It will live on for years and be the mother of movies, TV series and endless talk for years to come.

The talk will be how a congressman who was associated in bribery and prostitution became head of the CIA. Porter Goss apparently took bribes as a congressman either in the form of cash or gifts (perhaps prostitutes) from the same man who bribed Duke Cunningham. Goss's mere presence at a party in which prostitues are hired for the purpose of currying the favor of the participants would qualify him as a person who participated not only in illegal activiity, but in accepting a bribe whether he took the services of a prostitute or not. The atmosphere of the party is in essence, a bribe.

This man who bried Duke Cunningham and organized the parties is Brent Wilkes, a defense contractor who appears to have tried to influence CIA and "lawmakers" to award his company contracts. Wilkes apparently has a number of associates with criminial records.

This will be the BIG STORY for next week.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Shiites and Sunnis United to Fight the United States. The End of the Road for the U.S.

The situation in Iraq can be summed up with the following.

1). The United States is now at war with the Shiites (who they put in power) and the Sunnis. The Iraqi government cannot be formed as long as there is US presence and will probably never be formed from the elements that it is currently composed of. The government will not form, but the military elements are coalescing from both Shiite and Sunni blocks to fight the United States.

2). The largely Shiite Iraqi army is about to disintegrate completely and parts will simply disband and other parts become part of Iraqi Shiite militias fighting the US..

3). The United States attempt to provoke civil war has backed fired. The Shiite and Sunni groups will temporarily focus on the expulsion of the Americans from Iraq before resuming their war with each other.

4). The United States military is actively engaging in "Black Ops" against Shiites and killing many innocent people intentionally in order to provoke civil war.

5). The United States is trying to Kill Moqtada al-Sadr leader of the Mahdi army who it disingenuosly blames for "torture" of Sunnis. This has backfired as well with Sadr being joined by other militias to fight the United States.

6). The United States will probably try to assassinate  Jaafari and blame it on " sectarian tensions". The attempt by the United States to remove Jaafari has backfired, resulting in a strengthening of his position and a weakening and exposure of how vulnerable the United States is in Iraq. The United States is virtually powerless in Iraq..

7). The impetus for an invasion of Iran despite Bush's domestic problems and poll numbers is largely increased by the chaos of his policies in Iraq as the strategic benefits for Iran from Iraqi chaos (and the resultant exposure of American weakness and vulnerability) are too mighty for the Bush administration to bear. They will be impelled to attack by air and damage the Iranian economy and military so as to lessen it's focus and ability to concentrate on controlling southern Iraq. This can only fail and damage the world economy.

8). The United States is trying to form alliances with Sunni Insurgents to fight the Shiites. This switching of sides is not working out. The attempt to switch sides is simply being used by Sunnis on a case by case basis to their own advantage. The United States is being played like a fool.

9). The United States military is intentionally committing "Mai Lai" atrocities in Iraq for two reasons: 1). To create chaos between Sunnis and Shiites. 2). It's just something they happen to do from time to time. It is very common and goes unreported.

10). The violence in Iraq is about to increase to never before seen proportions from all sides due to circumstance and due to American elections.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Did the U.S. Bomb the Interior Ministry of Iraq?

Initial Reports of the bombing of the Interior Ministry said that the explosions were caused by car bombs. This from the Chicago Tribune.

There were conflicting reports of the details. Police officials said shortly after the attack that the explosions were caused by two car bombs.

As we hear about the bombing of the Interior Ministry we may wonder why initial reports of a car bomb being the cause, later morphed once again into "Suicide Bombers". There were reportedly 9 checkpoints that had to be gone through in order to enter the area of the Interior Ministry. One possible explanation is that the bombs were set off by American Forces and made to look as though they were set off by infiltrating suicide bombers.  American forces can presumably enter at will.

Why would Americans Blow up the Interior Ministry?

The Interior Ministry is the center of Anti -U.S. feeling among the newly elected Shiite government. It is from this center that Iranian influence can best be exported throughout Iraq. It is the interior ministry that controls the Militias and especially the 30,000 strong Iranian trained Badr Militia.

Clearly, a wide chasm exists between American Occupying forces and the government they have created in Iraq.

Responding to the Jan. 5 suicide bombing in Karbala that killed 60 Shi'ites and wounded 120, Abdul Aziz al-Hakim, the leader of the Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq (SCIRI), which heads the ruling Shi'ite coalition, said, "We hold responsible Coalition forces, and political elements that have openly announced their support for terrorism, for the pure blood that has flowed."

The United States has recently uncovered torture centers run by the Interior Ministry. Since the United States engages in world wide torture as a matter of course, one can only conclude that the discovery of these torture centers is not a discovery but an attempt to discredit the Interior Ministry.

The new turn in U.S. policy came in mid-November, when the administration decided to confront Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari publicly over the torture houses being run by Shi'ite officials in the Ministry of Interior at various locations in Baghdad.

The decision was not the result of a new revelation, because the U.S military command and U.S. embassy had known about such torture houses for months, from reporting by U.S. military officers.

An undeclared war is now going on between U.S. and Iranian backed Interior Ministry forces.

Raw Story reported the following several months ago as have other outlets.

Yet Pakistani military sources revealed in February 2005 that the US has "resolved to arm small militias backed by US troops and entrenched in the population," consisting of "former members of the Ba'ath Party" - the same people already teamed up with Zarqawi's al-Qaeda network.

In a highly clandestine operation, the US procured "Pakistan-manufactured weapons, including rifles, rocket-propelled grenade launchers, ammunition, rockets and other light weaponry." A Pakistani military analyst noted that the "arms could not be destined for the Iraqi security forces because US arms would be given to them." Rather, the US is playing a double-game to "head off" the threat of a "Shi'ite clergy-driven religious movement" - in other words, to exacerbate the deterioration of security by penetrating, manipulating and arming the terrorist insurgency.

So, it is reported the U.S. is using Pakistani Arms to make it look as though the weapons used by selected insurgents are foreign. Undoubtedly the arms are used to kill American soldiers as well. The convoluted, and clearly mentally disturbed policies of the United States are such that the United States is supplying arms to kill it's own solidiers under the pretext of having a broader view of controlling the situation in Iraq. This is literally self destruction.

Zarqawi and the suicide bombers, in my view are largely a myth, promoted by the U.S. Now the U.S. is going to attack the newly elected government on the faux pretext of their abuse of the Sunni population. This is of course absurd. They are simply trying to make up for the mistake of invading Iraq and putting into power an Iranian influenced theocratic dictatorship that is diametrically opposed to the U.S. occupation and interests.

Sheikh Jawad al-Kalesi, the Shi'ite Imam of the al-Kadhimiyah mosque in Baghdad, told Le Monde: "I don't think that Abu Musab al-Zarqawi exists as such. He's simply an invention by the occupiers to divide the people."

Remember that several months ago British Operatives dressed as Iraqis were caught with a car full of bombs.

These secret agent Brits appeared to be either selling weapons to the insurgents or preparing to blow up something in the Shiite controlled south. It is not the first time they have engaged in perverse duplicitous actions. They have been exposed in Northern Ireland in killing their own people, for purposes of validating their agents who had infiltrated the IRA.

According to Detective Sergeant Nicholas Benwell, member of the Scotland Yard team that had been investigating the activities of an ultra-secret wing of British military intelligence, the Force Research Unit (FRU), the team found that "military intelligence was colluding with terrorists to help them kill so-called 'legitimate targets' such as active republicans... many of the victims of these government-backed hit squads were innocent civilians."

Benwell's revelations were corroborated in detail by British double agent Kevin Fulton, who was recruited to the FRU in 1981, when he began to infiltrate the ranks of IRA. In his role as a British FRU agent inside the IRA, he was told by his military intelligence handlers to "do anything" to win the confidence of the terrorist group.

"I mixed explosive and I helped develop new types of bombs," he told Scotland's Sunday Herald (6/23/02). "I moved weapons... if you ask me if the materials I handled killed anyone, then I will have to say that some of the things I helped develop did kill... my handlers knew everything I did. I was never told not to do something that was discussed. How can you pretend to be a terrorist and not act like one? You can't. You've got to do what they do... They did a lot of murders... I broke the law seven days a week and my handlers knew that. They knew that I was making bombs and giving them to other members of the IRA and they did nothing about it... The idea was that the only way to beat the enemy was to penetrate the enemy and be the enemy."

Most startlingly, Fulton said that his handlers told him his operations were "sanctioned right at the top... this goes the whole way to the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister knows what you are doing."

Intelligence agencies can be counted on throughout the world to be made up of the dumbest, most mediocre, mentally ill, provincial and backward people humanity can produce. At the same time they have the most sophisticated technology at their disposal provided to them by science. The public confuses the technology that science has provided these medieval minded automatons with "intelligence".