Tuesday, August 15, 2006

American Civilian Airliners at Risk in Europe

This was [originally published http://www.myleftwing.com/editDiary.do?diaryId=10353] on July 16th on myleftwing.com, one month before the arrest of an alleged conspiracy to blow up 10 American Airliners in Europe.

President Bush and Israel are provoking Iran and Iran is demonstrating it’s assertiveness perhaps through Hezbollah. Iran is challenging the U.S. to attack it, knowing that it can disrupt the world economy and still survive. Perhaps Iran anticipates an attack by Israel and or the U.S. as a foregone conclusion. It seems to many that it is. The idea that Bush has given up “cowboy diplomacy” is probably nothing more than another planted story intended to further confuse the public in the same way we constantly hear about troop withdrawals and then are told there will be no troop withdrawals. In this manner, the Bush cabal can present itself as withdrawing troops and not withdrawing troops. The cabal can argue from both sides, disarming those who favor staying in Iraq and those who favor withdrawal.

What will be the outcome of the adventures in Lebanon? Israel is upping the ante everyday with new attacks, followed by new attacks by Hezbollah most recently into the Israeli city of Haifa apparently using their longest-range rockets.

  By the end of October we may have an American Passenger plane or two shot down in Europe. This is what President Bush apparently is hoping for: A symbolic act of aggression, a terrorist act against the United States but not on American soil. If the attack were to take place here, Bush would be vulnerable to charges of not protecting the “Homeland”. Instead an attack on foreign soil or air or sea would be seen as something he could not prevent but must certainly answer in an aggressive way with another one of his “tough decisions” or two.

Especially delicious would be an attack against American civilians. Hezbollah which mirrors Bush’s messianic attitude of acting upon the orders of God and ignoring the secular realities of living and dying may be all too willing to accommodate Bush. Or perhaps Israel may provide an undercover spark to make sure that those who support Israel are re-elected to their seats.

Hezbollah and the Bush cabal seem to be acting almost in concert. Bin Laden and Bush also seem to be working together to bring fundamentalism to America and the Mid East. This is afterall the actual result of his actions. Iraq is now governed not by a secularist Government as in the days of Sadaam Hussein, but rather, by a fundamentalist group who are bringing Sharia law to Southern Iraq and spreading it northward.

We must forget the rationale of the Bush administration. We must not listen to its words. Just look at its behavior. Look at the results of what it has done and then infer its rationale. What it has done is to replace a secular government in Iraq with a fundamentalist government under the influence of fundamentalist Iran. We can come to no other conclusion that this is the INTENTION. As hard to believe as it may be, that is the result of American actions under Bush in the Mid East. The Mid East has become more fundamentalist and less democratic.

It is my opinion that President Bush is a disturbed person. He has mental health issues, as do many of the very paranoid people around him like Vice President Cheney. These two, Cheney and Bush have attracted what Colin Powell and others have called the “crazies” around them. The Neo-cons. That’s no joke. Crazy people often have bizarre rationales for the things they do. Perhaps they heard a voice from God and the voice told them to kill their only son. Oh, yes that's is in the bible.  Well, our President is hearing disembodied voices from God and the disembodied voice told him to invade Afghanistan, Iraq and to solve the problems in the Mid East.

But in fact I fear our president is simply suicidal. But before he destroys himself he’s going to kill everyone else first. That’s how angry he is and it is this anger that causes him to hear voices that call out for destruction, rape, pillage, torture, kidnapping, bondage and war. Those are real things that have occurred. They are perverse things from a perverse administration headed by a very perverse president. This is a president who tortured animals as a boy and humans as an adult in his fraternity. A president who was ridiculed and kept on the sidelines by his family for fear his reckless acts of drug and alcohol abuse would destroy his own father’s political career and or at least embarrass President George Herbert Bush, his "dad".  Now as President himself GWB can and will show them all for making him hate himself.

George Bush has the power to destroy the enitre world. He will destroy everything and everyone for making him feel like an outsider in his own family, for causing him to feel so much pain in self hatred. He will destroy everyone for his felt rejection by his family and by infererence his rejection by the enitre world. This is a man who craves being hated. He makes the tough decesions that go against the grain.  He likes doing things that everyone else sees as wrong. It puts him on the outside of common sense, public opinion, the polls. He likes being against the world. This is the place he feels most comfortable in. It's the place he has always been in, the only place he knows. It's his place. Afterall it's the same place Jesus was in before he was crucified. Like Jesus there were only a few followers who stood with him against the many.


We have now a messianic struggle between elements of two religious groups who do not consider the Earthly Reality of war as being particularly significant.

The art for Bush's Karl Rove is to keep the damaged contained to something like a passenger plane until after November.

Then I fear real World War will break out with America and Israel against Iran, Syria and North Korea. The axis of evil. The places where Satan calls home and where Bush has identified as his mandate by God to cleanse.

Bush will then, I suppose,  try to draw in China and primarily Japan against North Korea and Russia against Iran and Syria.

A military take over of the United States, would be preferable to this form of Messianic Democracy.

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