Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Progressives for War in Libya

As a life long progressive I can say with clarity that this is no crusade as some have suggested, but rather a war inspired by our all loving God. A God who loves America.

President Obama has made a wise choice by opening up another war in the Mid East. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have been incredibly sucessful, freeing the Iraqi people and giving herdsman and bakers a chance to reform and put down their Taliban weapons and surrender to a superior way of Western Life.

These wars are also good for the economy. Lockheed Martin which now runs effectively the Social Security System can beef up production of cruise missles, daisy cutters and cluster bombs which will provide employment for hundreds of Americans in the defense industry who have been laid off due to our reliance on unmanned drones.

War is good for the American economy and George Bush was brave enough to say it.

We need more war. It's one of the only industries America has left and America does it well, drawing out wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and now Libya with the greatest Armed Forces the world has ever known, beating the living hell out of Bakers and Herdsman in Afghanistan who threaten our freedom by punishing them with our superior weaponry going on 10 years now. No other nation could continue a war for 10 years against such a lightly armed group.

Colonel Gaddafi will soon learn that his only friends are Hugo Chavez and Amenijihad and that surrender to the superior American way of life is the only answer.

I suspect he will be hung like Sadaam Hussein who gassed and killed his own people. That's something Barack Obama would never do. Barack Obama does not kill his own people, he kills other people who then kill his own people. We have hundreds of thousands of troops all over the world fighting and dying so that leaders who gas and kill their own people turn their attention to killing our people and thus we are saving the lives of thousands of Iraqi's, Afghans and now Libyans.

We must remain safe. And war is the quickest way to safety, wealth and abundance.

(By the way the pilots who were shot down in Libya should be fired. They runined a perfectly good F-15 Eagle twin-engine, all-weather tactical fighter. Mechanical problems, my ass. They flew straight into Gaddaffi's anti-aircraft fire. Let's get some competent pilots up there. That plane cost us 27.7 million dollars. We could have refurbushed the dirty laundry room in the School of the Americas for that money)