Sunday, February 27, 2005


Colon most Fowl is making excuses, blaming others.

I remember very, very distinctly a tone that Powell betrayed of not really believing what he was saying during his presentation before the United Nations on behalf of "others" regarding WMD and the need to justify an invasion of Iraq. He spoke in a laconic, drawn out trance like tone of defeat. His emotional state was visibly clear. He didn't want to be there. Please go look at that tape. It was very clear. I knew then he didn't believe what he was saying.

Powell, along with the rest of "them" have been blaming the so called "Intelligence community". This is ridiculous. Where was and is, the common sense intelligence community? Intelligence is not the amount of information you possess. It is simply acting in a way that is beneficial to your total being. Acting intelligently usually infers acting in a way that is beneficial or at least not destructive to others unless absolutely necessary. Intelligence has nothing to do with education, social position or wealth.

Intelligence is primarily an aspect of sensibility. Common sense is just what it sounds like... a sense...a sensation...a directive felt experience. Being sensible.

Powell didn't need intelligence information, he needed sensibility. I think he has some. But he ignored it. He knew better. He knew this was all wrong and phony. Yet he did it anyway. No apology for going along with the self destructive people in control of this country will suffice. If I were him I would withdraw and blame no one. Or...I could simply confess to the world to being a weak person who has failed horribly.

His revisionism is an attempt to get people to like him. That is his utmost consideration. How pathetic.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005


Hunter Thompson and Gary Webb (a journalist who wrote on the CIA involvement in the distribution of crack cocaine in Los Angeles) and James Hatfield (who wrote a book called Fortunate Son) have all been reported to have committed suicide. All the suicides have occurred in the last 12 months.

Thompson was concerned that he could have be suicided by the government in an interview he had with KDNK radio two years ago. He felt his anti Bush stance was dangerous and that one day soon he might join the ranks of others who as he put it "were eliminated by the government". This can be heard on Democracy Now! Wednesday, Feb 23rd.

While Thompson's death seems by all reports to have been a suicide, this is occurring while Death Squads are remerging and teams of secret Pentagon controlled security Police are being formed to root out "terrorists" nationally and internationally.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005



The US is arming Sunni Baathists (insurgents?) to fight Shiites already in
south of Iraq which wants, along with the Kurds to break away from Iraq!

Also there is now tremendous pressure on ordinary Iraqui women even in
Baghdad to follow Sharia and cover their bodies head to toe.



The US is bound to switch sides and start supporting the insurgents at least in the Shiite South.

The Shiites in Iraq are aligned with Iran. The Iraqui Shiites have won most
of the seats in the Iraqui government.

The Iraqui Shiites now have the military support of the United States
forces - a conundrum Bush has gotten the US involved in. It's a
contradiction. The US military supporting a conservative fundamentalist
regime that will impose a Taliban lite form of government in Iraq. Women are
not allowed to shake hands with men in Democratic Iraq according to
Ayatollah Sistani who leads the winning political party in Iraq's elections.
Sistani is in fact an Iranian citizen, not an Iraqui anymore, and could not
vote in the current elections in Iraq!

Bush and company must bomb Iran for this reason alone. To weaken the coming
alliance between Iraq and Iran. No matter what they do, they will find that
their true historical allies are, and always have been, the insurgents or
the Baathists, the Sunni groups who are more liberal and secular. The people
they are currently fighting for some reason.

Hard to believe? The US supported, Mossadegh, Bin Laden and the semi- mythical "Al
Queda" against the Russians/Communism, then went against them, supported Saddaam and
then went against him. They supported Noriega, then went against him. The
list is endless. This is an established pattern.