Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Now Put the Niggers in the Camps. Part IV

Thousands of people have drowned. There are no homes to live in, no places to work in. Get ready for the "CAMPS."

There is going to be rioting and migration to the North from the South. People have nowhere to live. The government will continue to ignore them for the most part and they will become angry. The government is not inclined to help people domestically. This is a survivalist, paranoid administration and you are expected to survive by your own wits.
Where will all the thousands of people go for the next few months? It isn't a question of days but really years. It takes about a year to build a home or an apartment complex. It takes only a few days to build a refugee camp.

The homeless will be put in camps. They will be refugees in their own nation and will be treated poorly by "a government that has no pride." Some will migrate North. They will not feel welcomed.

Doesn't anyone on TV realize this is going to create a massive social uprising that can only be put down by a Police State? Parts of the South are going to return to an earlier time. Black people and some whites without money will be herded into massive camps. They will be kept there for "their own security" and for the "security of the nation".

We will not hear too much about this. It won't be quite like being in Guantanamo but it's going to be going in that direction.

I say this because I cannot think of any other possible scenario. Where are you going to put all the people who are alive and who have no homes. 40.000 homes were completely underwater in one neighborhhod in New Orleans. Those homes cannot be lived in. But a large portion of the South has been destroyed. Perhaps millions of homes. Hundreds of thousands perhaps millions of people have no homes, no place to go to work, no infrastructure, dead relative, orphans, sick dependent and injured people all around them.

They cannot stay in the Super and Astro Domes for any length of time. They have to build camps. The people in the camps are not going to like living in a camp for more than one or two weeks. It's going to become obvious to them that they are not going to leave. It will become obvious too, that there is no intention to help them. Not really. They are going to rise up and they are going to be put down and this attitude will create disturbances in every major city and we will have some major rioting and revolution in this country.

The United States is about to turn the poor black and white people of the areas affected into the new Palestinians.

Can anyone else tell me how it could turn out any other way? Given the true story (which I tried to get out before the Hurricane struck ) that this was going to destroy New Orleans. I didn't realize it was going to destroy a large part of the south too.

I'm not that smart. I understand the government has had for a long time a plan to put people into camps should there be rioting or an uprising of some kind. I would imagine that they will employ this scenario to deal with the problem.

Why isn't anyone else thinking this through in the media? Why aren't preparations being made to avoid putting people in "Camps"? It will lead to social disaster and domestic warfare.


Flip Floss, Stu Piddy, Altheperson, Freddy Marshall.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Iraqi Government Killing U.S. Troops

U.S. troops are being killed in greater number for this reason:
Iran is supplying technology and arms to Insurgents who have come to terms with the Iraqi Jaafari/Chalabi government to kill American troops.

This news item on P.5 of the August 6, 2005 New York Times:
"Some Bombs used in Iraq are Made in Iran, U.S. says"

The article quotes Kenneth Katzman a so-called "Persian Gulf expert" who says:

" Iran's protégés are in control in Iraq right now, yet these weapons are going to the people fighting Iran's protégé's. That doesn't make sense to me ".
Well, it makes sense to me and I'm no expert. I seem to have been able to predict quite accurately what has happened in Iraq so far from simple observation.

What Katzman is saying is that Iran is giving weapons to the insurgency to fight and kill Americans and Iraqi troops. How can this be if they are allied with the Iraqi government of Jaafari-Talabani-Chalabi?

....(This isn't U.S. government spin by the way to prepare the U.S. public for war with Iran. Iran really is supplying weapons to Iraqi insurgents)....

It's very simple: The Iraqi government is against U.S. presence in Iraq. It is even against the American trained Iraqi trained troops, precisely because they are American trained and useless with no real, dependable, affiliation to either the U.S. or the Iraq government. Keep in mind they are not trained by the Iraqi government, they are trained by Americans and essentially under American, not Iraqi supervision. They are under AMERICAN COMMAND. Iraq has signed an agreement for Iran to train its troops. The Iraqi government realizes it cannot function and it cannot sustain itself without protection. It seeks that protection from Iran, not the United States. The United States in actuality is opposed to the current government. This government of Chalabi, Jaafari and Talabani is not what they envisioned. This is an Iranian allied government.

The Iraqi government has been negotiating with some elements of the Insurgents- that is a known open fact. What they have agreed to in their negotiations is to get American troops out of Iraq by killing as many as possible. That means the Iraqi government along with Iran have joined with elements of the insurgency against the U.S. The insurgency is caused in large part by U.S. presence. Eliminate U.S. presence and the insurgency becomes more manageable. That is why Iran is supplying weapons to the Insurgents. Iran is already under attack according to Scott Ritter and others by the U.S. And the attacks have been going on for some time. There is a developing undeclared war between the U.S. on one side and Iran and the Iraqi government on the other side.

First, this in 2004 from Newsday:

The Defense Intelligence Agency has concluded that a U.S.-funded arm of Ahmed Chalabi's Iraqi National Congress has been used for years by Iranian intelligence to pass disinformation to the United States and to collect highly sensitive American secrets, according to intelligence sources.
"Iranian intelligence has been manipulating the United States through Chalabi by furnishing through his Information Collection Program information to provoke the United States into getting rid of Saddam Hussein," said an intelligence source Friday who was briefed on the Defense Intelligence Agency's conclusions, which were based on a review of thousands of internal documents.

Chalabi, primarily an opportunist, has been working with Iran all along. The new plan is for Iran to supply arms to those insurgents who the Jaafari government has come to terms with to blow up Americans to the point that they leave Iraq. A portion of the insurgents will then make peace with the Shiite government based on whatever deals they have arranged and the Iranian forces and Iraqi militias will fight against the remaining insurgents.

It appears to me that the Americans troops dying at such an explosive rate recently, are victims of Iranian bombs and technology.

The Jaafari government and Chalabi (who is oil minister and deputy prime minister or 2nd in command) have allied completely with Iran against the U.S. They have concluded three things.

1). Although the U.S. has promised to leave if asked, the U.S. is has no plans to leave Iraq entirely. The U.S. is building permanent bases all around Iraq. The actual and inevitable plan of the U.S. is to make a partial withdrawal but maintain military bases on a permanent basis.
2). Continued American presence will prevent any possible resolution of the conflict between Sunnis and Shia. It will exacerbate the conflict. Withdrawal of American troops will reduce the conflict. The Iraqi government feels it can deal with the Insurgency through negotiation and through withdrawal of American Troops while using militias such as the Badr group (20,000 Iranian well trained troops) and even the Kurdish Peshmerga (100,000 well trained troops) to fight the remaining insurgents who refuse to come to terms. (Both the Badr group and the Peshmerga are prohibited from fighting the insurgents by the U.S).

3). The only way to get the U.S. to leave is to kill American troops in greater ever increasing and more dramatic numbers in an appeal to the American public to pressure the administration for withdrawal. This is their "Vietnam" Strategy

That is to say that the Jaafari government is actually fighting the U.S. with the insurgents and with Iran. This is being done somewhat clandestinely. I believe the U.S. government knows that Jaafari and Chalabi are plotting against it. But the administration cannot say so as it would expose the horrific conundrum they have created for themselves. It would be a horrible embarrassment. And Jaafari does not want to openly oppose the U.S. for the same reasons and in addition does not want the U.S. to destroy or undermine his government or his life and family.

Cheney's recent threats of nuclear war against Iranian nuclear facilities and a massive bombing campaign make more sense in this light. This is the American response to the Iraqi/Iranian alliance. This is a threat of what will come if Iraq and Iran continue to develop their alliance. The only way to destroy Iranian influence in Iraq is to destroy Iran.

So both the U.S. government and the "elected" Iraqi governments are pretending to be friends, when they are in fact, MORTAL ENEMIES. The United States has no allies in Iraq. It is the enemy of the Insurgents, the Jaafari government, all Sunnis and Shia and is no friend of the Kurds who are seeking an independent nation and we can expect a lot of fighting between them and a lot of divergent factions of Iraqis.

This is a ridiculous situation, but it is not unusual in it's convolution. Just think about the events surrounding the Iran Contra scandal. In Iran-Contra the U.S. used Iranian monies from sales of U.S. weapons through Israel to support a U.S. instigated war in Central America and to seek release of U.S. hostages held in Lebanon. At the same time this was occurring Iraq and Iran were at war with each other and the U.S. supported both countries with arms and or logistics.

Scott Ritter has reported along with others that there are covert operations in Iran by U.S. supported insurgents and spies. If Americans are seeking to undermine the Iranians, you can be sure that the Iranians are seeking to undermine the American presence in Iraq as well.

The only avenue for Bush is to avoid a confrontation with the "elected" government of Iraq by attacking Iran. Destroying Iran will their destroy their influence on Iraq and put the Iraqi government into a more dependent situation with the U.S. the thinking goes. But what will actually happen is something much worse, something utterly destructive to all nations of the world and their interests. What will happen is an increase in chaos and uncertainty. The use of Atomic weapons in any form, whatever their application will cause the entire world to move toward fear and isolation in the realm of economy, technology, trade and commerce.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Bush or Sadaam: Who Should Stand Trial?

The much anticipated, long awaited, spectacular “Trial of Sadaam Hussein” will begin in a few weeks. This trial will no doubt have a catchy title with a lively colorful collage of network graphics showing Sadaam at his brutal best. It will be televised LIVE! Live from Iraq. Live television that will capture the listless, dullard imagination of millions of bored Americans who fail to be seduced by the Jane Blond love interest of Joe Wilson on the low rated spy sitcom, “The Intricacies of Valerie Plame. “

Perhaps the trial will go on for several months and boost President Bush’s popularity and Greta Van Sustains ratings. Here’s an opportunity for the Administration to go over once again a justification for the war that President Bush had started against an evil dictator. An Evil dictator, who, Bush once said, ?He (Sadaam) tried to kill my dad?.

Perhaps it will distract the public's attention from Bush’s current problems of falling off bikes, sofas, choking on pretzels and having to interrupt his presidential duties due to the constant accumulation of all that damn brush he has to clear on the North 40 of his ranch in Crawford. He will be there the entire month of August, you know.

We may not hear, however, Sadaam's side of the story. Sadaam's testimony had been muted during his televised interrogation several months ago. Only his accusers were heard on Iraqi TV. Any American who comes to Sadaam's defense in any way will be ridiculed. Everyone knows that he is evil. He couldn’t possibly have a defense.

The prosecutors in Iraq have come up against a few problems though:

Sadaam Hussein is probably INNOCENT of most of the Charges that President Bush has accused him of on the basis that he did not commit the crimes he was accused of or there is simply no supporting evidence.

That is why the tribunal is dropping charges on Sadaamfor the following offences:

1) Gassing the Kurds in Halabja
2) Burying 400.000 people in mass graves.
3) Torture and Rape

These charges can’t be proven. Instead he is being charged so far with:

1). Killing 140 people in the
village of Dujaii, jailing many members of the town and destroying their date palm groves. (This occurred after an attempted assassination of Hussein in that town).

2). Crushing Revolts against his administration just after the 1991 Gulf War by Shiites and Kurds.

Were these the two reasons sufficient for a U.S. invasion?

I hope that everyone has heard by know that the Jaafari government along with Ahmed Chalabi has a military and industrial alliance with Iran. They hope Iran will provide the military help they need to quash the Sunni revolt. The United States is being asked to leave ASAP. So the United States adventure in Iraq will end with the result that Iraq now is a fundamentalist government modelled after Iran The United States is protecting the fundamentalist Iranian allied government of Iraq by fighting the insurgents, many of whom would like to see a secular, socialist government like they had before the Americans arrived. So the Americans are fighting on the wrong side of their purported goals and interests?.

In any case Sadaam can be executed immediately on any one of the above charges if found guilty. There will be no need to investigate any other charges. No need to investigate any of the charges that President Bush has accused him of after his execution. Will see how the Nielsen ratings go. If the ratings are high, it will be a long trial- if they are low perhaps Sadaam will be executed quickly.

George Bush vs. Sadaam As a War Criminal

George Bush is not awaiting trial. He is vacationing in Crawford Texas for the 50th time of his presidency. He’s going to spend another entire month of August on vacation as he did in 2001 just before the 9/11 attacks.

Sadaam Hussein will be sort of preparing for his trial and certain execution.

George Bush will not be put on trial for the following:

1). Gassing, Napalming Terrorizing Iraqis in Fallujah and razing 75% of the entire city of 300,000 people.
2). Killing 25 to 100 thousand Iraqi men, women and children
3). Using the American Military to rape, torture and murder Iraqis who were innocent of any crime.
4). Invading a sovereign nation illegally and on false pretences.
5). Arbitrarily Destroying hundreds Iraqi Date Palm Groves
6). Abuse and torture of children
7). Fabricating evidence for the war.
8). Issuing false reports of actions during the war, including staging and filming of events like the rescue of Jessica Lynch and the capture of Sadaam Hussein.
9). Terrorism of Shock and Awe.
10) Theft and extortion of Iraqi civilians, government and businessmen by organized U.S. Military Mafias and U.S. contractors.*

Here’s the latest on how an entire company of 130 men and women are being held on restrictive duty for mafia style extortion of Iraqi shop owners. It’s not just Halliburton. Everyone wants a piece of the action. Soldiers have compared what the contractors are being paid with how much they are making and, now they want a piece of the action too.

California National Guard Using Mafia Style Tactics on Iraqi Shop Owners

Like Sadaam Bush has used the military to arrest and jail thousands without hearing or trial. The Iraq war implemented by Bush has killed by some estimates between 25 to 100 thousand Iraqi civilians in an illegal invasion of a sovereign nation based on staged charges of possession of WMD. Like Sadaam, George Bush has ordered the destruction of countless Date Palm groves.

The result of his actions is that Iraq is to become an Islamic state allied with Iran. Bush’s actions promote Islamic Fundamentalism and are in accordance with and in harmony with the wishes of the terrorists who caused 911. Their goal was a unified Islam. That appears to me to be what is happening in Iraq and Iran with more nations to follow. These are the results of George Bush’s actions and therefore what one can infer as his intention. More on this point later.

Like Sadaam, George Bush is alleged to have used gas on the Iraqis. In Fallujah the U.S. has admitted using a replica of Napalm (Mark 77) an internationally banned chemical weapon.

Gas in Fallujah

Napalm in Fallujah

And Where as Sadaam is only alleged to have had rape rooms and torture room in Abu Ghraib, we actually have pictures and videos that show proof that Military commander and Chief George Bush and his administration have presided over the torture and killing of numbers of Iraqi prisoners and even an 8 year old girl in the torture and ?rape? rooms of Abu Ghraib.

Men, women and children have been raped, murdered and tortured there by American soldiers. Iraqi people continue to be tortured to this very day according to Iraqis who have been pro! testing outside the Abu Ghraib prison in recent days.

Reports that Sadaam gassed his own people are controversial. There was a war between Iraq and Iran in the 1980?s and in Halabja during which the gassing of Halabja occurred. Both Iranian and Iraqi forces used chemical gas. The Iraqi forces used chemical weapons supplied by the United States. It doesn’t appear Sadaam will be charged with this crime. It can’t be proved. It’s also messy for the U.S. as they were the supplier of Iraqi poison gas.

Poison Gas In Halabja

I can’t find this story
or here:

Reports that Sadaam buried 400.000 people in mass graves are not verifiable. Certainly this item was used for political purposes whether true or not. The Prime Ministers office in England stated some time ago, only 5.000 people are believed to be buried in mass graves. (Though Molly Ivins seems to think otherwise)

PM admits graves claim 'untrue'

Perhaps Sadaam will be charge with ‘not being a team player’ or "being cranky" when forced into hiding in a hole. Please go to this link to read how the capture of Sadaam was staged, so says an eyewitness U.S. Marine

Sadaam's Capture a Staged Event

Oh, so he wasn’t found hiding in a hole? Like Jessica Lynch, it seems he was captured after a fierce gunfight in which he fought with a handgun. So says a U.S. Marine who was quoted in a Saudi newspaper. (The report was never published here except once on a Rochester N.Y. local TV station). Upon finally surrendering Sadaam was placed in the hole and filmed for propaganda purposes to make it look like he was hiding in a hole. This makes Bush prophecy of ‘smoking them out of their holes? into reality. George Bush’s words become government-implemented prophecy.

I have to ask whether it is more important to try Sadaam Hussein or George Bush. Should Bush be tried for illegally invading a sovereign nation under false pretences: gassing and napalming the Iraqi people in Fallujah: torture, rape, murder and abuse of Iraqi detainees: the illegal ! killing of 25,000 to 100,000 Iraqi civilians?? or is it more important and urgent to try Sadaam Hussein for killing 140 people and putting down an armed revolt against his government.

Who was worse for the world George Bush or Sadaam Hussein? I think clearly George Bush is the winner: he is every bit the ?shock and awe? terrorist that Sadaam could only dream of being. And he has done something more. He has made the Iraq and the Arab world less democratic and more fundamentalist.

What are his intentions? Someone needs to ask this seriously. He seems to be supporting Islamic Fundamentalism and those sympathetic to terrorism, not opposing terrorism.

Is it possible he is a disturbed person? Is it possible that there is a cabal of people who share a variation of his disturbance called the Neo-Cons, also known to Colin Powell as "the crazies"?

Is it possible he is trying to dam! age the United States through supporting Islamic terrorism? Impossible? Unbelievable? I think theory I have is supported by his own actions and they are observable events. The result of his actions indicate this. You have to consider the results of the actions of a person in order to know their motivation. Of course in his case, he does not allow himself to be conscious of his motivation, it’s easier to accomplish these kinds of goals when you don’t have to confront yourself on what you are doing or why. Sound evil?

His behavior appears to be criminal behavior by any measure of the law. Bush appears to be a criminal president. If he is a criminal he should be held responsible and face trial for treason. He is working against the United States and in the interests of the 911 suicide bombers and they’re supporters. Osama Bin Laden couldn’t ask for more. He has just installed a fundamentalist government in Iraq that wants the U.S. out ASAP. He’s even causing trouble in Central Asia in Uzbekistan, encouraging the fundamentalists there through criticizing the secular, albeit repressive government. And he’s criticizing, secular Egypt, threatening secular Syria. Put it together. It doesn’t make sense any other way. It is what he wanted all along. It is his intention. Human beings do things like this. All of us do. But if we are not made aware of what we are really doing, if no one stops us and challenges us, we keep right on doing-it-whatever it! is.

That is a man who says he wants to be defined by his actions. He should be. We can only assume then, that this man of rage who was regarded as a big screw-up in his own family for 40 years, a black sheep who was cursed out and frequently warned by his dad for endangering the family name and his father’s delicate political position- that his motivation is to destroy the image of the United States. The image of his Father’s Land. He does everything the opposite of his father. He has told Bob Woodward he doesn’t consult with his father, he consults with a higher father. He has admitted to being told by God to invade Iraq, Afghanistan and to create peace in Israel. That’s called delusional by me. What are you going to call it? This from Haaretz an Israeli newspaper reporting Bush’s conversation with Abu Abbas the Palestinian Prime Minister at the time .

According to Abbas, immediately thereafter Bush said: "God told me to strike at al Qaeda and I struck them, and then he instructed me to strike at Saddam, which I did, and now I am determined to solve the problem in the Middle East. If you help me I will act, and if not, the elections will come and I will have to focus on them."

How long are we going to let this little psycho----drama play out? It has nothing to do with anything but the world inside George Bush’s head the willingness of the American people to allow Bush to indulge himself in it. What happens after the November 2006 elections is that Bush will go full throttle toward whatever the voices in his head are telling him. There will be no restraints. That’s when the real fun begins. Bush likes to do things no one else does. No government or president has ever used Nuclear Weapons in war except for ! Harry Truman and he may not have realized just exactly what they were or what they would become. I am afraid this is going to be just too much of a temptation for our President. Our Vice President seems to be on board...pushing for it and Condoleezza Rice has mentioned the possibility as a way of demonstrating America's strength.

Just give them an excuse. It doesn’t have to be a real event because they can always make something up.