Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Now Put the Niggers in the Camps. Part IV

Thousands of people have drowned. There are no homes to live in, no places to work in. Get ready for the "CAMPS."

There is going to be rioting and migration to the North from the South. People have nowhere to live. The government will continue to ignore them for the most part and they will become angry. The government is not inclined to help people domestically. This is a survivalist, paranoid administration and you are expected to survive by your own wits.
Where will all the thousands of people go for the next few months? It isn't a question of days but really years. It takes about a year to build a home or an apartment complex. It takes only a few days to build a refugee camp.

The homeless will be put in camps. They will be refugees in their own nation and will be treated poorly by "a government that has no pride." Some will migrate North. They will not feel welcomed.

Doesn't anyone on TV realize this is going to create a massive social uprising that can only be put down by a Police State? Parts of the South are going to return to an earlier time. Black people and some whites without money will be herded into massive camps. They will be kept there for "their own security" and for the "security of the nation".

We will not hear too much about this. It won't be quite like being in Guantanamo but it's going to be going in that direction.

I say this because I cannot think of any other possible scenario. Where are you going to put all the people who are alive and who have no homes. 40.000 homes were completely underwater in one neighborhhod in New Orleans. Those homes cannot be lived in. But a large portion of the South has been destroyed. Perhaps millions of homes. Hundreds of thousands perhaps millions of people have no homes, no place to go to work, no infrastructure, dead relative, orphans, sick dependent and injured people all around them.

They cannot stay in the Super and Astro Domes for any length of time. They have to build camps. The people in the camps are not going to like living in a camp for more than one or two weeks. It's going to become obvious to them that they are not going to leave. It will become obvious too, that there is no intention to help them. Not really. They are going to rise up and they are going to be put down and this attitude will create disturbances in every major city and we will have some major rioting and revolution in this country.

The United States is about to turn the poor black and white people of the areas affected into the new Palestinians.

Can anyone else tell me how it could turn out any other way? Given the true story (which I tried to get out before the Hurricane struck ) that this was going to destroy New Orleans. I didn't realize it was going to destroy a large part of the south too.

I'm not that smart. I understand the government has had for a long time a plan to put people into camps should there be rioting or an uprising of some kind. I would imagine that they will employ this scenario to deal with the problem.

Why isn't anyone else thinking this through in the media? Why aren't preparations being made to avoid putting people in "Camps"? It will lead to social disaster and domestic warfare.


Anonymous said...

I'd like to think that the government will raise the taxes they cut to help repay people for the homes they lost, and will help them find new homes and jobs. That's the best use of tax money there is. Actually helping people who desperately need it.

Yours is a nightmare scenario that normally I'd dismiss, but Bush is in office two more years, so anything is possible.

scorpiorising said...

Stu piddy,

Have you read any of the accounts on Hurricane Andrew, that it was actually thousands that died from that storm, but the information was supressed by FEMA, and a cooperating Florida government.

Anonymous said...


Many of us have seen and understood what was going to happen. Congress won't react until they realize that a dictator HAS NO FRIENDS. The wealthy won't realize that A DICTATOR HAS NO FRIENDS until they finally have to pay for his wars. RUM-FILLED thinks that he can populate the army with robots, but that's a pipe dream. ALL OF THEM VIEW ANYONE NOT FROM THEIR DEBAUCHED AND DECADENT CLIQUE AS SUPERFLUOUS.

Those who own the media won't get it until they lose that asset to the almighty Chimpie. What is happening is that a lot of people (not the middle and lower classes), but the privileged have managed to convince themselves that they will be okay, it's just the rest of us that will be discarded. The problem that they all have is that there are more of us than there are of them.

Also, even though Bush has been trying to recruit military from outside the country and use mercenaries etc., neither he nor his pathetic group of pud-packers can resist abusing and lording their superiority over others. Nor can they resist packing the agencies with their own offspring who are equally incompetent. None of these clowns have any ability to plan and if Bush thinks that "God is going to save him from this one, he has another thing coming."

They can put us all in camps, but they don't know Americans very well. We won't stay there.