Wednesday, March 23, 2005


Americans are the dumbest, most ignorant, juvenile and asexual people on Earth. Americans are not aware how astonished "foreigners" are at our ignorance and violence. Americans can read and write, yet our formal and informal education is strictly local and we are not taught to think or feel - only to come up with the right answer. This is a shallow empty nation of shallow empty people. Our culture avoids introspection to it's detriment. Culture is enduring. Culture like personality and character, cannot easily be changed.

We have a virgin as Secretary of State.

A President who has hallucinations.

President Bush's claim to Abu Abbas (not reported nationally- only in the Israeli newspaper, Harretz) that he invaded Iraq and Afghanistan because God told him to is available and known in the US but ignored.

Liberal Americans cannot blame the media anymore or George Bush or 911.

Americans must acknowledge that it is the people of America who are culturally and psychologically flawed and deprived. We have become awful. All of us. Something is wrong with a people who are made aware of their horrible acts of predation, abuse and torture and then say that we must support the troops (who the government uses and then throws away) in Iraq.

Troops should not be supported but disbanded. And they should be called what they are: Child Puppets. They are under a hypnotic spell and act in vile ways as all soldiers have throughout history. Ask the people of Falllujah how they feel about American troops who are "just following orders." A large percentage of the troops are base individuals...criminals. No one can say that except his or her victims- and victims are hardly ever heard from. Abu Ghraib and Mai Lai are very common occurrences. That's what John Kerry said. Disband the armies, they are worthless

When the troops return many are unable to completely come out of their trance. They call that Post Traumatic Syndrome. What that means is that they have given up themselves to be used and have acted against their own nature. They have gone mad. Our government and all governments do not consistently care for soldiers after they have fought. That's universal, that's historically true. Soldiers are people who get used.

Something is wrong when those who protest these activities do so mildly for fear of offending, losing their jobs, becoming ostracized or marginalized. Something is wrong when those who do scream out are not heard. But very few are screaming. Very few persist. Something is wrong when MoveOn - born on the high ground -sells out and subcontracts it's protest work to a wimpy "faith based" organization that doesn't protest but holds "vigils". MoveOn is into power now. Move On has decided to play politics for power and profit instead of opposing the war.

That's so typically American.


Why hasn't Move On encouraged demonstrations against the war in Iraq! It's because they support the war! The anniversary of the most idiotic adventure of the Neolithicons against what someone calls the "Iraqazoid people" is met with total silence from Move On. Not a word.This is racism at best.

Perhaps Move On has moved on. They are now supportive of the idea that democratic candidates should copy the stategy of Republican model. To lie cheat, befuddle, terrorize and further confuse the dumbest people on Earth...the American People. American is the suburb of the Planet Earth. It has become an awful place.

Here is an article by Norman Solomon about Move On.

Thursday, March 17, 2005


Enough with the sentimentality of what a good job American troops are doing in Iraq. They are carrying out a disturbed policy invented by mad men. They are trained to kill and to enjoy the killing. They are generally ignorant, abusive, hostile, violent and stupid in their actions.

We can no longer afford to allow ourselves to be confused by the rationale that says we should discriminate between those who give the orders and those who carry them out - or the people of America who support the government in it's self destructive annihilation of all things human. This is about America's self-destruction as much as it is about the destruction of the Mid East.

We are all to blame for this madness. If the news is a commodity then the current state of affairs can be blamed squarely on the American people because when shopping for news they are purchasing Michael Jackson and leaving Iraq on the shelf. America wants to know what really happened. Did Michael really give Jesus Juice to the young cancer patient?

America is not interested in why no WMD were found in Iraq, Why the government lied about the invasion and why a hundred thousand people are dead. They aren’t even interested in who knocked down the Twin Towers. No thoroughly convincing, complete and credible explanation has ever been given.

Nothing will change in this country unless the economy collapses. That will limit the Freedom to Shop and have the effect of changing the focus of attention. Americans and stupid and superficial.

Meanwhile Iraq is not selling. Watch Michael and Baretta replace reality with reality TV. Sit back, relax and soothe your weary bodies with the warm swirling tension breaking feeling of free falling off the edge of the earth together.

Saturday, March 05, 2005


Lebanon, Like Iraq will not benefit from "elections and democracy". It will most likely revert to multiple civil wars with a influx of fundamentalist terrorists who will assist, as they do in Iraq, in fighting forces backed by the US and France. Syria's occupation of Lebanon and whatever negative aspects there have been is infinitely better than a repeat of the choas in Lebanon during the 80's. Bush is a divider not a uniter. The purpose of all this "democracy" is to create a situation of multiple civil wars in which Arabs and Muslims are fighting Arabs and Muslims. That is what Israel wants for it's "security". If that isn't the purpose, it will regardless, be the result

Iraq is in a state of civil war with more divisions soon to appear between Kurds and Shiites, Kurds and Sunnis, Kurds and Fundamentalists, Shiites of the South fighting with Shiites and Sunnis to the North. There's more possibilities.
Without American presence, the victors in Iraq would be, once again the Baathists. The Baathists are the best organized and most capable of administering (albeit with an iron hand).

In Afghanistan, there is civil war on a smaller scale but there are the fiefdoms of various so called "warlords", which upon the American exit, will move toward fighting each other once again.

It seems that America is opening up old sores all over the Mid East and allowing them to bleed profusely instead of containing them. Egypt and Saudi Arabia are targeted as well. Where does this lead? It can devastate the American Economy.

There is no solution. America is not seeking a solution. It is simply being destructive.