Saturday, March 05, 2005


Lebanon, Like Iraq will not benefit from "elections and democracy". It will most likely revert to multiple civil wars with a influx of fundamentalist terrorists who will assist, as they do in Iraq, in fighting forces backed by the US and France. Syria's occupation of Lebanon and whatever negative aspects there have been is infinitely better than a repeat of the choas in Lebanon during the 80's. Bush is a divider not a uniter. The purpose of all this "democracy" is to create a situation of multiple civil wars in which Arabs and Muslims are fighting Arabs and Muslims. That is what Israel wants for it's "security". If that isn't the purpose, it will regardless, be the result

Iraq is in a state of civil war with more divisions soon to appear between Kurds and Shiites, Kurds and Sunnis, Kurds and Fundamentalists, Shiites of the South fighting with Shiites and Sunnis to the North. There's more possibilities.
Without American presence, the victors in Iraq would be, once again the Baathists. The Baathists are the best organized and most capable of administering (albeit with an iron hand).

In Afghanistan, there is civil war on a smaller scale but there are the fiefdoms of various so called "warlords", which upon the American exit, will move toward fighting each other once again.

It seems that America is opening up old sores all over the Mid East and allowing them to bleed profusely instead of containing them. Egypt and Saudi Arabia are targeted as well. Where does this lead? It can devastate the American Economy.

There is no solution. America is not seeking a solution. It is simply being destructive.

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