Saturday, April 09, 2005

Why I think Bush is not the Anti-Christ

Though there are reports that the recently deceased Pope worried that Bush may have been the Anti-Christ, Vatican Intelligence sources have offered no verifiable proof. Link

Accusations that George Bush was a bisexual, alcoholic, cokehead have never been proven. However, it is known that as a middle aged 30 and 40 year old he participated in numerous youthful pranks such as drunk driving, petty vandalism and theft. This hardly suffices as a prerequisite to full blown Anti-Christ hood.

No mark of the beast has ever been found on his body. Though it is true that George=6 letters, Walker=6 letters and Busche (the original spelling of his name) =6 letters do equal the mark of the beast. It's probably a coincidence. I am still not convinced.

Nostradamus was said to have predicted:  "Come the millennium, month 12/ in the home of greatest power / The village idiot will come forth/ To be acclaimed the leader." Village idiot" is not the same as Anti Christ.

Biblical sources reveal, "Like most false prophets, he will shall show himself as sincere and compassionate. But he is the liar. He adds dashes of truth to the his foul mix, so that the lie tastes like truth. He will use the language of the church."

It is true that Bush calls himself a compassionate conservative and he certainly is known for his apparent sincerity and "regular guyness". And he does invoke the language of the Church in many of his speeches -this does not constitute "proof".

Now it is true that he's been said to lie about why we invaded Iraq. But  we now know- through a recent extensive intelligence investigation by specially trained experts- that all this was all due to- other badly specially trained experts interpretation of special intelligence gathered from dubious specially trained undisclosed sources .

Disseminating bad intelligence or having bad intelligence is not the same as lying. He's made that clear and I think he may be telling the truth.

The bible says," The Antichrist goes about his business by speaking the lie.  II Thessalonians 2 says that he comes "with all deceivableness of unrighteousness."   Isaiah mentions him: first as the "Assyrian", "the Rod" of God's anger, then as "the King of Babylon".

It is true that Bush sort of rules Baghdad and Babylon. There is a US military base sitting right on top of the ancient, now unprotected, ruins of the city of Babylon at the heart of the cradle of civilization. But Bush certainly is not the "King of Baghdad"...maybe the Green Zone. And don't forget, he's finally a legitamately  elected president, at least that's what most of the electronic voting machines said.

Even Jesus spoke of him (the AnitChrist-not necessarily Bush)  as the one who should "come in his own name", and who would be "received" by Israel (John 5:43).

 Bush has been received well by Israel and some say so well that Israel really directs US foreign policy, But Bush has only been known to the press and general population as George or GWB or President Bush and never as George Jesus Bush or just "Jesus". So he's has never used Jesus name... to refer to himself.

It is true that Bush has said that he speaks to God and God commanded unto him to invade Iraq and Afghanistan. But Bush has never said, " I am Jesus or I am the savior".

(see last paragraph of article) Link

The bible describes the Antichrist as a man with blood on his hands. Although Bush as Governor of Texas presided over 152 executions of presumably guilty men and women, he only mocked one of them: Karla Faye Tucker for pleading for her life. That's not so bad. Doesn't sound like an Anti Christ to me.

The sexual perversion and torture at Abu Ghraib was not instigated by Bush. There are no photos showing Bush attaching painful electrodes to the private parts of Iraqi prisoners. It is true that as a boy, Bush enjoyed torturing frogs. Bush has admitted this publicly as a point of male pride. But torturing frogs is something that only some children do who later grow up to be serial killers. Bush has never been accused of being a serial killer except by the most radical of fundamentalist Islamic terrorist groups.

The torture rooms that were taken over from Sadaam and used by American soldiers for that same purpose were used by a few bad apples who were taking their orders from people who misunderstood what Rumsfeld-not the president- said. A few bad apples, an Anti-Christ does not make.

So unless we can come up with a better intelligence estimate of the probability that our President is the Anti Christ I am going to go on assuming he's a loyal American who love's his country and is doing what he truly really believes is right: Making America strong and safe for Americans - and the rest of the world too!


What is going to Happen in Iraq? If you can predict the future it can be said you understand the present. The present is fillled with Myth. Not only in Iraq but all human history is largely Myth. From Jesus to Muhammed and before to George Bush and the Saudi Royal Family. History is one lie built upon another and another over centuries. In the end we poor humans have fallen victim to our own lies to the point where we no longer can see. We are blind. That’s why nothing changes in human history. Technology changes but people don’t. We keep making the same mistakes because we cannot learn from one generation to another. Each generation, instead of passing on it’s understanding of itself, it’s wisdom, passes on it’s lies and the pain that results from lies. All major human culture is diseased like this. We have long forgotten what we are. We are left with a consensual pretense. We all pretend together and agree that what we imagine together is real. But what we imagine together is crooked and convulted and we cannot act on it effectively. We imagine we are central to the Universe. But we are not special. Everyone, everything that lives ends up dead. We insist we are collectively and individually special or immortal and It seems we are doomed in our fixation. As the Universe moves it's impact appears incidental to a tiny piece of it's periphery, the place we call Earth and the beings that make life on it.

Moving from that gigantic idea to the mundane and using this brief moment and possibly insiginificant moment in history as an example let’s look at a man who will be relaively obscure and possibly soon forgoteen in in future Human and Earth history: Sadaam Hussien. And though this example may be a poor one and is really nothing special, further exposition of the above would require more skill and more time than I have.

Saddaam Hussien, say it over and over again. Sadaam gassed his own people. He brutally murdered over 400,000 people and put them in mass graves. He was found hiding in a hole like a coward. Everyone agrees that Sadaam was “Evil” and the world is better off without him.

But did he gas his own people? Did he murder 400,000 people and bury them in Mass Graves? Is Al Queda planning another attack against the US? Is a Pope Catholic? Only a mad man would believe otherwise…

Sadaam gassed his own people:

Saddaam murdered 400,000 and put them in mass graves

Sadaam found hiding in a hole.

And more peripherally related items offering perpective…

Sadaams torture chambers

American Torture Chambers

Sadaams Hostages

American Hostages

Sadaam Hussein is a human being. He should be seen if at all possible, with a view to what actually trasnpired in his life, rather than what is passed on as an imagined lie. It’s just a small example and it’s easier than tackling a figure like Muhammed. Few who are believes in Muhammed would allow themselves to consider that the stories about him may have been exaggerated. Should they?


Early reports from Vatican sources who did not want to be identified indicate that Pope Paul was refused entry into heaven early last night on the basis of an impure thought he had in his dormitory room in Lublin Village Skansen, Eastern Poland on the night of August 17th, 1937 at 2:32 a.m. lasting until 3:17 a.m. He did not confess of, or in any way seek forgiveness for the impure act. Little is known about the incident but it suggests that at the time the Pope may have been leading a secret life.

God told the Pope the intense nature and length of the impure thought qualified it as a Mortal Sin. An All Powerful, Omniscient God read the Popes mind and told him that this incident was not a Nocturnal Emission as the Pope was sheepishly about to suggest. God told the Pole Pope that he wasn’t kidding when his only Son, Jesus - who is also God, and the Holy Ghost, and… a damn good billiards player.said, “Many are called, but few are chosen”.

The Pope was sent to Hell immediately for a period of not less than but no more than eternity itself. In Hell the hooded Pope is being water boarded naked by Spanish Jews from 15th century Seville. The bearded Jews fondle the Pope while he is forcibly made to stand in uncomfortable positions for hours at a time. Tomorrow Indigenous Mexican Aztecs are scheduled to supervise ripping his heart out with obsidian knives and having his flesh burned with aviation fuel and then frozen as he is crushed by giant razor sharp super cooled Martian glaciers. All this while the Devil’s familiars suck out all his remaining blood from the grotesque wens and bunions that are growing all over his body.

Tough break for a nice Catholic boy. Don’t let it happen to you! Believe in Jesus. Believe in America!