Saturday, April 09, 2005


What is going to Happen in Iraq? If you can predict the future it can be said you understand the present. The present is fillled with Myth. Not only in Iraq but all human history is largely Myth. From Jesus to Muhammed and before to George Bush and the Saudi Royal Family. History is one lie built upon another and another over centuries. In the end we poor humans have fallen victim to our own lies to the point where we no longer can see. We are blind. That’s why nothing changes in human history. Technology changes but people don’t. We keep making the same mistakes because we cannot learn from one generation to another. Each generation, instead of passing on it’s understanding of itself, it’s wisdom, passes on it’s lies and the pain that results from lies. All major human culture is diseased like this. We have long forgotten what we are. We are left with a consensual pretense. We all pretend together and agree that what we imagine together is real. But what we imagine together is crooked and convulted and we cannot act on it effectively. We imagine we are central to the Universe. But we are not special. Everyone, everything that lives ends up dead. We insist we are collectively and individually special or immortal and It seems we are doomed in our fixation. As the Universe moves it's impact appears incidental to a tiny piece of it's periphery, the place we call Earth and the beings that make life on it.

Moving from that gigantic idea to the mundane and using this brief moment and possibly insiginificant moment in history as an example let’s look at a man who will be relaively obscure and possibly soon forgoteen in in future Human and Earth history: Sadaam Hussien. And though this example may be a poor one and is really nothing special, further exposition of the above would require more skill and more time than I have.

Saddaam Hussien, say it over and over again. Sadaam gassed his own people. He brutally murdered over 400,000 people and put them in mass graves. He was found hiding in a hole like a coward. Everyone agrees that Sadaam was “Evil” and the world is better off without him.

But did he gas his own people? Did he murder 400,000 people and bury them in Mass Graves? Is Al Queda planning another attack against the US? Is a Pope Catholic? Only a mad man would believe otherwise…

Sadaam gassed his own people:

Saddaam murdered 400,000 and put them in mass graves

Sadaam found hiding in a hole.

And more peripherally related items offering perpective…

Sadaams torture chambers

American Torture Chambers

Sadaams Hostages

American Hostages

Sadaam Hussein is a human being. He should be seen if at all possible, with a view to what actually trasnpired in his life, rather than what is passed on as an imagined lie. It’s just a small example and it’s easier than tackling a figure like Muhammed. Few who are believes in Muhammed would allow themselves to consider that the stories about him may have been exaggerated. Should they?

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