Saturday, August 09, 2014

America: Suburb of the Planet Earth-Destablilizing the World into Chaos


            Well, the intelligence and policy experts Obama refers as having underestimated the situation in Iraq just goes to demonstrate and prove over and over they don't know what they are doing. They are suburbanites, living in the greatest suburb of them all, the Suburb of the Planet Earth, America. Far removed from the everyday reality of the vast majority of Earth's population that just wants to live in peace and tranquility. America and the rest of the worlds leaders refuse to tap into that desire of Earthmen and Earthwomen.

            The very first post on this blog in 2005 predicted this situation in Iraq, where the Sunnis would eventually come back as they are now in 2014.

           They try to get the populace of the dumbest nation on Earth to dwell under the assumption that the US and A is trying to solve something or trying to help somebody or dealing with the situation in a sometimes well intentioned, sometimes, "misguided" way or some such bullshit.

            The USA is a violent, dumb nation made up of people who actually believe the world as described to them by their parents and teachers as a place where good and bad fight it out, and of course America is on the side of good and just wants good things to happen to the Iraqi people.

           This is all about a battle between Russia, China on one side (temporarily) and the United States on the other. America does not want to compete with Russia and China economically, instead they want to disable them through destabilization. They want Putin out, they are supporting rebels in Western China and on and on and on all over the world. The Ukraine is a phony situation designed to destabilize and demonize Putin.
 America doesn't care about "freedom" for the people of the Ukraine.

           America isn't really going to do anything to ISIS. They supplied them with weapons, and they encourage them at every juncture. America does not want Iran to control Iraq so really it's ok that ISIS is taking over a portion of Iraq. Maybe now, it's too many portions. America does not want Baghdad to fall, but that's about it. Having the Kurds and ISIS (really the Sunnis) taking their portion is ok.

            ISIS is really Sunni reprisal, not so much a fundamentalist take over, against the Shiites who America stupidly supported and then changed their minds because the Shiites are allied with Iran, not the US.

            The level of stupidity.....witness unbearable. So the USA supports ISIS against Syria...WHY? It's a secular country???!!!....Oh, because ASSAD is not a benevolent leader? Or some such bullshit? SO they support radical Islamic fundamentalist to over throw him.
Ok....why? I guess because first of all America is the dumbest nation on Earth, secondly they have the ridiculous idea that if everybody is fighting everybody, it's easier to control (payoff, manipulate) these isolated groups for economic favors (oil and whatever). 
It's unbearably stupid and what happens is when you destabilize the world and mess with nuclear powers like Russia, you just end up destabilizing yourself and what happens is you have a uprising in America which is answered by State Control of the society and endless bloodshed, and I'm gonna tell you that's whats going to happen and the 1% have no problem with that because the law does not apply to them.