Thursday, March 21, 2013

Politicians are Bad People. It's that Simple

To blame the Republicans is absurd. There is a joint effort on behalf of all politicians to see humanity as something to be manipulated for "their own good", which translates in reality, to the benefit of the politician.

Politicians see their public as objects. Objects are things you move around. Instead of moving objects manually, politicians use "persuasion". They use fear, threat and the idea of love of one's "country". A country is something that is pure imagination held together by consensus. Countries are ideas, not solid reality.

Next time you hear someone say, "I like Obama." Wonder for a moment what Obama thinks of them, of you. He doesn't care about people, he cares about power over the people. And the gestures he makes to individuals are designed not for that person, but mass consumption.

Politicians are bad people. I have all of human history to back me up on that. They are self serving, crass, indignant, arrogant, voracious and generally quite dumb, despite their pedigrees which describe nothing.

Where have politicians (world leaders)  taken us all these thousands of years?

There is no human advancement in understanding itself. There is technological advancement, but no social advancement. And science provides technology, which politicians take credit for.

Despite all the technology, humanity has, in all probability regressed socially and lost any small perspective of what it is that we are. There is no connection to other forms of life (plants and animals are seen only in packages in grocery stores) and the stars can no longer be seen in most places on Earth. We are not connected to anything and we imagine this as a form of evolvement. Education is misinformation outside of science.

Human beings are mentally ill by and large. When everyone is mentally ill, there is no perspective. When everyone is crazy, the average crazy person is a person who is normal. The measure of madness is found in the average person, not the person whose institutionalized. Most of the madness is in the middle, the extremes are places of extreme madness on one side and sanity on the other.

Almost all human cultures are disturbed and irrational. But something holds them together enough to perpetuate the idea of war as constructive and the idea here in America, that greed is a virtue and necessary for social advancement. Greed is dressed up as trickle down. A common cover for greed, is the "philanthropic foundations" that are used as advertising, political influence and for taxation purposes.

Don't attack Republicans. Attack Politicians, world wide. Politicians should be like accountants: Low profile, unadorned, doing a job with absolutely no fan fare. They work behind a desk organizing, making things functional, rarely heard from and never idolized and turned into "stars". It's bad enough that the lowest form of art, film "acting" is regarded with as much fanfare as the politician.

Politicians are one the lowest forms of human expression there is. They are equal only to the "soldier". Humanities gift to it's own self destruction.