Thursday, September 01, 2005

New Orleans will be Destroyed. Where's Bush?

Here is a post I wrote written on Sunday August 28th, 2005 on Daily Kos before the Hurricane Katrina struck the South.

I'm just watching TV. I don't know. It looks to me like the entire city of New Orleans will be destroyed and thousands of people will be killed. Am I missing something?

If a city goes 20' underwater it is destroyed. There is no recuperation from that event. All buildings will be damaged and most wiill be unihabitalbe forever.

Flip Floss's diary :: ::
We are going to witness the destruction of an entire city. Shouldn't there be a nationwide address by the President? Shouldn't he be mobilizing every citizen. Every military airplane, military bus, jeep before the storm hits to evacuate these people who are going to stay in WHAT?...the Superdome? What kind of an emergency evacuation is that? Thats not a safe building.

Bush couldn't have evacuated a few thousand people with military aircraft and buses?

Isn't that the purpose of having a leader? Some one who can anticipate problems and do his best to solve them?

Much of the national gurard from these states affected are in Iraq keeping America safe from ...something or other. Here where there is an impending national catastrophe about to happen this is turning into a disaster movie on TV. There no real content on the coverage. Just stay tuned for when the hurricane will really be exciting.

Of course it has nothing to do with Global warming. I haven't heard anything about that possibility being discussed.

I havent' heard anything about why National Guard troops and equipment being unavailable to the extent they could have if there were no pretentious war in Iraq.

I haven't heard anything about the safety of the Superdome. A place ripe for collapse.

I haven't heard anything about who the people are who are unable to leave. They don't have enough money to warrant coverage.

I haven't seen any of these people who could not leave being interviewed about how they feel.

I haven't heard anything about what happens after a city is 20' underwater and how that affects people who once lived in it long term.

New Orleans is about to be destroyed not only because of the Hurricane but because it is below sea level.

Why aren't the people being protected?

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