Tuesday, February 22, 2005



The US is arming Sunni Baathists (insurgents?) to fight Shiites already in
south of Iraq which wants, along with the Kurds to break away from Iraq!


Also there is now tremendous pressure on ordinary Iraqui women even in
Baghdad to follow Sharia and cover their bodies head to toe.




The US is bound to switch sides and start supporting the insurgents at least in the Shiite South.

The Shiites in Iraq are aligned with Iran. The Iraqui Shiites have won most
of the seats in the Iraqui government.

The Iraqui Shiites now have the military support of the United States
forces - a conundrum Bush has gotten the US involved in. It's a
contradiction. The US military supporting a conservative fundamentalist
regime that will impose a Taliban lite form of government in Iraq. Women are
not allowed to shake hands with men in Democratic Iraq according to
Ayatollah Sistani who leads the winning political party in Iraq's elections.
Sistani is in fact an Iranian citizen, not an Iraqui anymore, and could not
vote in the current elections in Iraq!

Bush and company must bomb Iran for this reason alone. To weaken the coming
alliance between Iraq and Iran. No matter what they do, they will find that
their true historical allies are, and always have been, the insurgents or
the Baathists, the Sunni groups who are more liberal and secular. The people
they are currently fighting for some reason.

Hard to believe? The US supported, Mossadegh, Bin Laden and the semi- mythical "Al
Queda" against the Russians/Communism, then went against them, supported Saddaam and
then went against him. They supported Noriega, then went against him. The
list is endless. This is an established pattern.

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