Friday, August 04, 2006

Baghdad is About to Be Destroyed

Last year I predicted the destruction of New Orleans before the Hurricane hit and the lack of responsiveness to it. This year I am predicting the Destruction of Baghdad. I am pretty good at predicting destruction because, well, that’s about all there is to predict.

As President Bush prepares for yet another august August vacation in order to see if he can make his dick hard by clearing some brush around his ranch, forces are preparing for the Battle of Baghdad in which the entire city will be destroyed in order to make it free of unsightly insurgents.

The United States and the Iraqi insurgency have been preparing for this battle for weeks. It's under the radar.

U.S. Forces are being “redeployed” around the city. This isn’t to beef up security as you may have been led to believe, this is for a major “Fallujah” type of assault on the neighborhoods where U.S. “intelligence” (there’s an oxymoron…or maybe just a moron lurking somewhere) have identified the presence of insurgents. Does anyone remember Fallujah? That's a city of 350,000 people that was emptied before the battle began. Most of the people didn't leave or coultdn't leave. Those who didn't leave were assumed to be insurgents.  That's where the U.S. used cluster bombs, white phosphourus and napalm to burn and set on fire human flesh. The city was almost entirely leveled to the ground. They want to do that in Bagdhdad.

The New York Times reports on this issue without quite spelling it out.

The plan is to concentrate on specific neighborhoods rather than distribute the forces throughout the city, control movement in and out of sectors of the capital and try to sweep them of insurgents and violent militias.

In effect, the scheme is a version of the “ink blot” counterinsurgency strategy of grabbing a piece of terrain, stabilizing it and gradually expanding it. Only this time the objective is not a far-flung Iraqi city or town, but the capital, the seat of the fledgling government and home to some seven million Iraqis.

By securing the city a sector at a time, American and Iraqi commanders hope to allow the Iraqi government to restore essential services and build support and legitimacy among an anxious public.

Once the areas are stabilized, the Iraqi police are to be brought in to maintain control, freeing the American and Iraqi military to extend their reach elsewhere. The Iraqi police are to be accompanied by American military police, who will act as advisers and trainers.

“Baghdad is truly a must-win,” said Maj. Gen. William B. Caldwell IV, the senior spokesman for the military command here. “The prime minister has stated it. General Casey has stated it. We have to win in Baghdad. We don’t have an option.”

Insurgents are people who don’t like to be raped, murdered, shot, killed, tortured, forced into kinky sex, displaced and beaten by Americans. For some reason they find that objectionable. It must be their Arabazoid culture.

The reason why U.S. troops are gathering around Baghdad is because the insurgents are pouring in from all around Iraq to Baghdad to begin the final  battle against America. Baghdad has come largely under the control of the Mahdi Army. A Shiite Army, not a Sunni Army. But the U.S. will be trying to drive out the Sunnis insurgents and the Mahdi Shiite Army Militia and some other militias who the Sunnis are fighting. It figures to be a interesting brawl, the battle plan is pretty much everybody against everybody. U.S. troops will go house to house, ferreting out insurgents and killing all military age males and raping hot Iraqazoid women when they have a moment and the opportunity arises. 

This is much like the recent invasion of Israel into Lebanon. It will fail, the city will be destroyed, and on top of the rubble a Fox Military spokesman speaking to Fox news will proclaim victory as a bullet from an insurgents AK 47 goes whizzing merrily through his already emptied head.

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