Tuesday, July 04, 2006

New York Mafia Cops and Crooked Mafia Judges

Bernard Kerik former New York City Police Commissioner and two New York high ranking cops working for the Mafia are set free by a corrupt judicial system.

New York’s’ Finest Hit Men Cops

83 year old "Mob" Judge Jack Weinstein today set free two convicted New York high - level Top Cop/ Mafia hit men on the basis of the statue of limitations while angrily excoriating the same convicted felons and stating he had to obey the constitution:

Both were cops convicted and sentenced to life previously. The conviction was overturned today. Both cops were convicted as paid  assassins of the mob. They murdered among others, rival gangsters for the Luchese crime family.

My Translation of the judges ruling: The Judge was gotten to by somebody. Somebody got to the judge either in the form of cash, gifts or more likely extortion or even a simple payback favor. They had something on the Judge or some previous association with the judge.

One of the convicted cops was head of the organized (mafia) crime unit for the New York Police Department. These weren’t street cops. They were high-level officials in the police department. Just as their are high-level officials in the police department, there are no doubt high-level judges who do work for the Mafia.

Of course the judge angrily derided the murdering New York top cops. He had to. That's the only way to cast suspicion away from the fact that somebody got to him.

Judge Weinstein wrote that Mr. Eppolito and Mr Caracappa

"had kidnapped, murdered and assisted kidnappers and murderers" and he had no choisce but to let them go because the 5 year staure of limitations in the conspirisacy cases had run out.

And this gem:

Eppolito said last week that he didn't complain about not being allowed to testify for fear of angering the judge. Weinstein yesterday called that claim "ludicrous."

Of course the defendants and Judge Weistein make it look like they are at odds with each other. This is a set up to a classic rigged trial. And if one looks at the Judge who has presided over a number of Mob trials in the pasts record, one ought to note that there is compettion between mob familites and any sentencing of mob figures by the judge does not necessarily reveal where his associations lie.

We see here the cops were arresting their enemies in the mob while working for the Luchese crime family. So it may be with judges.

The indictment (against the cops) accuses them of working as secret associates of the Luchese crime family. They are charged with disclosing the identity of six cooperating witnesses - three of whom were killed - and compromising several federal and state investigations.

And so it is with judges. They may be working in favor of one crime family over the other. So don't be fooled by this judges rulings in the past.

Of course Eppolitio worte a book called "Mafia Cop" detailing his long association with mobsters before he became a cop and became a good guy.

Mr. Eppolito had relatives in organized crime - his father, Ralph, was called Fat the Gangster and his uncle, James, was known as Jimmy the Clam. But Mr. Eppolito did not disclose any of that on his police application.

And of course Caracappa appeared in an episode of The Sopranos and Goodfellas and many other Mob movies and both these guys live in Yearly Gloss land, Las Vegas. I wonder who arranged that. Half the actors on the show aren't even acting.


In December 2004, George W. Bush nominated Kerik as Secretary of Homeland Security.

Today he did a perp walk. But it’s all for show. You see Kerik took a bribe….I mean “gift” for $165,000 dollars in renovations of his apartment from a New Jersey Contractor Interstate Industrial Corporation which has been accused of Mafia ties. You know, just like that business in Jersey that Tony runs.

Here’s a little bio on BERNARD KERIK:

Kerik was declared bankrupt in March 1988, but today he is a multimillionaire, the result of a lucrative partnership with former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani and an even more profitable relationship with a stun-gun manufacturer.

His relationship since 2002 with Taser International, a Scottsdale, Arizona, manufacturer of stun guns, has by far been the biggest source of his newfound wealth, earning him more than $6.2 million in pre-tax profits through stock options he was granted and then sold, mostly in November 2004.

Kerik is currently the CEO of The Kerik Group, a global provider of Homeland Security and industrial security services.

Of course the "government" negoitiated a deal with Kerik wherby instead of being arrested, put on trial and sent to jail for bribery and working with the Mob, he was according to the New York Times let off easy:

The agreement, which ended an exhaustive 18 month investigation by the offices of Mr. Johnson and Ms. Hearn focused on Interstate and Mr. Kerik's relationship with the company and allowed Mr. Kerik to avoid jail time, more serious bribery charges and a felony conviction.

Translation: Kerik used his connections to Guiliani to Bush to ask the feds to let him off easy.

Then in Chicago we have  Police CaptainJon Burge, (a man no one seems to know) who totured almost 200 African Americans exclusively. He's living in Florida and getting his pension, and he too, is protected by the statue of limitations which all the other law enforcement officials in Chicago let run out despite testimony, photos and mounds of evidence against him.

Today in Iraq we hear of the systematic , planned murder by U.S. troops of a family for the purpose of raping the daughter in the family and we are supposed to think this is an isolated incident.

These troops, like Burge and Caracappa in Vietnam are learning how to devlove the value of human life.

And America doesn't raise an eyebrow.

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