Monday, July 04, 2005

Iran is Central to the Support of the Iraqi Government-Not the United States

It may come as a great surprise to hear that the Iraqi government headed by Jaafari and Talabani do not like their own army or the United States Army. The two most hated entities in Iraq are the United States Army and the Iraqi Army. Hated by Shiite and Sunni alike. The American soldiers by and large detest the Iraqi Army. The Iraqi people no matter what their persuasion dislike the army. Who does like the Iraqi Army? No one. Not even the Bush administration. For all their public ranting about progress, the Bush administration recognizes that the Iraq Army is a failure. But they will not say so in public. They hint at their dissapointment.

This from Baghdad Burning website referring to Bush's presidential address.

"As to Iraqi forces...there was too much to quote on the new Iraqi forces. He failed to mention that many of their members were formerly part of militias, and that many of them contributed to the looting and burning that swept over Iraq after the war and continued for weeks.

"The new Iraqi security forces are proving their courage every day."

Indeed they are. The forte of the new Iraqi National Guard? Raids and mass detentions. They have been learning well from the coalition. They sweep into areas, kick down doors, steal money, valuables, harass the females in the household and detain the men. The Iraqi security forces are so effective that a few weeks ago, they managed to kill a high-ranking police major in Falluja when he ran a red light, shooting him in the head as his car drove away."

The Iraqi Army does not work and never will work.

The Iraqi government prefers the Badr Brigade. These are Iraqi Shiite but Iranian trained troops who were trained to overthrow Sadaam and are now being used as death squads in the South. The Iraqi government also likes the 100,000 man Peshmerga Army of Kurds in the North.

Jaafari and Talabani are allied to Iran - not the United States. This is the conundrum the U.S. is finding itself in. They have arranged for an election that has produced a government that appears to be getting stronger in their alliance with Iran. Iran is the biggest supporter of the Iraqi government, not the United States.

I have long said that soon we will discover the United States will switch sides and support the insurgents who are the United States natural allies compared to the Fundamentalist in Iran who are actively involved, encouraging and supporting the Jaafari/Talabani Government that is getting stronger. But it is not getting stronger form the U.S. it is getting stronger with aid and direction from Iran. Chalabi is playing a big role in all of this.

Iranians who once lived in Iraq and were kicked out by Sadaam are being allowed to return and claim their homes!

This from Juan Coles website a quote from a Iraqi homeowner:

"When Iranians were kicked out of Iraq some years ago, their homes were confiscated and sold to Iraqis. Now the new government has granted but 60 days to those now occupying those homes to vacate, so that they can be returned to the original Iranian owners.

"This is causing a lot of consternation in Baghdad for at least two reasons:

there is a property claims order and commission that could be utilized to mediate and find an equitable solution to this problem, which all admit is difficult; and

this again exemplifies the close position of the government to Iran. As the weeks go on, we are becoming more and more convinced that Iran and the Badr Brigade are running the country. Your blog has been particularly helpful at making that trend known"

This affirms that in the opinion of the man quoted, the Badr Brigade is taking over from the Iraqi Army in some areas and the Iranians not only have influence but appear to be calling the shots for the government. The Iraqi government will continue to act on their own in concert with Iran and ignoring the United States government which is incompetent and unable to communicate anything in Iraq except to it's own soldiers. The language barrier alone has defeated the U.S. military in Iraq.
The Iraq invasion has been based on many lies, and is a total, complete, final military, political, ideological and moral defeat for the United States.

The United States cannot hope to stay because it is incompetent.

The U.S. is unable to communicate in the language of Iraq. Simple items like fixing a road, water, oil pipelines become fiascos due to language. The Iraqi government as personified by Ahmed Chalabi simply talks circles around the U.S. like a Cantinflas character leaving them confused, frustrated and defeated.

For all the condescension of the United States has exhibited in Iraq, it seems clear that the "strongest military and economic power" in the world, is just " livin' in a fools paradise" in Iraq.

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