Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Plame Case Going Nowhere. Is it Fitzgerald or FIXgerald

Tim Russert asked Matt Cooper today on NBC:" Is this going anywhere?"
Matt Cooper replied that he "didn't know", sometime it seems like it could be big and sometimes it just looks like" politics as usual."

Matt Cooper, who has testified before the Grand Jury, says he's not sure if this investigation will lead to anything. So before you start tuning in your TV sets to watch Karl Rove going to jail you must remember that all of this hinges on the attitudes and ambition of Patrick Fitzgerald who was appointed by James Comey who was appointed by George Bush to be the Deputy to John Ashcroft and it is John Ashcroft who asked Comey to pick a prosecutor (Fitzgerald describes Comey as his best friend). Would Fitzgerald screw his best friend Comey by making him look bad to Bush who gave him his job?

Ken Mehlman said today on Meet the Press that he has "tremendous faith in Patrick Fitzgerald". He said this REPEATEDLY. He did not need to say this, he did not need to point this out repeatedly in order to emphasize that everyone should wait until the Grand Jury has concluded. I think he was saying that Patrick Fitzgerald is one of our guys. He is correct. Fitzgerald is a Republican who was appointed by the Administration to investigate itself.

Why is Judith Miller in Jail? Judith Miller has been rumored to be an operative of the government while working as a news reporter. I think this makes sense. Her articles of WMD in Iraq were lies propagated by the government through the news media. Apparently she spoke to the Vice Presidents office, learned about Plames identity and then told fellow reporters who told Rove and then Rove told other reporters. This resulted in a kind of perfect circle that has no beginning or end.

Judith Miller is the only connection to the original source in the V.P. Office. That is why she will not testify. She has to go to jail. Since she is probably the original news source (and this surely would have come out in Grand Jury testimony), Fitzgerald would have no other option but to demand she go to jail, anything else would expose his probable prejudicing of this case. She will remain in jail for 5 months and sign book deals and become fabulously wealthy. It is very unpleasant in jail however and she is and will suffer greatly. I suspect she imagines herself to be a true patriotic operative for the government.

So, is this case going anywhere?

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