Tuesday, July 19, 2005

FIXGERALD: Fixing the Plame Investigation

Remember that Patrick Fitzgerald was appointed indirectly through John Ashcroft. Remember that Fitzgerald is a Republican. He is not an independent prosecutor at all. There is nothing independent about his investigation. Fitzgerald was appointed by partisan political officials and in all likelihood he is conductiing a partisan political investigation.


Novak has not been pressured like Miller and Cooper. Why is that? There certainly must be some agreement between Fitzgerald and Novak. Novak is the person who first published information outing Plame. Novak is not being pressured by Fitzgerald. He is a conservative columnist with a long history of ties to Republican administrations.

If he has in fact been granted immunity, does this mean that Novak can lie about his conversation with Rove? That Novak takes the heat but isn't liable and this gets Rove off the hook? That Novak says he told Rove about Plame being CIA operative and Rove merely mentioned it in passing to another reporter and therefore did not knowingly out a CIA agent, since a civilian member of the public press told him of her status. Is this then a set up by Fitzgerald to get Rove and the Whitehouse off the hook? Is it something that Fitzgerald is engineering to diminish the fall out from this scandal?

Joe Wilson has said he thinks Fitzgerald is doing a good job. But he could not be expected to say anything else.

If Fitzgerald is acting as a partisan politician, it is within his power to arrange the presentation of the facts in the case without himself breaking the law. He has a great deal of power in his presentation to build, formulate and arrange the sequence and flavor of events so that they yield a desired result.
So far the investigation has been attacking reporters from the so-called liberal Time magazine and the New York Times. So far it has been the press that has been put on trial and punished as a result of the investigation, not Karl Rove. There has been much speculation about Karl Rove but the only results so far have been the real effects of censoring the press. Political news stories by investigative reporters involving corruption have been held back as a result of this investigation as reporters no longer feel they can protect their sources.

These actions, so far, are to the administrations liking. The administration and Bush do not like leaks, unless they are doing the leaking

If you want to know what's going on in this investigation you must understand where Patrick Fitzgerald's sympathies lie. There is precious little about him on the internet except for his prosecution of Islamic extremists and his prosecution of George Ryan a Republican Governor of Illinois who is clearly being railroaded by Fitzgerald. Ryan was perhaps, one of the most liberal governors in America. Ryan was more liberal than any Democratic governor I can think of. He was not liked by the administration. He was the first Governor to stop the use of the death penalty in the nation and commuted numerous sentences of death row inmates based on DNA evidence presented in their defense. There was nothing unusual about his activities as a politician though he is presented as a villian by the Chicago Press. His actions as governor were very humane and reasonalbe and he got along very well with Democrats in the state..

The question is: Just how well is Patrick Fitzgerald getting along with Republicans these days?

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