Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The American Sheeple: The New War in Iran and Iraq

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The American Sheeple led to self sacrafice by a Powerful Leader.


1). Sadaam to be executed shortly before the SOTU. This will give the impression of "progress" in Iraq. It will add emphasis and reinforce the image of the president that he is strong, bold, righteous and determined. An effective leader willing to go against the grain and a MAN who means business. President Bush as a representation of the great power of America is not a person to be challenged by the likes of Sadaam. Sadaam is dead, the President and the American people are STRONG and victorious. Sadaam's death is a symbol of the beggining of the long sought after victory in Iraq.

2). Bush is to call for maximum permanent increase in troops with long range plans for more troops. "America must have a larger, stronger, military force to protect it in an uncertain and dangerous world".

3). A Sunni Cleansing in the form of "rooting out the terrorists" in Western Baghdad. Accomplished with new American and Iraqi Shiite troops.

4). After the house to house cleansing of Sunnis in Western Baghdad, a full scale attack planned on the Shiite Mahdi army in Eastern Baghdad and parts of Western Baghdad.

5). Bombing of Iran before Summer 2007.

This is the plan. The outcome is clearly going to be a total failure for American forces and their illogically twisted logistical schemes.


The newly elected Democrats will by and large support the President. Harry Reid has commented that he is not opposed to a surge in troops if it paradoxically results in an increase of the amount of troops that can be withdrawn.

The president is not planning to bring home any troops. The troop surge is intended to be permanent. War in the Mid East is now reaching a point where it will become permanent in the sense of lasting at least another decade.

If you want to know the secret plans of the Republicans all you have to do is listen to William Kristol. He always tells the public what the administration is about to do. He pretends to be a pundit when it fact he is part of the team of architects that develop and implement U.S. policy. (scroll down to see the following video)

Kristol says the President is showing Strength by going against public opinion, the Iraq study group. The president is once again being presented as STRONG. They are selling this concept of "strength". It appeals to weak minded liberals and Republicans alike. They are the American Sheeple. Isn't that just about everybody? Well, there are those who don't think they are Sheeple, but that doesn't stop them from being Sheeple now does it?

The American Sheeple always follow appearance over substance. Americans like shiny objects. Anything that glitters. That's why so many 'liberal" Americans are in love with Barack Obama. A man whose substance in not examined but whose appearance is all that matters to the cravenly shallow American mind. Barack Obama currently supports president Bush in Iraq and is open to the bombing of Iran. He quiibbles with the Presidents execution of the war he originally opposed.

The talk of a surge of troops is merely to create the impression that an increase will be temporary and the concept of "surge" is more palatable to the hopelessly naïve, putty brained, and insensitive American public. Any person of reasonable intelligence who is interested in the events in Iraq ought to be able to see this. So, I can only conclude that Harry Reid is in fact lying when he says he is not opposed to a permanent increase in troops. Hillary, Obama and Reid are not opposed to a change of strategy, an increase in the number of troops and Hillary and Obama have both expressed openness to bombing Iran. There will be no formidable Democratic opposition to an increase in troops and the bombing of Iran.

This is what the American people voted for when they voted in a conservative, "Republican Lite" Democratic congress. They voted for more war. That's what they are going to get. The victims of the wars will be killed far away in lands where people wear funny hats that wrap around their heads. Iraqi's and Iranians are not Human. Israelis are human. And one aspect of all this is that Israel must be protected. From What? It doesn't matter. Palestinians, Iranians, Iraqi's they are all the same. Anyway, It's God's will. So say the Christian fundamentalists.

The War in Iraq isn't about to be expanded simply by the number of troops but by geographical area. It's going into Iran. That means the war will expand for thousands of miles from Iraq to Afghanistan in one continuous geographical area.

The unfortunate thing for America however is that it has already been defeated in Iraq and is merely a bystander. Any "plan" or attempt to cleanse Western Baghdad will be met with a counter strategy. The most profound of which would be an all out attack on the Green Zone in order to make in uninhabitable. This seems not only likely but also inevitable and I would bet it will happen soon.

There is no logic to what America has done, what it is doing and what it will do. It benefits no one. Not even corporate America (with few exceptions) can benefit from this adventure.

So we can only conclude that George Bush is in fact a dictator and the American public can muster no other form of reaction to him other than limp, pathetic, unrestricted indulgence.

Only Kim Jong Il and North Korea have yet to be dealt with. And our President is a man of his word. What new adventures await the American people who complain about their two time elected president in surveys but not with their votes, their feet, their hands or their voices?

Americans find meaning in only one thing:

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