Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Obama Prepares for War in Central and South America.


The United States has decided to send U.S. Troops and contractors to 7 military bases in Columbia to fight FARC and other groups.

Venezuelan Ambassador to OAS Roy Matos: “Wherever bases have been established, or were established, that belong to the powerhouse of the world, the military powerhouse, the economic one, the cultural one, etc., etc., the winds that have followed by the winds of war. In Vietnam, they began with a few little bases and small groups of advisers. That’s how they are going to begin now with these seven bases.”

From El Tiempo

"Si me preguntas si las misiones que van a aprovecharse de este acuerdo en el futuro van a incorporar a las Farc en su zonas de blanco, la respuesta es sí, sin duda alguna."



Ambassador to Columbia, William Brownfield (a Bush Appointee from Texas seen here with a very revealing steeley eyed grin) answers questions in an interview with Columbia's El Tiempo regarding combined U.S. Columbian military missions against "drug trafficking ". The question presented is will American troops actually be involved in fighting (and presumably being killed ) on Columbian soil...

The literal translation of the above quote from El Tiempo is the following:

"If you are asking me if the (combined U.S./Columbian) missions they are going to approve of in the agreement (between the U.S. and Columbia) are going to incorporate FARC as target, my answer is yes, without a any doubt."

That means, that without any doubt U.S. troops will be fighting in the jungles, cities and mountains of Columbia. Just as they are doing all over the Mid East with their Columbian partners. Just as they do in Iraq and Afghanistan with their Afghan and Iraqi partners. U.S. soldiers will be killed and injured fighting people whose ideology is in opposition to American ideas under the rubric of terror and drugs.

FARC is a revolutionary group with a communist ideology. They actually control large regions of Columbia and are a provider of social services in those areas. There is no mention of the other groups in Columbia which are involved in drug trafficking that the U.S will be fighting.

FARC may very well become the designated Al Queda of the North American continent. Perhaps even designated more dangerous as their access to the United States will be much easier.

This is a description from the Council of Foreign Relations.


Colombia, one of the closest U.S. allies in Latin America, has been ravaged for decades by a civil war pitting left-wing guerrilla groups against right-wing paramilitary organizations. The two predominant rebel groups--the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (known by its Spanish acronym, FARC) and the National Liberation Army (ELN)--are included on the U.S. State Department's list of foreign terrorist organizations. Under Colombian President Alvaro Uribe, who took office in 2002 and has been boosted by large inflows of U.S. funding, both groups have been depleted in numbers and resources. Yet peace talks between each group and the government remain dogged by difficulties. Allegations in March 2008 and August 2009 by the Colombian government that the FARC is receiving support from the Venezuelan government have further complicated prospects for peace.

Here we hear the familiar pattern of the United States accusing other nations of interfering the it's interference in the foreign affairs of other nations. In Vietnam it was the Russians and Chinese, in Iraq it is the Iranians and in South and Central America it will be Columbia's immediate neighbor, Venezuela.

The question may soon be asked:
"How long can we allow Venezuela to keep sending arms to FARC rebels who use those arms to kill American troops?"

Not only are U.S. troops being sent to Columbia to co-occupy existing Columbian Military and Naval bases, but so are "private contractors". The number of troops is not clearly defined, and neither are how many private contractors who will be involved.

In Iraq the number of private contractors is roughly equal to or exceeds the number of troops.

The Obama administration has already been supportive and involved in the coup in Honduras while claiming to be in opposition to it. Hilliary Clinton's lawyer is spokesman for the Coup leaders and Hilliary Clinton is a chair person to MCC a corporation that flooded money to the coup leaders prior to the coup.


Clearly, the U.S. is actively trying to destroy the mild movement to the "left" ( toward mild socialism) that has occurred in parts of Central and South America. In Argentina, Brazil and Chile the movement to the left has been very mild and is hardly radical at all. In Ecuador, the president has asked the U.S. to leave from it's military base. Equador uses the American dollar as it's currency and is hardly an enemy to the U.S.

But Obama is declaring war against Nicaruaga, Honduras, Venezuela, Ecuador and Bolivia.

And drugs will be used as the excuse.

The next big frontier of the American Military machine and it's supporters on the "left" and right will be South and Central America.

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