Friday, August 28, 2009

THE END...Really is Near


The purpose of a world leader is to confuse those who they lead. All world leaders seek to deceive. To keep others “down”. There are few exceptions. That’s human history and you can look it up.

Human history is the history of small groups of not very bright people who are acquisitive, aggressive and controlling, placing themselves through deception and guile into positions of power over others. They blearily attempt to dummy down everyone around them and in the process actually make themselves even less capable of acting intelligently.

One of the great problems with world leaders is that they begin to believe their own lies as their lies filter through to the public and come back at them in the form of affirmation. They institute studies which are contracted to prove their lies are true. The world leaders become confused. They seek to even further confuse the population. As they do, they further confuse themselves.

There is no health care bill…it s a ruse. The intention of the leaders is to develop a bill through confusing the public that will enhance the profits of the insurance companies almost exclusively.

The bailout was a ruse to simply engorge the insurance and financial “industries”. It was not a bailout of the economy, rather a simple payoff to influential reckless gamblers who control the government and who lost their bets. They have succeeded in dummying down the public into accepting the theft of the public money. But to what end? In the end, the financial industries are destroyed. And they are destroyed because the dummying down of the public results in commercial dysfunction. And that dysfunction of public commercial capacity results in financial chaos. By stealing the public's money they make the public poor. The public stops buying. Everybody loses because the public and world leadership are “confused”.

There is no Al Queda, or danger from the “Taliban”. It’s a ruse used to enhance the profits of defense and defense related industry and industry in general. It also serves to justify the unwarranted paranoia of the leaders themselves who feel threatened that someone, somewhere is going to try to take whatever they have acquired, away from them.

Barak Obama is not a liberal. He’s a conservative Republican on his best day.

A conservative Republican in these times is a person who promotes the exportation of deathly American fascism by military means and the development of “friendly” fascism domestically. That domestic fascism turns deadly upon the slightest sign of resistance. We have seen no resistance toward corporate control. The corporations are using the “government” as a foil to direct the public’s (confused) anger. The anger is directed toward government. In this way the government has become denuded of agencies that serve the public. It is now almost entirely privatized. Privatized government serves the private corporate industry. [Lockheed Martin literally runs the Social Security Administration.]

Even the CIA is being privatized by Blackwater through “contracts”. Contracts to kill, between Blackwater and the CIA are now commonplace.

Public Opinion has no impact on the “leaders”. They aren’t interested in whether people are for or against the war, healthcare, immigration, stimulus packages, torture or any other subject. You as an individual are seen as utterly powerless and held in contempt by your leaders. You are nothing more than an object. An object that is molded through advertising and propaganda to respond in a way that benefits corporate growth through the agents of corporate growth, the politicians and government that you only imagine serves you. The government, which you have “voted” for.

This is not a democracy, this is a fascist state controlled by corporations. You are nothing.

America is not fighting terrorism. It is a terrorist state. It is using terror all over Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Somalia, Pakistan and now Central and South America. American service people have through accident, published only a small sample of the videos and photos illustrating American terrorism and torture in the Mideast and elsewhere.

Torture is now something that is so loudly debated that it drowns out the muffled screams of the men, women and children who are actually being tortured by American terrorists. [And it is still happening.]

President Obama has a decent chance at being re-elected. Because many of YOU will be manipulated in a timely fashion before the election by the conservative press, the liberal press and your friends and family to vote once again for the alleged “lesser of two evils”. The ground is shifting beneath your feet like a fast moving tectonic plate so that it carries you from the left to the right without your being aware of a change in perspective. And without realizing it, you vote for fascism lite, imagining that you are “liberal”. You are not a liberal. If you vote for a Republican or a Democrat you are unassuming fascist in almost every case. You are at least deeply conservative. A vote for Obama is a vote for fascism. I don’t think that’s hyperbole or exaggeration. It’s the everyday news.

Many of you may have voted for continued war, theft by corporations of your own money and a reduction of the benefits that the government offers you in the form of “health care” and social security. You voted for Obama. You have no excuses anymore. You express disappointment or anger at Obama for reneging on “campaign promises’. As long as you are disappointed, or angry you will be a tool for those who manipulate you. If you feel disappointment or anger it is a sign that you still believe in the system. You disappointment and anger reveal that you believe that some world leaders may still have your best interests at heart while they deal with the “complexities” and pressures they face from a variety of sources.

You may believe they are doing the “best they can” in a “complex world that is filled with grey areas”. You may be the one who is grey.

The world is clear and colorful, distinct and obvious. All you have to do is turn your head away from “them”, and look.

World leaders want you to believe that what is simple and obvious is actually clouded and “incredibly complex”. The Afghanistan situation as General McChrystal Clear points out is incredibly complex and it’s best to leave that complexity to your “expert” leaders. They understand the situation in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan even though not one of them can even speak the language of these countries to any degree even remotely functional. And of course they never speak to any Afghans except to pay them off and given them instructions. They live in a self-perpetuating world of self-affirmation. They believe not in reality, but in their own exclusive American prejudices.

The American electoral system is a ruse. It’s fake. There are no elections. Not really. It really is a choice between two identical candidates. If John McCain had been elected there would be almost no difference in our contemporary state of affairs. In fact, “liberals” would be complaining about McCain’s, continuation and expansion of the war, the bailouts, the reduction of Medicare and all the things Obama is currently involved in doing with few exceptions.

The two-candidate system simply offers two different approaches for the same intended goal. That goal or goals are set by the people who control the wealth of the nation. How do we amass more wealth than we currently have? That’s the only issue. That’s the only goal. Who’s the best candidate to do that?

You have the audacity and arrogance to imagine that you as an individual or as a public collective force have a say in what these candidates will say or do. Possibly in what they say, not what they do.

Social Security will be drastically changed. In effect, it will be eliminated. Medicare will be eliminated. They will be reformed, for the benefit of the wealthy. In fact Medicare is being eliminated as we speak.

Now, the biggest thing of all, is that the world is probably going to end as we know it in the next few years. They will be a nuclear event or events. And it will be as a result of, and mostly attributed to the United States.

How stupid do you have to be to not see where this is all headed? If you can’t see the obvious, it’s because you don’t want to look at it, straight on.

Nuclear weapons were developed with an intention. That intention is that they be used. The desire for their use by those who created them is a desire for self-destruction. The builder of the weapon dies along with the weapon. That was obvious to those who understood what the power of the weapon was and what it would become.

A large part of humanity wants to die. You need to understand what that means and what’s implied by it. That death wish isn’t a figment of someone’s imagination. It’s a living, breathing cultural force that gives movement to the development of these weapons and their eventual use. They didn’t make them so they could just sit in silos. There is a force, a dynamic cultural force that wants them to be ignited and used.

On another distant planet, where relatively sane beings exist, the thought of building a weapon that would destroy the builder would seem obviously absurd.

Christians and Muslims all speak of the advantages of the afterlife. Judaism, Christianity and Islam have evolved from the same root and predict the end of the world through fire and Christianity and Islam express a desire for that End. It’s utter madness. It doesn’t make sense. That’s what madness is. It’s acting without any sense. Not just logical sense, just common sense, visceral sense. These religions are more primitive, much more primitive than Stone Age worshippers of the Sun and Moon. They are Devolutionary Religions. As technology advances religions devolve.

The United States is a disturbed nation psychologically. This disturbed environment of mixed messages, manipulation, deceit and benevolent corruption affects everyone.

No one escapes being affected when living inside a diseased culture. Not the rich, the poor, the liberal or the conservative not you or I.

If you think that people who say, “The end is near!” are crazy, you may be right.
But I’m going to tell you that THE END REALLY IS NEAR!

There is no other possible avenue for humanity. It’s braced for self-destruction. It’s building the platforms for self destruction that will implode right under our feet and no one is noticing. There is only distraction. There is no focus or attention on the obvious calamity of that awaits us all in the culmination of all human history and it's layers of deceit and confusion as expressed in the use of Nuclear weapons. of affirmation. They institute studies which are contracted to prove their lies are true. The world leaders become confused. They seek to even further confuse the population. As they do, they further confuse themselves.

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