Sunday, September 13, 2009



Albert M. Giordano shown with a monkey on his back.

In an E-mail addressed to me, Albert Giordano of Narco News, stated the reason I was "banned" from posting comments on Narco News, his website, was among other things making libelous comments about Markos Moulitsas and predicting that the coup in Honduras would not be declared a coup officially by the United States. An official declaration of a coup cuts of almost all aid to any nation the United States gives aid to.

I wrote to Narco News predicting that unnamed officials who were reporting that the U.S. State Department were about to cut off funds were either trying to keep those opposed to the coup off balance, or, a single member of the State Department was trying to pressure Hilliary Clinton into declaring it a coup. In any case I assured Al Giordano that the U.S would not ever declare this an offical coup, that Manuel Zelaya would not return before the elections, that elections would be held and the U.S would support their hand picked sucessor to Zelaya.

How do I know all this? I read it in the news. It's called historical precedent. It's a pattern of U.S. activity all over the world. Currenly they want Karzai out. So you are hearing about fraudulent elections. The news all comes from the government and it's intention is to confuse (keep you off balance) or manipulate the emotional sensibilities of whoever is listening.

You would think Giordano would be at least a little bit skeptical, instead of blindly following the bait set for him by "unnamed sources" as if they were the word of God.

Giordano who was reporting from Honduras, claimed wrongly that it had been declared a coup officially by the United States.

Today Narco News has a column by Bill Conroy asking why the coup has not been declared officially by the United States, as a coup.


If the head of Narco News doesn't understand that the United States has not declared officially that there was a coup in Honduras, while he (Al Giordano) is in Honduras reporting on the events there, why is Al Giordano even writing for Narco News? Why is he teaching "journalism". Why is he asking people to pay money to attend his "journalism school" in Mexico. And why is he soliciting donations for Narco News?

He doesn't seem to know what's going on.

Narco News purports to report on the Drug war and Democracy in all of America. Bill Conroy among others are reporters there who appear to me to be serious people.

Albert M. Giordano appears to me to be a person with a monkey on his back. He appears (to what I imagine are my perceptive eyes) to be a substance abuser of some kind, a bit of a low life con man (nothing serious) and I'll bet his fellow writers think of him as somewhat of a "little Hitler".

He seems to generate income from a set up called the "The Fund for Authentic Journalism". He asks for contributions to keep Narco News running. Narco News often has very serious articles that are informative and sometimes, in my opinion they are disinformational.

I imagine Albert M. Giordano to be a person who spends a lot of time doing his authentic research in journalism in bars in Latin American countries talking to people he imagines are intellectual. These conversations with authors and University graduates leave him with the erroneous feeling that he is somehow validated in what he imagines he is doing. And he leaves there believing he must "know something for sure, now."

But that's just my imagination.

Mr. Giordano was born in the Bronx. But it doesn’t appear he grew up there. He went to High School in Mamaroneck New York. Mamaroneck is about 90 Percent white and parts of it are very wealthy. Currently Tim Geithner’s daughter is president of the high school student body there.

Is it just a coincidence that Markos Moulitsas also claimed to have “come to this country in 1980”, when in fact he had always been an American citizen having been born in the Chicago area? Or is this the typical pattern of rich kids who never really worked as laborers claiming humble beginnings?

Well, maybe it's just my imagination. And my imagination is not factually based.

Al Giordano stated a host of observably factually inaccurate comments on Honduras and on Marcos Moulitsas.

Albert M. Giordano has declared Marcos Moulitsas the "Saul Alinsky of our Time" or some such thing.

And here he touts Markos Moulitsas Book

And once again he touts Daily Kos

Apparently Narco News sees Daily Kos as a source of revenue with it's broad audience of potential donors.

One of his factually inaccurate comments was that Marcos Moulitsas applied to the CIA years before he started Daily Kos. This is contradicted by Markos Moulitsas who is recorded as saying that he talked to the CIA about his website and that he decided in 2003 not to join the CIA, but instead join the Dean campaign. His website began prior to 2003.

But more importantly he ridiculed my statement that the United States would never declare a coup in Honduras or stop the flow of money or so called "aid".

My reason for stating the U.S. would never declare a coup is that I believe the United States supports and was involved in the coup itself while claiming not to have been.

Today of course, Bill Conroy of Narco News reported on his investigation as to whether Honduras was still receiving aid and questioned why the overthrow of the Honduran government had still, not been declared officially, a coup by the United States.

I can only wonder what Albert M. Giordano is thinking after he stated that the U.S. had decided to declare the overthrow a coup and that all aid had been stopped as of August 28th, the day that Al Giordano mistakenly claimed was the day the U.S. declared the Honduras coup, offically a coup and stopped all aid.

Doesn't make any sense.

Narco News highlights the activities of the CIA in Latin America. You have to wonder why such a close connection with Daily Kos and it's CIA connected leader Markos Moulitsas. Now I'm not implying that Moulitsas is a CIA plant. I don't think he is. But I would not be surprised if he has, after applying to the CIA, cooperated with them on any number of requests. And how bizzarre is it that Al Giordano would trumpet this CIA influenced person, Markos Moulitsas from a website that is filled with reports of CIA past activities in Latin America?

Here is the full text of his email to me sent on August 28th when he claimed on that day the U.S declared officially declared the in Honduras official and cut off aid. . This was a response to my email to sent to Bill Conroy, to Bill Conroy's email address.

"Comments that are defamatory and libelous don't get approved, as is clearly disclosed above the comment submission box. Your malicious claims of Markos Moulitsas being "deeply involved with the CIA while running Daily Kos" - based only on his own admission that in the years before launching that web site he considered working for the agency - make you a kook and sleaze ball of the first order.

I also laughed out loud at your self-aggrandizing claim of having been right about how the Honduras situation played out "because (sic) it will never be declared a coup" on the very day that Washington decided to legally declare it a military coup, as widely revealed yesterday. You may wish to better inform yourself so you don't continue to embarrass yourself so much in the future:

You have zero grasp of the facts in Honduras (I'm typing from there right now - we do real reporting so we don't have to invent fictions) so you just make them up to fit your bitter prejudices and bigotries. While you may yet learn how to write a comment worthy of submission to our fact-based newspaper, here's a clue: malicious untruths don't get past the goalie here. Sell your COINTELPRO style sleaze to someone else. It's people like you that do the work of the CIA unwittingly by spreading untrue smears about others. You can take your false claims and shove them where the sun don't shine."

Al Giordano

---So today Narco News prints a report saying that Honduras is still receiving aide by a real reporter, Bill Conroy who I have been unable to contact because Albert M Giordano intercepts all Emails to Bill Conroy and edits them. Preventing him from communicating with people like myself who apparently DO understand something about the situation in Honduras from the American side.

Here's my email to Bill Conroy, which was apparently intercepted and never seen by Bill Conroy.

Sent: Fri, Aug 28, 2009 10:28 am
Subject: Bill

I think Iv¹e been banned from writing comments. I just wrote one and it keeps coming back ...comment field required. I don¹t care.... I "m not a fan of Al Giordano...not when he supports Obama and Markos Moulitsas....

I predicted accurately all the events that have transpired since the coup.

Here¹s the comment rewritten ...I don¹t have time to do a better job.

I tried to explain to Giordano that when he said the U.S. Stopped
aid...that that was a ruse. The aide will never stop because it will never be declared a coup because the U.S. initiated the coup with elements in Honduras who wanted it as well.. This is not complex stuff...it¹s a simple pattern....it¹s been done before...if you can¹t recognize shouldn¹t be an
Investigator...that¹s what I¹ve said to Giordano...oh well.

I just wrote a comment and accidentally erased it...sorry I don't have time to rewrite it.... Why won't Al Giordano condemn the Obama administration for it's involvement in the overthrow. Why does he blame Hilleary alone?

Why does he support Markos Moulitsas who has been deeply involved with the CIA while running Daily Kos....those are Moulitsas words.

(Bill ought to investigate Markos Moulitsas ...I think it would be far more revealing that just an uncovering of CIA involvement in Blogdom)

Giordano in another e-mail says
"you're such a fuck-up that you sabotage everything you claim to be for. Now, go back to whatever human garbage dump you slithered out of andgive your attention to someone who wants it. You will not get any more response from me. Your attention is unwanted here."

I'm not a journalist, I don't want to be a journalist. I don't want to spend that kind of time on blogs pretending to be one and editing everything to perfection. I'm not interested that much in spelling. That's what most journalists like Al Giordano know how to do.


It ends there.


Meno said...

Al is a two faced rat. More later. Good blog, and great post about Al and his bullshit. Keep up the good work.

Slave Revolt said...

While there is much to question and by critical of with reguard to Giordano--his apologetics for Obama´s weak leadership, his censoring views he doesn´t like, etc.--the ad hominem that you engage detracts from the force of your critique.

I don´t care if Al snorts coke, does shrooms, or tokes weed, that is beside the point as to whether his view points and the information he provides are coget.

Nor do I care if Al grew up in the arm-pit of US upper class affluence.

Again, this point detracts from the force of your argument.

That Markos contemplated employment with the CIA in adulthood IS pertinent--as it points toward a proclivity to downplay US crimes in the world.

When you engage ad hominem, it puts you at the level of the game that is clearly played by Al.

Al´s myriad contridictions are indictment enough. But it is clear that his funding base are fairly weak-minded, affulent liberal types. Al plays this group like a fiddle.

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