Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Obama Will Send More Troops to Afghanistan

"Until I’m satisfied that we’ve got the right strategy, I’m not going to be sending some young man or woman over there – beyond what we already have." Barack Obama September 20th 2009

This comment is a ruse. It is intended to convey the attitude of Barack Obama as someone who is reluctant to send more troops to Afghanistan. It is part of a play. Another part of the play are leaks that Stanley McChrystal is in some way the antagonist in the drama, calling for more troops. When we recieve government supplied information or "leaks" from unnamed government sources about the in house dynamics of our government, the infighting that is said to occur, we must be at least sketptical. Almost all information about the government comes from the government, through, not from "independent sources".

I believe Obama will call for more troops in Afghanistan and an general increase in military activity, bombing and troops thoughout the world and most immediately in Pakistan. General McChrystal has allegedly asked for 40.000 according to "confidential" documents leaked to the press. Perhaps Obama will give him 20,000 since that is the amount of troops he is REALLY asking for or that they have agreed upon in advance.

In order to make this troop increase palatable, Obama must look reluctant to sending them. That will keep the "left" confused and unable to mount a response and the troop increase satisfies the right.

Obama always sides with whoever he perceives as being the strongest. The military is always seen as a source of strength and he will always side with them. The military and it's advisors will always be percieved by Obama as stronger than civilian interests.

Obama may turn out to be the most militant of presidents. I believe he will be using the military everywhere. He is sending troops to Columbia who will fight, according to the Ambassador of Columbia, William Brownfield, in the jungles and cities of Columbia against FARC. The real reason for U.S. troops being sent to Columbia is to fight Venezuela or at least to bring about, or be prepared for that eventuality.

Recently Obama has decided not to install defensive missiles in Europe and this pleases the Russians. The reason for this action is to make way most probably for a military blockade of Iran and or bombing of Iran.

Additionally one might ask why are so many people suddenly being arrested for terrorism?

The reason is simple.

It's a set up.

The U.S. population is being prepared psychologically for a major troop increases by Obama in Afghanistan. This is the same pattern that Bush used. The idea is to create fear, uncertainty among the people. In a climate of fear, things like troop increases and general military action become acceptable

It's time to start recognizing the patterns. These patterns have occurred countless times in the Bush administration. Homeland security alert levels always preceded an increase in troops or some military or even domestic action or congressional vote.

America is being set up. The emotions of the American people are being played with. Americans are being made to feel fear. The controlling interests of this nation see the population as objects to be manipulated. This is occurring in governments all over the world. It's the political style or the ruling classes as they concentrate wealth and power to an almost exclusive level. The fear that people experience is in fact secretly relieved when Obama announces a major troop increase.

Whether someone is Liberal or Conservative they may be, most likely relieved to find the troops are going to Afghanistan to protect them. We become only dimly aware the relief and do not associate the introduction of fear with the relief of "troops being sent to "protect" America".

And so there is no protest.

Additionally we find "terrorists" are being arrested with little evidence or through a dubious entrapment and charged with terrorism. This illustrates the idea of the previous administration that new attacks are imminent. There have however, been NO Attacks. The only people involved in any attacks are individuals supplied with money and weapons under the supervision of the government who then arrest these people under an entrapment scheme.

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Stu Piddy said...

I believe Obama is waiting for health care to pass which will enrich the insurance companies at tax payers expense, before announcing a troop increase in Afghanistan.

He will ALWAYS side with whoever he percieves as being the "strongest" and that will always be the military.