Friday, May 27, 2005

Iraqui Insurgents are America''s Natural Allies

The US should be negotiating with the Iraqi Army (insurgents). The so called "insurgents" are more the natural allies of the United States, than the Fundamentalist leaning puppet government that the U.S, has installed. The Fundamentalist leaining Jaafari governments ties to fundamentalist Iran are stronger than their ties to Fundamentalist America.
The Baathists, who represent a large group which the US is fighting are historically secular. They are fighting for a variety of reasons among them to get the United States out of Iraq and to a lesser degree to eventually regain power.The insurgents are not unified in their motivations for fighting, but they are unified in their opposition to U.S. presence.

It is my outlandish opinoin that It is in the interests of the United States that they suceed! It is now a forgone conclusion that in the future the US will support these same insurgents they are fighting in the unlikely event that the Jaafari government is able to develop a power base in Iraq. Most likelyl success with building a power base lies with Iran, not the United States. Iran can provide limited support where the Jaafari government may be able to control areas in the south of Iraq near Iran where the Shiites are strongest. Talabani (a Kurd ) has a nominal position in the government but attempts to weild informal power by aligning himself with Jaafari on the idea of getting the U.S. out and using Kurdish forces along with Badr Brigande forces to hold off the insurgents long enough for Iran to enter the picture.

Don't forget the following, the United States has a habit of switching sides and or finding itself fighting or undermining the people it once supported.

Saddam Hussein
Osama Bin Laden
The Taliban
Manuel Noriega Panama
Mossedegh of Iran
The Shah of Iran
Munuwar Kaddafi Libya
Idi Amin Nigeria
Diem Vietnam
Aristide Haiti
Marcos Philippines
Pol Pot Cambodia
Somoza Nicaragua

These names come to mind. There are more. Doesn't it occur to anyone that the United States does not know what it is doing in Iraq? Why do so many people along with Air America, Move On, even Bill Mahr and Jon Daily support the presence of US troops in Iraq "until the job gets done".

Hey! They don't know what they are doing! And there isn't a job
that they can get done. They are not doing themselves or anyone else any good. They should leave. It's none of their business. The US Military from Rumsfeld to the soldiers on the ground that don't speak the language of the people in Iraq are not doing anyone any good.. The soldiers are not competent. Something is wrong with them. That something has to do with their training. They are torturing and raping and stealing on a wide scale. Every day we are hearing are more and more. Even showing Saddaam in his underwear. How pathetic.

By some accounts (Dahr Jamail) the US military has used poison gas in Fallujah. They have wiped out entire towns. 300.000 people have had to evacuate as the city of Fallujah was destroyed by US troops.

The most likely scenario is a destructive stalemate where as long as the US stays there will be fighting. The US cannot defeat the insurgents. Nobody in Iraq wants the US in Iraq except for a dwindling number of people the puppet government.

The Iraqi Army (insurgents) are going to win this war against Shiites. They have already defeated the United States. They will defeat whoever challenges them in Iraq because they are the Iraqi army. It is "insurgents" who will be fighting THEM and they don't have the organization to defeat the Iraqui Army (insurgents). It's a forgone conclusion. There is no way the United States can defeat the "insurgents" or should want to defeat them. The Baathists are closer to our own "interests" than the powerless, impotent fundamentalist puppet government that is pretending to govern Iraq. The puppet government is not doing anything, just hanging around and gambling against all odds they will survive.
So there was absolutely no point at all in going there in the first place.

No Nuclear weapons
No 400,000 people buried in mass graves (5,000 according to the British)
Saddam did not gas his own people, (Iran gassed them during the Iran-Iraq war)
No Iraqui drones headed from Canada to wipe out US cities with poison gas.
No mobile labs

The list of lies does not stop with WMD and Nuclear weapons.

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