Monday, May 16, 2005

The Republicans Will Win the Next Election

The Republicans are now deeply entrenched


Freedom in America has never been derived from the Constitution but has evolved from a primitive competition between religious groups to a modern competition between large corporate entities. These large corporate entities and the laws and regulations which govern and protect their interaction with each other are the laws and rules which trickle down to the general population in the form of individual protection and security. .

As the corporate entities coalesce or "merge" there are fewer of them and less competition and therefore less need for regulation and less trickle down laws regulating and guaranteeing the freedom for the general population.

Now we have an attack on the general populations security (Social Security pension funds for ex.) and individual freedoms
(Homeland security acts, immigration restrictions, national identification cards).

Foremost we have an age of deregulation. Deregulation of corporate monopolies results in an all-consuming corporate gobble of their smaller competition, then the suppliers and then their supplier's suppliers.

If we want to know why the Bush administration is in the Whitehouse and can maintain itself there you simply need to observe the formula above. As corporations merge, and the need to regulate them is abolished, we have fewer choices, and consequently we are rendered less perceptive. There is less to perceive, less to see. Singularity and homogeneity become the norm. Perception is weakened and it becomes easier to manipulate perception when there are fewer choices imaginable.

In view of the above, Republicans are a shoe in for the next election. Republicans are entrenching themselves in the courts and, in the media, Control of media sources have caused the swing of the democratic party to the right to such an extent that it has for all practical purposes, become a branch of the Republican party and a faux competitor while being perceived as an actual competitor.

An American nation that does not respond to the multitude and magnitude of lies put forth before it by government /corporate entities is hopelessly lost and sadly bereft of the capacity to act on it's values or to feel hope.

The citizenry of the United States have decided not to protest the War in Iraq and the government's active torture, rape and destruction of entire cities in Iraq.

The basis of the war has been manufactured governmental lies about WMD among other things. Colin Powell was perceived to be a respected statesman and he was used to deliver these lies to the UN on the basis of how he was perceived.

There is no reason to think that in an upcoming election the Republicans will be held accountable by the Democrats who oppose them because the Democrats will undoubtedly present a candidate who has supported all the major Republican initiatives like the War in Iraq and even Social Security "reform". As corporations merge, so do the political parties and so does the perception of the individual citizen become more narrow.

The lies about Iraq did not end with Weapons of mass destruction by the way but go on: Saddam Hussein did not gas his own people. He did not bury 400,00 in mass graves and an eyewitness account by a soldier who was present said he was not capture in a hole.

Saddam gassed his own people:

Saddam murdered 400,000 and put them in mass graves:

Saddam found hiding in a hole. Rumsfeld:"Saddam not very brave"

What reason on Earth would anyone have to doubt the accuracy of Karl Rove's statement that the Republicans intend to say in power for a very long time after George Bush?

The Republicans are more connected to corporate power and corporate power is unified through merger more than ever before. The democrats are burdened with remnants of their historical connection to the individual. But they are trying to maintain that connection with the people and a connection with corporate America and this allows the Republicans to attack them as being wishy washy and weak. And they are right.

Move on has decided not to organize protests for an immediate withdrawal. Air America's Randi Rhodes and Al Franken state we must stay in Iraq until the job gets done. That is exactly what the Republicans are saying. They don't disagree with what the Republicans have done in Iraq but HOW they have done it. That's not much of a difference. Not going to war in the first place is the position the democrats should have taken. But I guarantee that all of those who will be running as serious contenders in the Democratic Party will have had to have voted for the war.

Once again, the reason for our current state of affairs regarding power is there is less competition between corporate entities and therefore less freedom, diversity and personal and economic security. It has shrunk. It has nothing to do with the great American values of freedom and equality. Freedom and equality are no longer needed in the quantity they once were by Corporate and Global America. So the ordinary citizen is deprived.

Diversity disappears without our even being aware that it's gone.

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