Saturday, March 20, 2010


Lambs being readied for slaughter?

In 2001, while he was a cardinal, he issued a secret Vatican edict to Catholic bishops all over the world, instructing them to put the Church's interests ahead of child safety.

The document recommended that rather than reporting sexual abuse to the relevant legal authorities, bishops should encourage the victim, witnesses and perpetrator not to talk about it. And, to keep victims quiet, it threatened that if they repeat the allegations they would be excommunicated.


Pope Benedict former Hitler Youth, fought for Hitler in World War II for 5 long years without resisting. Among other things, he guarded an airplane factory which held Jewish worker slaves.

After becoming a priest and entering into Papal Politics, he was later appointed Head of the Inquistion which has become known as the "Congregation of the Doctrine of Faith".

Pope Benedict as head of the former Inquistion, was charged with investigating child sexual abuse by priests. The scandal sweeping Europe today shows he protected and encouraged child abusing priests rather than prosecuting them. In effect he promoted sexual abuse of children by priests. There can be no other interpretation for his actions.

Pope Benedict took sexually abusive priests, who, after becoming known and exposed within their community as abusers, and placed them in new communities without notify the clergy there or the community members of what the priest had done, or would continue to do.

Pope Benedict knew that the priests would be in a position to continue their abuse. There were no controls or prohibitions placed on the priests. There was no notification prior to or during the arrival of the priests about their past behaivor.

One can only conclude it was Pope Benedicts intention to provide a new parish where the priest could continue to sexually abuse and in some cases physically torture children.

There is no other possible logical explanation. Whether Pope Benedict told himself he wanted children to be abused or told it to others, doesn't matter. It's his behavior that reveals his actual intention.

Priests were transferred by the Pope to the new communities where they would be able to continue abusing children.That's the informal culture of the Catholic Church. It is a Church that is sexually perverse. It is a Church that is deeply disturbed on the most basic of psychological levels. A Church that fears hetero-sexuality for this simple reason: A person who expresses their sexuality is more difficult to control and is less likely to offer the Church a profit through contribution and work. Bowing to the inevitable, the church places an emphasis on the "Family of Christ".

The Church is a church that promotes "man love", especially "man/boy love" to the exclusion of women. Women are objects used for reproduction, the reproduction of males.

It is men who should love men. Men who love women raise families and their attention is diverted by marriage from the Church, and that means less control and less profit. If a person does pursue the lesser path of marriage to the priesthood, they should reproduce at a great rate and raise their children to "serve" Christ. This is more profitable than having small families. And that's the economic reason behind birth control, anti abortion in the Church. The Church won't have any members if people don't reproduce. The Church's anti-gay stance doesn't apply in-house.

The Church is focused on males. Only males can become priests. Women service males.

That's all there is to the Church. The Catholic Church is the largest owner of land in the world. It's a Church about money and making money and having political and sometimes in it's history, military power. This is a Church that in the 1980's owned the Baretta Hand Gun company.

According to the "bible", the literate and Greek speaking Paul (who never met Jesus) bickered with Jesus's illiterate brothers and followers over how much money Paul should give them from his collections in the Mediterranean from rich widows. These were rich widows who felt comfortable with the apparently gay Paul and his apparently gay lover and companion, Timothy.

Most of the early money from the Church seems to have come from "Fag Hags". "Fag Hags" are women who feel comfortable around men who have no sexual attraction to women.

The Church is essientially an institutionalized in-house NAMBLA with the cover that it has something to do with some guy named "Christ" who lived 2,000 years ago and was a man and also God and another fellow or thing called the Holy Spirit who sometimes is symbolized as a bird because it flies around in the ether and impregnates women like Mary without having to have icky man/woman sex with them.

At least 170 former students from Catholic schools in Germany have come forward recently with claims of physical and sexual abuse, including at an all-boys choir once led by the pope's brother.

An all boys choir. The Popes brother apologized for physically abusing the choir children by slapping and hitting them. He feels awful about that.

The obvious question is: What did and what does Pope Benedict do with his sexual urges? Why would he emphasize cover up and perpetrate the abuse of children? In effect he provided priests with children who they could abuse. This is a kind of Papal Pimp. Would the transparency effect him personally?

Did Pope Benedict sexually abuse children? The answer is yes.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

interesting the Pope can so easily excomunicate victims of abuse, and not corporate executives or corrupt politicians....


Stu Piddy said...

He is under threat of arrest in England according to Christopher Hitchens. And may find it difficult to travel outside the Vatican to certain locations.

It's amazing they choose a person who fought for Hitler...they say he deserted...that's amazing because he "deserted" in 1945 which is when everyone knew the war was over and all of the German army "deserted" because everyone simply tried to get back home...they weren't being commanded by anyone...really cute they way they turn everything around.

And the Office of the Inquistion...thats for extremely reactionary people within the church...he headed the office that threatened to excommunicate people and previously had them burned at the stake.

Then he becomes Pope...THis is not a liberal guy.

James said...

Shocking that some people would write such horrible comments about the Pope.
These are vicious allegations against the pointif, a man of God. It's very depressing to learn that we are living amonbst some really dispicable people.