Monday, June 14, 2010

Narco News Promotes CIA Agenda's in Mexico, Peru, Ecuador

Narco News also promotes CIA and Special Operatives acting in Iran, Georgia, Ukraine, Bolivia, Paraguay, Ecuador, Peru, Yemen, Pakistan (including in Balochistan) and the Philippines.

This from Bill Conroy of Narco News:“boots-ground”-mexico

The U.S. unit, dubbed Task Force 7, since early 2009 , according to the CIA operative, has helped to uncover a warehouse in Juarez packed with U.S. munitions and under the control of drug traffickers; provide critical intelligence that led to the raid of a Juarez sweatshop that was manufacturing phony Mexican military uniforms; worked with the Mexican military in uncovering a mass grave near Palomas, Mexico, just south of Columbus, New Mexico; and, behind the scenes, cooperated with the Mexican Navy in hunting down a major narco-trafficker, Arturo Beltran Leyva -- who was killed by Mexican Navy special forces last December during a raid on a luxury apartment complex in Cuernavaca, Mexico.

Bill Conroy seems to write in glowing terms of how The US Unit called "Task Force 7" saved lives by uncovering weapons stashes, closing down sweatshops and uncovering mass graves and reuniting family members with their dead ones.

Conroy goes on to point out that his source wants to emphasize that all this started BEFORE Barack Obama. So he can't be blamed and yet...all the things Unit 7 do sound pretty good anyway. So Obama is only liable for the credit. That's the "liberal" side of Narco News.

There's not really a hint of criticism in the article. Only the headline makes it sound like it might be a critical article of U.S. Poiicy

"U.S. Military has Special Ops “Boots on the Ground” in Mexico"

I never cease to be amazed at the subtle promotion of US attempts to overthrow and interfere, with or without invitiation, i the affairs of other nations. Especially now that the United States is currently merrily destroying a large portion of the planet Earth in the Gulf of Mexico while focusing on Stanley, World cups and sanctions on Iran.

Narco News is headed by Al Giordano a man who has had dinner with Howard Zinn on numerous occasions and can't stop telling everyone about it. Al doesn't own a car or have any possessions (except of course his folk guitar) but went to Mamaroneck High School where Timothy Geithners daughter is currently the class president.

He's another one of "those guys". The type that can't stop punishing themselves for being over privileged and then can't stop bragging about how "tuff" they have it when they indulge themselves unnecessarily in a lifestlye of poverty as a form of masochistic recreation. Al was born in the "Bronx". Yeah, uh huh.

Narco News has become an utterly disgusting website which is funded in part by Peter Ackerman who is a close friend and colleague of Michael Ledeen a brother to neo cons and a serial forger responsible without a doubt for the Niger Forgeries and other forgeries including one involving Jimmy Carter's brother.

It's no surprise that Narco News then subtly supports USA involvement in Mexico and so many other nations.

And so many young "journalists"...(people from wealthy families who have NO IDEA what anything actually means) are smitten with this pretentious, self promotional and foolish website.

A close look at "journalists" shows most of "them" are children of the independently wealthy and have nothing better to do with their time than to promote the fascist agenda of corporations using the language that liberals use and all the while, not quite aware of what they are doing. They like the sound of what they write without actually knowing the why of the sound, from where the sound is coming or what the sound might really mean. Often the sound is in juxtaposition to it's meaning.

Journalists of Narco News are people who don't like anything that disrupts their community of like mindedness.

They want to be loved by other wealthy people who like brushing shoulders with the "poor" and then piously talking about it amongst themselves ad nausem.

I suspect a real jounalist is a lone wolf and does not belong to a group. Belonging to groups always diminishes one's curiosity. There are only group answers.

A journalist has to be curious. And curiosity always takes a person to places other people have not gone. Curiosity does not work well in groups.

Curiosity is not encouraged in this absurd article by Bill Conroy. There are so many questions. Like why does it seem Bill Conroy is allowing this source to use him as a common dupe?

Or just what is Bill Conroy's political viewpoint? Is it similar to Michael Ledeen's or Peter Ackerman's?

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