Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The American Economy is About to Collapse Forever

The problem with the economists like Tim Geithner and others is they imagine they have insight into the psychology of how people think and feel and what motivates them. These people around Obama are not the brightest minds. They are average minds.

They do not understand what motivates human beings. They simply imagine that they do.

The idea of "stimulating" the economy will not work.

The simplistic and foolish idea of Bush and Obama that by creating essentially a Ponzi scheme by giving the banks the appearance of having money through borrowing, money the government has already borrowed from other sources and then giving that money to banks is simply an exercize in pretending. They are Pretending that banks have money. Then consumers pretend they have money, I suppose. That is precisely what the situation was before the current "crisis" occurred. They are essientially trying to re-create the same situation that occurred prior to, and leading up to, the "crisis".

Furthermore, we are to pretend that those banks that have borrowed money (money they don't really have) will have an effect on the psychology of the consumer by stimulating and inspiring the consumer to spend and borrow money.

Now. What's the consumer actually feeling?


Terror is the effect that the governments of Bush and Obama are promoting. They are saying one the one hand that there is a crisis that could cause the permanent loss of whatever wealth the consumer has and then on the other hand offering the consumer hope by betting that the sick dying economy will be revived by ingesting it with all the value in terms of wealth that the consumer has. That's called borrowing money from the public. It's not borrowing. It's gambling the consumer’s assets in hopes that the value of the consumer's assets will have more value in the future.


It's taking a dying, sick patient and trying to revive it by using ALL THE IRREPLACEABLE RESOURCES available to the community for one individual.

If the patient does not survive ALL THE RESOURCES of the commmunity are lost forever. And everyone else will become sick too because all your energetic resources have been used up and there is no energy to develop new resources.

Instead of allowing the patient to die and accepting the injury to the community that the patients death will produce, they have decided in error, to gamble everything on the remote possibility that the sick patient will get well (having never been cured from the sickness) by simply infusing the sick patient with stimulants which will give the patient the appearance of being "active" and this will somehow cause the sick patient to somehow, miraculously recover over a long period of time through forced stimulation, when in fact, what is called for is an operation to remove the cancer.

Rather than cure or at least address the patient's Illness, they prefer to make the patient look as if it's not ill.

You don't have to be an economist to know that's not sensible.
Nothing the government of the United States does any more is sensible. It's self destructive. America engages in meaningless wars that never needed to be fought, in Iraq for example. Instead of leaving they remain there after finding out they had no reason to be there in the first place, and finding that out 7 years ago.

The Stimulus packages are nothing more than an amphetamine to the economy, giving it the appearance of being well when in fact it is starving.

They want to stimulate the economy; they are not trying to make it run well. They want the economy to "look" good. By looking good, it will eventually, through it's appealing good looks, function.

This is an absurdity.

They are in fact frightening the whole world into a depression, which apparently will result in world chaos.

(Americans can't believe it could happen. Jesus would not allow such a thing...not in OUR life times.

That chaos means that governments will topple, revolutions will breed more revolutions and the inevitable result is destruction of human life, as we now know it.

This is very serious.

I am not an economist. But I believe I have common sense. And this stimulus package is not in keeping with common sense. It's wild gambling that has no logic behind it.

Too many economists imagine that money and all the things they imagine that money means motivate human behavior.

They are out of their depth.

And the proof is that they are scaring people out of their minds with what they have done so far. And that assures economic destruction.

And that fear is totally destructive to "stimulation". When people are afraid, they don't look for stimulation. They run from stimulation. They hide. They slow down. They become sedated, sedentary. They become DEPRESSED. They minimize their movements, they move slowly, deliberately.

The origin of depression and the reason people (and many other living things) feel "depression" is because it is like all emotions, a "survival mechanism". It lowers the profile. It is one way that all organisms deal with danger. They SLOW DOWN. They make themselves less of a target to predators. Today in our artificial world of make believe and misunderstanding, when we feel "depressed" we usually avoid people as we "don't want to get hurt".

There are other ways living things deal with danger. Anger is another way of dealing with danger. But when the circumstances are overwhelming and the organism cannot understand what is happening to it, or where the danger is coming from, it depresses itself. Your less of a target when you are depressed and you conserve valuable energy in a chaotic situation.

When the danger is identified clearly, some organisms come out of the depression and ATTACK the danger.

Back to the Economy:

If the economy were "stimulated" it wouldn't stop the economy from being SICK, would it? It would merely give the sick economy the appearance of being healthy. And that wouldn't last too long.

The economies of the world are in the process of total collapse. Nothing is going to stop it, because the people trying to stop it are actually causing it to collapse at a faster pace and they are using all the resources that could be used AFTER a collapse, NOW.

And that means after the collapse, there won't be anything to fall back on. All the resources will have all been used up.

The economists of Bush and Obama are treating this economic "problem" as if it were a psychological, rather than a economic problem that has to do with regulation, war and conservation.

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