Monday, December 15, 2008

Patrick Fitzgerald Arrests Blagojevic and Threatens Obama's Presidency

This was originally written hours after the arrest and published at the Free Speech Zone.


It appears Obama's team was in contact with Blagojevich on a "deal" for a senator that Obama wanted. Obama's people made an offer to get his wife a job in D.C.

The FBI affidavit said Blagojevich had been told by an adviser "the president-elect can get Rod Blagojevich's wife on paid corporate boards in exchange for naming the president-elect's pick to the Senate."

Obama's presidency is already in peril.

In addition new charges have surfaced regarding the very apparent bribe Obama recieved from Tony Rezko in his land deal which you can read about in the link below.

A bank employee Kenneth O'connor filed suit that his appraisal of the property owned by Rezko's wife adjacent to Obama was 125 thousand dollars less than the 625 thousand dollars that it was sold for. And that he was fired by the bank for pointing out that his appraisal had been removed from the file.

I think that means that the sellers of the property, perhaps conspired with the realtor to inflate the price of the side lot adajacent to Obama's house in order to reduce the price Obama paid and increase the price Rezko paid....and in this way a bribe was made to Obama in the form of a reduced price for the lot.

Just to review. Obama purchase a home. Next to the home on the same property was a lot owned by the owners of the home. Rezko purchased the lot. Both pieces of property were sold the same day. Obama spent 300,000 less than the asking price. Rezko paid the entire asking price with no reduction of 625K.
(Note that the bank appaiser stated the value at 500,000. )

This could however be related to the purchase later by Obama of a 10' section of Rezko's property.

What I find so amazing is the utter stupidity of Obama in engaging in such small time shennanigans with Rezko who at the time of the purchase of the house was known by all to be under investigation by the federal government.

Then we have Blagojevich blabbing about getting something for his appointment of a senator while he too is under investigation.

Both Obama and Blagojevic appear to be utterly reckless and too stupid to hold office.


Patrick Fitzgerald has arrrested Illinois Governor Blagojevich. Apparently the Governor was discussing what he wanted in return for appointing someone to fill Barak Obama's seat and he was being wiretapped.

Patrick Fitzgerald is the same person who refused to indict Dick Cheney and George Bush.

Patrick Fitzgerald put in jail George Ryan the previous governor of Illinois. George Ryan was a Republican, but very liberal and he commuted the death penalty in the state of Illinois which led to the commutations of the death penalty in many other states. George Bush as governor of Texas presided over more executions than any other governor in history.

Ryan was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for his decision to commute the sentences of 167 death row inmates and his placing a moratorium in 2000 on the death penalty. He did this he said, given the evidence that DNA testing had shown many on death row to be innocent. There is no political gain for a Republican governor to do this. It seems he did this based on conscience.

George Bush made it known he was not pleased with George Ryan. According to (from a source I am familiar with) Larry Warner who is also in jail, says the reason he and governor Ryan are in jail is because Karl Rove through Patrick Fitzgerald have punished them for commuting the death sentence based on evidence that Jon Burge tortured many of the confessions of death row inmates. Patrick Fitzgerald has recently indicted Jon Burge.

Who is Patrick Fitzgerald? He was once the darling of liberals who saw him as an "honest" prosecutor.

You can read here on my blog from 3 years ago a little bit about the history of Patrick Fitzgerald.

Patrick Fitzgerald was a anti terrorist prosecutor in New York specializing in putting Arabic or Islamic people in jail along with their lawyers. He is a an extreme right wing fundamentalist.

Governor Blagojevich is connected to Tony Rezko a real estate developer. Barak Obama is connected to Tony Rezko. Tony Rezko has been indicted, found guilty and is now in jail and Patrick Fitzgerald is waiting to see if Rezko will sing.

Barak Obama clearly took a bribe from Tony Rezko through a real estate deal.

Where is this going?

Where it's going is that although Barak Obama has turned himself into a Republican, he unfortunately is not right wing enough for the people around Patrick Fitzgerald.

It appears that Barak Obama will be a one term president.

You can read about the bribe he took from Rezko here.

It is through real estate that most politicians until recent times have been taking bribes. Examples are Duke Cunningham and Ted Stevens.

Watch out for Patrick Fitzgerald, the liberal hero who did not indict Cheney or Bush on mountains of evidence. But he will, in all likelihood destroy the presidency of Barak Obama.

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