Wednesday, November 04, 2015


The world is clearly heading toward a terrible conclusion based on American efforts to destabilize the Middle East and now to confront Russia as it's greatest enemy.

I cannot imagine how a nuclear event can be avoided.

Nowhere in the media is anyone asking what have been the effects of the American Invasion of Iraq.

It has resulted in the utter chaos for the people of the Middle East, the development of primitive ideological and religious groups who have copied the American style of video taping torture, sexual abuse and murder.

Currently there is a refugee crisis caused by incessant American bombing and support of ISIS. ISIS is an ally of the USA in seeking to dethrone yet another Middle Eastern Leader in Syria. America has long supported the groups it claims are it's enemies. The need for enemies in America is a reflection of a very confused public, it's leadership and the defense industry.

What will be the next crisis to come after the refugee crisis? How long will it take for the use of nuclear weapons by either the Americans or some other entity. I don't think it will take more than 20 years, maybe 50, but the establishment of permanent war can only result in their use by someone and that will be the end of civilization as we now know it.

That's where this current situation of destabilization is headed.

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