Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Depression and the American Smile: One Nation Under Sedation

Why are so many members of congress quitting?
Why did America sell weapons to Taiwan?
Why are the Chinese not buying anymore US Treasuries?
Why are other nations not buying US Treasuries?
Why is the US sending ships and missles to the mideast?
Why is Amenijihad declaring Israel is considering an attack on Iran by Spring or Summer?

Is it due to the possibility that the United States is about to enter an economic free fall? And that once U.S. securities are no longer being purchased, the possibility of paying off the debt becomes impossible and the only specific solution to that is to inflate the dollar. Once the dollar is inflated and made worthless, it can be used to pay off debt in a very phoney way. It's the way it's been done for a long time.

Congressman can see that anyone who is in office now will be hated by a public that is furious that the government has given all it's money to the banks and financial gamblers of the "financial industry". And that those "clever" congressman realize that if they ever wanted to reenter politics it would have to be by someone who quit the system.

I think that's Sarah Palin's strategy and Bayh's strategy. They want to come in from the Outside as presidential candidates. It's probably going to be the strategy of more congress people and it's going to make it look like the people who stay in congress are bad and the one's that quit are the good guys. That's a phony dichotomy.

Another aspect of this is that when you have so many "independents" running for president, it makes the incumbent arguably stronger.

The government of the United States has largely dissolved. It's been privatized and the senators and congressman have been privatized. They respond to private, not public interests and that will be the argument these people like Palin and Bayh will use when running for president. It's a phoney argument coming from them.

People lose jobs and the dollar becomes worthless at the same time. Not only is the value of property diminished, but the dolllar used to buy the property is diminished. This situation is a situation in which "outsiders" nuture and grow. But most of the "outsiders" will be fake in the coming election. But fake things are the things Americans are most attracted to. Real things are rejected. Americans don't understand anything or anybody who is "real".

Today people who express emotion are sometimes regarded as "bi-polar" or some other pharmaceutically induced diagnostic term. A person whose expression changes depending on their emotional state is regarded as unstable. They might be in a bad mood one day or for a period of time and then the mood changes and they are smiling. Looking sad, angry, frustrated, later calm, jovial and relaxed is seen as a disturbance.

What is interpreted as being normal or real is the unreal expression of the American Smile. The smile that you get on the face of a Nancy Pelosi and many other smiling Americans who think they always need to look "happy". Nancy has face that has been manicured like a front lawn so much it no longer appears to reflect in any way the disposition of the being whose skull it is pasted over. She always looks bright eyed, agreeable and open. She has no choice

How can a smiling nation that is really in a deep state of depression be controlled?

Depression from a psychological viewpoint has as a key element, unexpressed anger. Unexpressed anger at oneself for the things the self is doing that go against it's values or....the inability to remove oneself from a situation, a feeling of being "trapped".

Anger that is expressed, relieves the immediate depression and it is the escape from depression, whether expressed against oneself or against others. The expression of anger changes the situation immediately. A nation in depression is a nation that is potentially violent against itself or others.

What is depressing an always smiling America? A select, tiny minority of people who insatiable, indulgent, ravenous addiction to wealth is starving the rest. Just like an individual addict, who starves the rest of his or her body for an insatiable momentary period of gratification, the United States has become so addicted to wealth that it is starving itself to the point of self destruction. Addiction and Greed.

How will America deal with Depression?

Through war and drugs. Not a war ON drugs.

China has decided to ally itself with Iran. The United States has decided to send missles to Taiwan. China has decided to stop buying U.S. securities. A battle line potentially destructive to both parties is being developed.

Has the United States decided to back Israel on an attack on Iran? That would be too much for China. It would not accept this very easily. As any nation might wonder, what's next? First Iraq, the Afghanistan now Iran (Among many other smaller nations)

Something very distrubing seems to be going on.

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