Friday, January 29, 2010

The Big Event is Coming

I think we will see a "Big Event" occur before the 2012 elections. Probably a nuclear event. It could be anything, a bomb, a nuclear plant going haywire, or something else involving radiation or mass poisoning. This event could occur anywhere in the world. It will probably involve the deaths of Americans. No matter who, are what is the cause, it will be blamed on terrorists from the Mid East.

This event would be much larger, I suspect than an airliner or group of airliners going down. It would be centrally located and probably larger in terms of long lasting damage than 911.

The ruling elements of the United States will use the opportunity of this Big Event to further its agenda of complete corporate and military corporate control over domestic and foreign policy.

This seems to be a pattern.

This movement, the final movement toward an autocratic state seems inevitable. It IS where the United States and many other nations are currently moving toward. To speed up and finalize the process for the long term, it needs a triggering event.

A movement toward authoritarian control and a desire for such an event exist side by side. It has wide public support in the USA.

Many people in the United States have adopted a suicidal attitude toward their shared collective life in the USA. It’s institutionalized in religion. That suicidal urge is not being dampened or held in check by competing ideologies to the extent it was previously. Collective sacrifice is being more openly talked about, discussed and debated by the media in the form of God’s plan, or the “end of times”.

It is a physical urge no longer held in check, that seeks resolution. It is a part of American culture. It is an felt urge for self-destruction. It is an anger that seeks expression and is embedded in the American psyche and uses as a cover to disguise itself and it's terrible irrationality, a so called Judeo-Christian “philosophy”.

This anger is an anger turned inward. It is no mistake that Christ "sacrificed himself" for our sins (and we should be like Christ), or that Muslims sometimes beat themselves bloody in religous ritual.

It is no mistake that Islam and Christianity were born from Judaism. Christianity and Islam especially promote the idea of the value of sacrifice of one’s life on Earth for the benefits of the after life.

These religious ideas have become part of the culture of all the cultures that these religions exist in. They are part of the secular culture. They are embedded in the psyche of the people of these cultures whether they believe in religion or not.

And this is a psychic wound on humanity. It is a disturbance. It is a skewed view and it has been forced and cajoled on humanity by its alleged “leaders” throughout history for purposes primarily of control. This is the ultimate “blowback” for centuries of misinformation and historical lies about human nature and our place in the Universe. Our place in the Universe is clearly not central or particularly significant outside of the Planet Earth. Observation shows that we are a part of something that we cannot comprehend. And it appears we are not at all unusual. We wonder if there is other “intelligent” life in the Universe. This is the ultimate expression of human stupidity because simple observation answers that question with an obviousness that cannot be denied.

The Universe is teeming with intelligent life. It is our primitive politically manufactured religions that casts doubt on this. It’s obvious. People who believe in intelligent life outside the Earth are ridiculed by their cultures. It would make "religion" too difficult to explain if the obvious presence of other life forms were allowed to be called, obvious.

This wound, this desire to self-destruct and to deny our observable lack of central importance to the Universe, is an open sore. It seems inevitable now, that this wound, which expresses itself as an urge for death, will soon manifest itself in the form of a nuclear exchange, precipitated by smaller events.

One of these smaller events, I think will occur before the election.

This doesn’t look too good.


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Anonymous said...

Damn I was going to buy a new Hummer in late 2012 and drive around the country for a vacation, Now I am going to have to shave my head and join the Hari.s, Muslims, Jews, Jehovah s, Mormons, Christians, and a few other wing nut groups just to cover all my bases.
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Stu Piddy said...

The Hummer is an excellent vehicle for use during a harmonic convergence.

BUt make it Early 2012.

Anonymous said...

I kinda have been expecting this in a way...
But I reali dun think da world is going to end...start a new era maybe but the world is not ending.
That's not gonna happen till a thousand years later! Ok, I'm not sure bout that either but that's not the point! The world's not gonna end! Full stop!
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