Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Obama is a President of Terror and War, not Peace

It seems clear to me that Barak Obama will become the most aggressive, war like President America has ever had in terms of confronting nations that have not attacked America.

The increase in troops in Afghanistan does not reflect a reduction of troops in Iraq. Along with the troop increases will be the invisible private contractors who continue to devour the public's wealth while avoiding their attention.

Barak Obama is presiding over a nation whose largest business is making war.


We are now hearing the "real" war is in Pakistan. It was first, Iraq then Afghanistan.

What is happening is clearly an inflammation of war that can only result in an inevitable response from Iran or Israel or both.

It seems clear that Obama's actions will result in a larger event.
Obama has always said he is open to the possibility of bombing Iran if necessary. Iran is confronted with U.S. troops at it's border.

Obama, the man of rhetorical peace but war in action is preparing for further adventures in Latin America after the overthrow of Zelaya in Honduras, and the planting of troops in Colombia ready to fight and or threaten into compliance nations like Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador and perhaps Brazil.

Obama continues the security state buildup in the United States with the training of local police departments by Blackwater.

How serious is Obama about security? Not very. He's serious about funding and developing security corporations who are largely made up of ex-military and former intelligence agents with connections to powerful corporations like Lockheed Martin whose business is keeping America at War.

But he's not really serious about security as witnessed by the entrance of two childish clowns who deceived the heavy security appartus "protecting" him at the Whitehouse.

The whole idea that Americans should be concerned about their safety was amply demonstrated as a hoax intended to disturb, make fearful and confuse the American public by the easy entry into the Whitehouse of two poorly disguised clowns.

The United States is not fighting anyone in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, they are simply killing people because it is profitable to do so.

No one "over there" is serioulsy seeking to harm America. It's just the opposite. It is America that is the terrorist. And it is Obama who is the Terrorist President

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