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November 8th, 2006

This Diary Was Originally Published on September 14th, 2006 on [My Left Wing].

November 8th 2006

The Unimagined

On this day the process will begin of making the war in Iraq a permanent war. And a new Security State will emerge. The majority of newly elected Democrats and Republicans will not oppose sending more troops to Iraq. Southern Iraq is becoming a satellite of Iran. Iran is said to be an enemy of the United States. Will America allow Iran to be the victor in Iraq? The answer is no. We must expand the war, increase the number of troops.

American forces are now fighting "Al Queda", Sunni Insurgents and Shiite Militia. The U.S. military is in essence, fighting almost everyone in Iraq.

Newly elected Democratic representatives like Harold Ford will vote to further restrict the freedom of so called “ordinary” Americans. The Security State will secure Americans against terrorists and an increase in the numbers of troops in Iraq will further secure Americans by fighting those same terrorists who would come to America rather than Iraq to kill Americans. America sends its troops to Iraq to be killed to make it more convenient for the terrorists that America nutures to kill Americans.

The corrupt, disdainful, racist, violent incompetent U.S. military is made up of soldiers who have been trained to see Iraqi’s as inferior people. The objective visual truth is the opposite. The U.S. Military is not only culturally, psychologically, spiritually and educationally inferior to the general Iraqi population, it is also inferior on the battlefield having lost the so called “War on Terrorism” in Iraq to a more competent fighting force, the Iraq insurgency.

The U.S. Military does not kill its enemies; it develops and nurtures them into greater and greater numbers. The United States does not fight terrorism. The United States is in the business of planting the seeds of terrorism and then cultivating it. 

The policy of the United States after November 8th will be in character with the personality of it's president. A stubborn policy. A policy that does not recognize failure. Bush will never leave Iraq. Instead the United States government will give approval for sending more troops and the military will be forced to make adjustments by shifting troops from other nations to Iraq or by instituting a draft to get those troops. The idea of a draft has bipartisan support already.

Here’s what William Kristol (who is the voice of those who direct U.S. policy) had to say yesterday in the Washington Post.

Harvard Law School's William Stuntz recently made the core point powerfully: "The territory over which we fight is among the most strategically important in the world. Victory will place the most dangerous regime on the planet, Iran's fascist theocracy, in serious peril. Defeat will leave that same regime inestimably strengthened. If there is any significant possibility that the presence of more American soldiers on the ground would raise the odds of success, not putting those soldiers on the ground is a crime."

Americans forget that there have been up to 100,000 contractors in Iraq doing the jobs that the Military would ordinarily do. So the U.S. force in Iraq is really about 250,000 personnel. Yesterday a U.S. general estimated he would need 10 to 15 thousand more troops to regain control over the Anbar Province, which contains Ramadi and Baghdad.

The intelligence report and Major General Zilmer's comments were some of the first times the military has said publicly that more troops would be needed to defeat the insurgency in Anbar, the volatile province in western Iraq that is the heart of the Sunni Muslim-led insurgency.

Paul Bremer and Colin Powell have suggested that at least 500,000 troops would be needed before the invasion and after.

In January, Pentagon officials acknowledged that Paul Bremer, the senior U.S. official in Iraq during the first year of the war, told Rumsfeld in May 2004 that a far larger number of U.S. troops were needed to effectively fight the insurgency, but his advice was rejected.

Bremer said his memo to Rumsfeld suggested a half-million troops were needed – more than three times the number there at the time.

The new strategy after November will be to send more troops. Many democrats, new and old will support this. Democrats like Harold Ford.

Harold Ford this month made his fourth trip to Iraq, the country he and three other Black congressmen voted to give George Bush powers to invade. On his return, Ford wrote a letter to George Bush, a man he says he loves "personally" and considers a "friend."  Ford virtually begged Bush to resist pressures to withdraw any troops, any time soon. "Don't withdraw prematurely" from Iraq, said Ford. He went on: "We've made great progress there. General Eikenberry and the team are doing a great job….

Britain announced yesterday it is sending in more troops, not withdrawing more troops.

The silly idea that electing democrats will have any impact on President Bush in terms of foreign policy will be amply demonstrated after the November elections. There will be no phased withdrawal. There will be a phased increase in the number of troops in Iraq. Hillary Clinton has suggested repeatedly that we do not have enough troops in Iraq and John McCain has said unequivocally we need to send more troops and “get the job done.” 

There is no job to get done. It’s over. The war has been over for years. The U.S. controls nothing in Iraq. The U.S. promotes chaos. And it is going to institutionalize chaos in the Mid East by remaining in Iraq and bombing Iran. There is a permanent war being institutionalized against an imagined enemy whose victims will be real, not imagined people.

After November 8th, The United States will become more of a security state than ever before. Restrictions on American citizens freedom will be increased, wages will not.

Things are not going to get better. It doesn’t matter who they elect. The Democratic candidates up for election are not real people. They, like our enemies in Iraq, are a product of our imagination.

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