Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Case for Human Slavery: Obama's State of the Union Address


Obama will give his state of the Union Address and no one will notice what it means.

He's going to implement a "spending freeze" on many domestic programs. The military budget and homeland security will not be affected. Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are also apparently exempt from freezes at this time. But do these domestic freezes impact in any way Social Security (Lockheed Martin now runs the Social Security Program) Medicare or Medicaid? Heavily sedated American minds would like to know.

So while the publics money has been used to "save the banks" and their property and wealth diminished as a result, the next phase is to stop any increase in government spending on many domestic or public programs.

Will Senators and Congressman have their wages frozen?

This is another phase in the movement and concentration of wealth both public and governmental, into the hands of private industry.

After the domestic spending freeze is announced it will be followed in kind by private industry which will also be freezing wages and programs of it's employees. It's going to be the management style of the "10"s.

The next phase will be the devaluation of the dollar. Perfect!

The dollar is devalued while wages are frozen. That means that a dollar that was once 100 cents is now only worth 50-40- 30- 10
cents. It may cost 17 dollars for a loaf of bread. But since your wages are frozen, you cannot be paid more in inflated dollars.

So instead of printing more dollars, they are going to freeze the dollar and devalue it at the same time.

(Slavery is Freedom)


Which brings me to my next point. What's wrong with human slavery? There's nothing wrong with it if it's done voluntarily. People ought to have the right, the freedom to sell themselves into slavery in order to pay the bills if that's what it takes.

If done judiciously with a privately contracted watch dog committee that would insure the health and well being of human slaves (and penalties against their masters in case of abuse), human slavery could bring the country back from insolvency.

Each person who becomes a human slave does so voluntary or by action of the courts. Criminal activity, especially non-violent white collar or minor drug criminal activity could be punishable by a term of assignment to a "master" in service as a human slave, for example.

A person who voluntary sells their self into slavery in order to meet "financial obligations" would sign a contract with the slave owner which would specify payment to the slave and that any violation by the owner of the contract would result in dissolution of said contract. For example, those violations might be, abuse, not providing proper nourishment, and shelter or not providing health care should that be part of the contract.


Rather than primitive branding, attractive, comfortable stylish and distinctive ankle bracelets could be worn by slaves that would protect them from predators and slave stations could monitor the whereabouts of slaves for their own safety. Health care, life insurance and educational opportunities, much like those found in the military could be provided in the contract between slave and slave owner.

Physicists, accountants, musicians, artists, engineers and janitors who because of poor financial planning have put themselves into debt, could sell themselves competitively into slavery and in the great American tradition of capitalism, sell themselves to the highest bidder and have a contract drawn up by a mutually approved lawyer from one the watch dog committees.

What better person to bring back an enlightened slavery than Barak Obama?

Human slavery may be a cure for the economy and would certainly make America more competitive.

In today's competitive rough and tumble world economy, the only thing we have left of value... is our own lives.

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